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1st Annual Food Fair, 2013

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
So the other day I logged on and found several notices from some of my fave stores, all talking about a food fair.   And I thought, “I like food. I’ll go to that!” even though I don’t really buy that much food related items on SL.  But this was the first food fair!  I just had to go check out the goods.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect really.  In my mind I kind of imagined hot dog buildings and big scoops of ice cream vender kiosks, the whole time it’s raining jellybeans, and everything is the color of different types of candy.  I was a little surprised when I tp’d in and it was…. absolutely nothing like that at all.  It didn’t look very foody at all.  It looked, instead, like I just landed in a shopping center and outside cafe in Miami.  Neat, brightly colored stores next to one another with little food cart vendors out front.  In the middle of this shopping area is a beautiful pond, with ducks and everything!

Once I looked around my landing point, I realized something *amazing*….. Oceania is there!! :D  They had 3 different types of plushie you could get (1 per person, randomly given),  3 different types of Shark chefs.  They are so cute! 

Of course Oceania has a sweet shark tank set up too! 

There were tons I had never heard of.  So it was pretty interesting looking around.  Lots of cute looking stuff to check out. 

There were several clothing related items as well as decor.

Of course I picked up some fun stuff for the house! :D  Check these out…

Here is my Oceania shark chef plushie.  Awww… so cute!

I saw this fortune cookie purse at the Adore & Abhor store, and I just had to have it! It is made of mesh and it is just one of the most creative purse or tote bag I’ve ever seen on SL. It even comes with different fortunes that you can have on the strap.  Too cute. <3

I bought this sushi chair for Redd! It comes with several different poses.  Who doesn’t want a big sushi roll in their house?!  It comes from the awesome store called Weather! or Not? 

Doughnuts on your head! WOOOOOOOO! Who doesn’t want that kind of headband?!

The food fair was a lot of fun to look around and I had a lot of fun playing with all the demos. 

CLICK HERE for your ride to the food fair.

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