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Letters From Santa Hunt Vendors

!START! BadGirlz Design
1. Soken Kids Galaxy
2. Rawr Muffinz
3. FourSquare
4. Lullabies
5. CyberKitten Bakery & Grocery
6. So Berry Licious
7. Jellybeans Toys ‘n Stuff
8. Love Factory
9. RazzBerry Inc
10. Royal Pain
11. Cute Bytes
12. Room 312
13. Katia Soma 4 Kids
14. Giggle
15. Crazy Cakes Toybox
16. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
17. Cyber Starz
18. Absolute Girls
19. Holiday Bliss
20. Off the Wall
21. Sour Pickles
22. Ittly Bitty Pretty Thang
23. BelDimi Kids Gestures
24. Les Sucreries de Fairy
25. Buttons
26. ChiChi’s Pocket
27. Pipers Place
28. kickROCKS
29. Xeolots
30. Darlfold Designs Bike & Neko Store
31. Tender Hugs
32. Vicarious Vitae
33. Bliss
34. The Pumpkin Head
35. Sassafras Kids Furniture
36. Dressing Darlings
37. NoOzeRz
38. FairyTale Gardens
39. Darkhearted Kids
40. Its a BOY!!!
41. Room for Kids
42. Seetan Industries
43. Larnia Kids
44. OTs Closet
45. Tiny Spaces
46. Candii Kitten
47. D-Rex Sk8rz
48. Earthly Delights
49. iLL wiLL KID
50. The Doll Emporium
51. Amy’s Gesture Palace
52. Baby Couture
53. Abby Lane
54. Kidz Town
55.One Stop Mall Store
56. Bubbles Inc
57. Z Best Textuers
58. Buglets

~ We are getting close to the next deadlines….

October 31st, 2011 – All Hunt Applications Are Due
November 4th, 2011 – Announcement of First Draft Participants & Alternates
November 11th 2011 – First Walkthrough
November 18th, 2011 – Hunt Items Will Be Distributed
November 20th, 2011 – Final Walk-through For Signs

I am checking the list between those days to see who is part of group, who has their sign out etc. Announcement of the participants will be listed on a notecard and sent to each individual in the hunt in a box. If you do not have the group & the sign….you will be skipped and one of the ALTERNATES will take your place.

In A Fog

Dress: Baiastice- Loom Dress

Shoes: K’s Bootgasm- Viva high heels in Black

Top Pose: Diesel Works @ Fab Free Station

Hair: Shag- Falling Slowly (Fall Hunt Gift)

Skin: The Sea Hole (May no longer be availalbe)

Eyes: Eye Candi (Past Group Gift)

Choker: Primalot- Dragon’s Spawn


All inquiries about this hunt and any future hunts from TBF, meaning all questions and updates  can be foun on this blog or by contacting Kaori Fang. Do not under any circumstances contact Maezy Magic for your pack, group invites,  status on what we need and so forth. Contact only Kaori Fang. Thanks :)

Attention to all! We have reached the amount needed for the hunt…

BUT…it still doesn’t mean to stop turning in your applications. What happens is that we situations where designers drop out and we need the spot filled simple as that. We will be in the designer review process from October 31st, 2011 to November 1st, 2011.  Notices to designers not complying with the simple requirement of being part of group as a designer and having the poster visible in their store will be sent on November 1st, 2011 or prior. If not compliance is not met by November 4th, 2011 they will be dropped and another designer will replace them. 

Attention to all! Sponsor Spots are filled!

all sponsor spots have been filled for this hunt. regular spots are currently being reviewed to see if applicants have black friday listed in their groups. those who do not have it listed will be  dropped. we are also going to have a mini hunt as a little twist at the end for all the hardcore hunters out there, which will be comprised of if any extra stores that submitted their applications. if you wish to be adveertised on this blog and have a place at the little market at the beginning of the hunt please im kaori fang. thank you.


Since the popularity has raised for this hunt, we are opening it to where we will have an additional 5 spots (So guaranteed within the first 20, as well as a mini market spot at the starting point, advertising on the blog, etc.)


Letters From Santa Hunt

* Theme for this hunt is Christmas/Holidays. The Joy of the Holidays (colors – Reds, Greens, Whites)
* Gift should be Unisex or one for each sex. Please do not forget the little boys of SL..
* As in all my hunts, hunt item must be kid friendly (something you would give to your 5 year old).
* Area must also be Kid Friendly. (If you sell more then kid items, please have an area for just kids.)
* Apps for this hunt is has no limit at this time.
For More Information Please Contact
BadGlirz Resident

Smashing Pumpkin Vendor List SLURS

!START! ~*~BadGirlz Design~*~

1. .:: Soken Kids Galaxy ::.
2. !-[LoveFactory]-!
3. Vicarious Vitae
4. Itty Bitty Pretty Thang

5. Infinity Creations -SKIP

6. So Berry Licoius

7. *Lullabies*
8. Jellybeans Toys ‘n Stuff
9. Lvs Kids
11. **Cute Bytes**
12. Room 312

13. The Au Naturel Cupcake

14.Royal Pain

15. Tender Hugs

16. Crazy Cakes Toybox

17. Pipper’s Place

18. BelDimi Kids Gestures

19. Foursquare

20. Les sucreries de Fairy

21. One Stop Mall Store
22. Evaki
23. QTs Closet – SKIP
24. Dollee Pockets

25. Giggle

26. Tattletale
27. kira’s low prim goodies
28. Holiday Bliss
29. Suburban Avenue Kidz
30. ** Xeolots **
31. Star Boutique
32. Skip To My Lou
33. [Buttons]


35. Katia Soma 4 Kids
36. Aphrodite Megastore
37. Country Charm
38. MadPea on Hoshi Island
40. Dressing Darlings
41. Rawr Muffinz
42. Z Best Textures
43. Larnia Kids
44. ::Creative Lab..
45. Absolute Girls

46. Swine & Roses

47. The Doll Emporum

48. Virtual Textures

49. The Happy Hat

50. Darkfold Designs bike & neko store

If you have any problems or question please do not IM vendors, but you may IM BabyMickie Sandalwood in world at any time they go to my email.

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