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My Love For You Hunt Vendors List

(This is not order of the hunt vendors, please refer the order of the hunt vendors by My Love For You Hunt Big Book that you can get at starting point here)
  1. Marcel’s Beautiful World
  2. ZERO COOL Designz
  3. *Finishing Touches*
  4. PeKaS Designs
  5. Fairytale Gardens
  6. ::HollyWeird::
  7. Tree House Treasures
  8. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*
  9. Designs by Sebastian
  12. !-[LoveFactory]-
  13. Indigo Oddities
  15. Lok’s Low Prim Furniture
  16. Z Best Textures
  17. SR Leatherwerkx
  18. ^^Moulliez
  19. SHUP BISH Gestures
  20. AIDORU
  21. Jan’s MusicLounge & “Best Friend
  22. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
  23. Nefeli’s Gestures
  24. Butterflies
  25. Xenian Furniture
  26. Kucinta
  27. Stars!
  28. -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-
  29. Graffitiwear
  30. New York Couture
  31. iLL WiLL KIDS
  32. **GeStUrE*BaToRz**
  33. TigerLady’s Designs
  34. Les sucreries de Fairy
  35. **Creamsicle**
  36. EVOLVE
  37. Kakia Designs
  38. Lyrieals
  39. T R I D E N T Jewelry
  40. Incendia Campfires & Caves
  41. Zyon’s Closet
  42. Unforgettable Temptations
  43. Naughty Naughty
  44. T R I D E N T
  46. Cortes’n'Rossini
  47. “”"” LOVE IS…”"”"
  48. VPInc. Designz
  50. Luce Gold
  51. Simply Designed
  52. Urban Chic Couture
  53. *N@N@*
  54. USC Textures
  56. Echoes of the Past Designs
  57. bees heaven shop
  58. Lilly’s Boutique
  59. PNP ~ Poses and Props for Single
  60. Winterwood Designs
  61. Dani’s
  62. Cobble Rose
  63. [AhMuSeD XpresNz]
  64. S E V E N  M A I N S T O R E
  65. Ziva’s Underground Footware
  66. Suki’s Silken Fashions
  67. Destiny’s Designs
  68. Rook Poses
  69. AAA Poses & Animations
  70. ~Elemental Earth Designs~
  71. Beldimi Kids Gesture
  72. Kabuki Creations
  73. ::EgoxentriKaX::
  74. Aphrodite  Restaurant, Megastore
  75. Special Moments
  76. -Prism Poses and Animations-
  78. Atooly
  80. Muschi
  81. Falcon Warehouse
  83. {MMD} MissMetal Designs
  84. SchnaeppchenGrotte
  85. Lucinha’s Teddy Bears
  86. Spirit Store
  87. Sharkfin Landscapes
  89. Theme Walkers By Hax
  90. Flood
  91. Asian Flair

    Sesame Street Hunt Vendors

    !Start! ~*~ BadGirlz Design  ~*~
    01. .:: Soken Kids::.
    02. Rawr Muffinz
    03. :.:FourSquare:.:
    04. *Lullabies*
    05. So Berry Licoius
    06. RazzBerry Inc.
    07. Jellybeans Toys ‘n Stuff
    08. !-[LoveFactory]-!
    09. ~*Buglets*~
    10. Royal Pain
    11. **Cute Bytes**
    12. Room 312
    13. The Doll Emporium
    14. iLL WiLL KiDS
    15. Crazy Cakes Toybox
    16. Pipper’s Place
    17. Les sucreries de Fairy
    18. kickROCKS
    19. “[Buttons]“
    20. Dressing Darling
    21. Fairytale Gardens
    22. DeSiGneR KiDz
    23. BelDimi Kids Gestures
    25. Z Best Textures
    26. Amy’s Gesture Palace
    27. *ChiChi’s Pocket*
    28. Gesture*Batorz
    29. :::HAPPY FEET:::
    30. Absolute Girls
    31. Bambinas Shapes & Cloths
    32. Sour Pickles
    33. QTs Closet
    34. Dollee Pockets
    35. Vicarious Vitae

    By the face hunt 2012-01-16 14:59:00

    Thank you very much for joining By the face hunt. For those who arrive at the end of the hunt there is a small present from By the face Group. If you want to join our group click here: secondlife:///app/group/bce1a3eb-0ec1-ffdc-cd2f-ec3d8a537f41/about
    Sorry for the inconvenience….

    #9…Blanche’s Boutique moved to the following place:

    #10… Cero style moved to the following place:
    #24…No longer exists. Following place is ROIACT :
    By the face hunt hints:
    1. Sewing I lost a button ;)
    2. Buttons love the girls
    3. It’s time to close the suitcase
    4. Good things don’t come to those who keep their head down
    5. At the beginning of log
    6. That which is tribal . . .
    7. Hands!
    8. You are in so much Trouble to find this hunt item…  :-)
    9. I like the smell of flowers
    10. I am swinging with this beatifull lady!!
    11. Close of frame
    12. Lucky… but only one out of many
    13. Dust it out once in a while!
    14. Look but you can see, what dangles from your  neck to show the world
    15. One “Big Happy Family”
    16. There’s always something black and white
    17. THese boots where made for walking
    18. Leopard(Wild)
    19. Do you like bavarian dresses?
    20. I am not over but under :D~!
    21. Climb up
    22. Up the beautiful stairs you will find far from ordinary and very divine. Walk to the next room and the button is yours.
    23. Look, somebody throws knobs in the fountain
    24. A Casual Jean Dress
    25. The BUILDER put me behind the FRIDGE
    26. Find the dove.
    27. Find “Fulya Series” Vendor
    28. Hiding at the light
    29. Resting could help you find the prize
    30. Thinking of you…
    31. Please see the red wall
    32. The cat does his best to keep the column (Clothes Section)
    33. Midnight Mania prizes are cool
    34. Like to be under the spotlight….
    35. Find the hunt object; it is located in the shop

    Visual Hunt – Visual Asia: Year of the Dragon 2012

    Visual Hunt – Visual Asia: Year of the Dragon
    Sponsored by Nihon Ongaku Publishing, Kanzen ni Jrock & Actuate Eden

    The Visual Hunt is an Asian culture and fashion hunt, anything ‘Visual’ whether it be fashion, accessories, builds, skins, etc. Items inspired by the art of Visual or Oshare kei, Lolita and Kadona fashion, Korean B-boy style or even Bollywood! (And everything in between!) Anything popular culture, traditional, or a new exciting mix of both!

    We are hoping to bring a new crowd to the stores we invite and spread the love of Asian popular and Visual culture to more of SL.

    The hunt will take place in March, from the 1st to the 31st.

    You will be looking for a box like the one on the signs that will be going up soon. (Will post pics of the boxes soon!) This hunt is NOT a freebie hunt. Each hunt box will cost 10L$ and it will be well worth the time and lindens!

    We hope you enjoy the Visual Hunt!

    To join the hunt group, please join the Nihon Ongaku Publishers Update group.
    (Copy and paste this URL into chat and then click it)

    Or go to the NOP~ sim and join the sim Subscribe-o-matics if you have no group space!

    For a creator application please contact Taki Kujisawa or Kiba Tachikawa in world!

    Thank You ~
    [NOP~Nihon Ongaku Publishing] & [Actuate Eden]
    Visual Hunt Coordinators


    Visual Hunt 2012 blog is under construction!

    Please check back soon for more info =D

    SHH – Apps Closed

    Apps are now closed for the Shattered Heart Hunt! 

    We will begin taking applications for the Writers Block Hunt shortly

    Writer’s Block Hunt

    TexWorks is teaming up with -TDT- to bring you the Writer’s Block Hunt!

    Ever find yourself in need of inspiration? This hunt is one for writers, story-tellers, book lovers, and all creative people who can be inspired by the world around them.  What sorts of gifts are we looking for? Anything that inspires!  Birdsong on a summer morning…a cup of tea by the fire…a fragrant flower…a stunning object d’art…All these and more are gifts that are sure to spark the imagination of the hunters!

    Applications are being accepted from now through February 1st.  Click the tab above and send your apps in world to Mariposaroja Resident

    Locations and Hints


    1. Wildz Creations -
    Soup Can hint: I am not Over the hill Yet!
    Bowl #1 This change machine took my money!!!
    Bowl #2 Join today!
    Bowl #3 take me out dancing with Sparlking nights
    Bowl #4 Are you ready for some Football!! Trivia that is!

    2. Aphrodite Shop -
    Soup Can hint: There must be a can of soup in the counter, if you like.

    3. Never You Mind

    Tie the Knot Hunt 2012-01-10 01:48:00

    Welcome to the Tie the Knot Hunt! A grid-wide hunt not just for brides and grooms, this hunt will contain all items you can use at a wedding, but that won’t limit what you find! We welcome dress and suit attire stores, jewelry stores, cakes and bakeries, awesome wedding gifts, really anything you might use at a wedding! If you own a business with items that could be used at a wedding(including gift cards!), please fill out an application! Please contact us if you  have any questions, and we hope to see your store “Tie the Knot”!

    Contact us in-world first!
    Juliet Moonshadow
    Tomar Xigalia
    Leala Spire

    Sesame Street Hunt

    * Theme for this hunt is Sesame Street.

    * Gift should be Unisex or one for each sex. Please do not forget the little boys of SL..

    * As in all my hunts, hunt item must be kid friendly (something you would give to your 5 year old).

    * Area must also be Kid Friendly. (If you sell more then kid items, please have an area for just kids.)

    * Apps for this hunt is has no limit at this time.

    * Please Read the following link before you apply to the hunt. By not reading it you are agreeing to whatever it says. Rules & Guidelines for Vendors

    If you have read the note card Please Fill Out the application.
    Sponsorship Info. & Application

    For More Information Please Contact
    Duchess Whiteberry, Organizer
    BabyMickie Sandalwood, Asst. Organizer

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