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LIKE Sales Room

June 12, 2014 @ 12:00 am – June 25, 2014 @ 11:45 pm
Owner:- DeViLTeArZ




->  LIKE Sales Room will be held every two weeks (Bi-weekly).  A new round begins every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. ( Tuesday and Wednesday is setup Time )

-> All items featured in the sales room should be exclusive to this event. Exclusive means You are free to sell them at your store or MP But  since its a sales room Exclusive means that :
- You cannot sell these items in another place or event Cheaper than the price in this event
- Exclusive can be Price or Different texture or color or can be exclusive Item

-> Items must be priced in between 25 to 85L$ only(you choose the price).

-> You must rez the event board in your own store. We will be checking every store to ensure that this is carried out.

-> For maximum coverage of the event, we ask that you also promote LIKE Sales Room event in your own websites/blogs/facebook/etc. We will do our best to promote the sales room but we do expect you to do the same.

-> LIKE focus on all kinds of designers, such as clothing, accessories, furniture and so on.

-> Upon rezzing your items on the vendors, please ensure you send your items through the LIKE Sales Room Team group for bloggers.. Although we cannot guarantee every item will be blogged, we will do our best to ensure bloggers do their part of the deal.

-> You are entitled to rez up to 10 prims of your own. Feel free and sure to rez all your stuff in your Vendor Please DO NOT use items with hover text above as this causes problems.

-> We will provide an area for Gifts (Optional ) to put all gifts in (Gift must be 0-1 L$).

-> Vendors Prices is 200 L$ …(We sometimes provide 4 vendors for VIP who can have 20 Prims for 300 L$)



-> We request that bloggers should not be too picky with the items being blogged.. Blog at least 5 items per round (Rounds are of 2 weeks, 5 items should be ok)..Remember, you are receiving items for free. Designers are the foundation of LSR therefore without them the event will not be able to continue.

->   Send your posts in a notecard named (LIKE Sales Room – Your Name) to Jadelisous Resident at the end of each round.

->  Please inform us if you will be away and cannot blog for that reason. We will be looking at the submitted blogs at the end of each round and any bloggers who are inactive or have not made an effort may be removed from the event.


Feel Free to contact any of the following :-

Owner:- DeViLTeArZ
Personal Assistant :- D3dsangel
General Manager :- Cynja
Social Manager :- Jadelisous

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