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“Alien in Cyberspace” Hunt Rules & Application

Original post @ Best HOME Deal .

Alien in Cyberspace Hunt Poster

1) Respect “Timeline”:
“AiC”-Hunt Schedule: May 1st – 31st
Application Deadline for Stores: April 22nd
Final Hunt Package (sent out): April 24th (throughout the day)
Hunt-Items out (all ready): April 30th @ 1 PM SLT (latest)

2) General Merchant Requirements:
➨ You must have a store inworld.
➨ You are the original content creator, e.g. NO reseller, business-in-a-box or copybotter.
➨ You should be a truly skilled creator.
➨ You or a manager must be available/contactable 1 week before AND during the hunt.
➨ You will follow all rules and guidelines the owner of this group/blog asks you for.
➨ You, your alt OR a manager must join our “Best HOME Deal” group inworld. NOT joining means you miss out important information, this leads to being NOT set up on time which will result in a DROP OUT. So joining is mandatory, NO exceptions!

I will send you a group invite along with the WELCOME KIT. In case it was capped, you MUST join by yourself and IM me for a “merchant tag”! secondlife:///app/group/f7555820-8cad-f4ec-5c86-a7fb962c81ca/about

3) Merchants who want to participate in “AiC Hunt” with their store must:

➨ offer an item that contributes to the theme (absolutely no children’s items) ~ concentrate around:
Alien, Cybergoth, Horror, Outta Space, Dark Future, Fetish (Adult) etc.

➨ create an UNISEX item or a separate FEMALE & MALE gift. If you create 2 gifts (1x male & 1x female), you must box them later separately and hide 2 hunt items in your store. Unisex gifts go in 1 hunt item. It is NOT allowed to just provide a female or only a male gift. All genders should be able to visit each store for a gift!

➨ offer an item that has great value and is worth to hunt for and represents your store (remember this is NOT a free hunt)!

no visible decoys (invisible decoys should never be set for sale!)

➨ last week BEFORE the hunt you must follow a SPREADSHEET to see your STATUS.
If you have missed THREE steps to prepare your stuff on time, you will be excluded from this hunt!



You have the option to apply as “REGULAR Vendor” or “SPONSOR Vendor”. The participation as “regular vendor” in this hunt is 100% free. As a “sponsor vendor” you have incredible advantages.

LIMITED to max. 12 PLACES!

Read below:



- you have a guaranteed ranking in the first 1 – 12 places in the hunt

- we will advertise your store on this blog (it will pop up in the side bar and will be seen on all pages!)

- you will get an advertising cube in our office

- you will get posting rights in group & be able to send 4 notices per week!


- L$ 200


For applying, please teleport to our office OR fill out this application:

*Hunters won’t be able to use “Area Search” any longer! Please note, this new feature might decrease your sales.

ATTENTION! By touching the SUBMIT button you confirm to have read the RULES and REQUIREMENTS that were listed above the application form.

Visit for actual post date.

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