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Wild West Round up Hunt

Wild West Round Up Hunt

Runs -8/2 – 8/30
App deadline 7/25
Theme Rodeo and Western influence on your style.
Hunt Organizer –  CuriosityCurator Resident

Get Lei’d Hunt


Runs – 7/1 – 7/31
Grumble sim hunt
Look for 20 flowers around the sim 1L each
Hints are on the blog
Blog –
Hunt Location –
Organizer Allie Munro


Silly Dog Hunt


Runs – 7/6 – 7/13
Sim Hunt
Find 20 dogs throughout the sim
Blog –
Organizer Kaliyiah Resident
Location -

Splash of Color Hunt

splash of color hunt

Runs – 8/21 – 9/20
0L hunt
App deadline 8/1

Start Location –

Time to beat the mid year blues with a SPLASH of COLOR! Get your creative juices flowing with colorful things! Get wild, crazy, or whatever gets those colorful things created!

Blog –
Organizer Sinfullysaucy Spiritor

Falling Into Autumn 2 Hunt

falling into autumn 2

Runs – 9/21 – 9/20
OL Hunt
App deadline 9/1

Start Location -

Colorful leaves falling from the trees, leaf piles, apple cider, autumn spices, school in full swing, and crisp cool air cooling things down from a very hot summer.
Blog –
Organizer Sinfullysaucy Spiritor

Flying Monkey Hunt

flying monkey

Runs – 7/2 – 7/16
Sim Hunt (an RFL Event)
Hunt Location –
Blog –
Organizer Crux Huntress


The Black and Purple Hunt


Runs – 9/15 – 10/15
App deadline 9/6
Theme – Black & Purple… Do I need to say more?
Blog –
Organizer PickledEgg

Create something with these colors: Purple, Black ( White & Grey are also allowed ) .. But do not use any other colors.



Summer Safari Hunt

summer safari hunt

Runs – 7/15 – 8/15
App deadline 7/10
Kids Hunt
To Apply fill form out at

Start Location –

Blog -
Organizer Hailey Foresight


Pirates Vs Ninjas Hunt


Runs – 8/1 – 8/31
App Deadline 7/15
Kids Hunt
Start Location -
Vendor limit: 25 stores (maybe more, if there’s interest)


★ Hunt items may be anything related to Pirates, Ninjas or both!

★ This is a hunt for KIDS. If you do not have a KIDS store, please do not apply. It’s fine if you also sell stuff for adults, but your store must have a significant kid’s section.

Fill out your application here:

Hunt Organizer Violet Steamweaver



NEW Collection in The Designer Warehouse


Designer Warehouse LOGO New1

The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event.

You have 2 weeks to shop and the event is open to ALL Cookie Jar Merchants!

Our amazing Merchants created EXCLUSIVE items for you!

Next Round Runs June 27th – July 10th

Click here to shop >>>> DESIGNER WAREHOUSE

DW 09

Finishing Touches

CW o4a

DW 04

The Willowinds

DW 07

Resplendent Rose

DW 08

Atelier Visconti

[CIRCA] - _Seaward_ Beach Dock - Medium Wood


DW 06

Lunar Seasonal Designs

DW 01

HJM Designs

DW 10

The Jewel Garden

DW 02

Hunt Resource Centre

DW 05

Dragon Magick Wares