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Acid Lily’s Final Round!

After a long and exciting journey, Acid Lily’s Dec Round 2, and final round, is here!

We’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of Acid Lily in one form or another. From our dear shoppers to our amazing designers and bloggers, thank you for your support and for making this all possible! Acid Lily closes indefinitely on Dec 30th, 2013.

We hope to bring something back in the future, but for now, we’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year!

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Teleport here to Acid Lily. Your sleigh awaits!

Yours Truly,

Pamela22 Igaly & 83457point1 Resident

Group Gift by {yumyums}
Lark - jewelry
junk. - furniture
Bokeh - jewelry
{Mes Petites Coutures} - accessories
Teawood - decoration
even.flow - clothing
{yumyums} - accessories
{Mango Cheeks} - decoration
RachelBreaker - clothing
~Oceania~ - decoration
Candy Crunchers - eyes/plushie
[Starry Heaven] - nails/poses

New Round and Happy Holidays at Acid Lily!

December’s first round is OPEN! We’ve come so close to the holiday season, and our designers are getting into the holiday spirit. This round features many holiday inspired creations, and some designers have also provided transferrable versions of their creations. Featuring: Zibska, Bokeh, Anc Ltd., Le Poppycock, Aushka&Co, Naminoke, //elephante poses//, Modern.Couture, Embody Poses.

This round runs from Dec 2nd to 15th, and includes everything from decorations, mesh avatars, poses, jewelry, tattoos and Gachas! Don’t forget to pick up the Group Gifts as well, provided by Zibska and Naminoke!

Teleport Here!

**Click on the images below to view the description**

Group Gift by Naminoke
Group Gift by Zibska
Naminoke - mini avi gacha
Zibska - jewelry
Naminoke - interactive prop
Embody Poses - poses
Naminoke - gacha
Aushka & Co - poses
{anc Ltd.} - decorations/trees
Le Poppycock - pose + props
Modern.Couture - jewelry
Bokeh - jewelry
//elephante poses// - poses
Aushka&Co - poses

New Collection & Shopping Guide!

We’ve got a great selection of designers for November round 2, which is now open and will run until Nov 30th! You’ll find everything this round including furniture, jewelry, tights, clothing, accessories, plushies, tattoos and plenty of other things!

Featured Designers: junk. – Lark – Bokeh – {yumyums} – Le Poppycock – Cannibelle – Starry Heaven – Elska – Wimey – RachelBreaker – Oceania Breedables – :minimade: – C. C. Kre-ations – Fabouzz – Senzafine

Our designers have also been very generous, and you can find a total of 6 Group Gifts ranging from tights, tattoos, clothing and accessories!

So come by and enjoy shopping for some amazing creations at great deals!


Also find us on Facebook, and Flickr! Click the pictures below for the full description and pricing details.

Group Gift from Canibelle
Group Gift from {yumyums}
junk. - furniture
Bokeh - jewelry
{Mango Cheeks} - clutch
Group Gift from :minimade:
Group Gift from Elska
Cannibelle - tights/socks
Elska - tattoos
Lark - clothing
Group Gift from Fabouzz
Group Gift from .::C.C. Kre-ations::.
Le Poppycock - Gacha
{yumyums} - headbands
Starry Heaven  - poses
Wimey - jewelry
.::C.C. Kre-ations::. - clothing/gachas
:minimade: - pants
Fabouzz - pants
Senzafine - clothing
RachelBREaker - clothing
Oceania Breedables - plushies

November Round Has Started!

*note: gallery updated with “by Dorian”

We’re back with a new collection and some new designers. There’s more (wearable) plushies, this time from .Birdy., and lots of elegant jewelry from Zibska and Modern Couture. Check out everything our designers are offering this round below.

Featured Designers: Birdy, LVLE, Zibska, by Dorian, //elephante poses//, [Modern Couture], :{MV}:, Aushka & Co.


We’re also on Facebook, and Flickr!

** Click the images to view the full description and pricing **

Zibska - jewelry
.Birdy. - Plushie
LVLE - Shoes
by Dorian - furniture
[Modern.Couture]  - jewelry
//elephante poses// - poses
:{MV}: - dress
AUSHKA & CO - poses

Coming Soon in November…

October’s second round has ended today, and we’ve closed down the gallery while our designers prepare for the next round.

We’ll be back in November 2nd at 8:00 am SLT, and with that, we have a sneak peek at what’s to come from Zibska. They’ve shared with us a preview of the Tess Necklace & Earring Set, which will be available on November 2nd at Acid Lily!

To view the full sized image and the full credits, click HERE.

Don’t forget to follow us on flickr or Facebook for updates on the new round!

zibska release


Oct Round 2 – Shopping Guide!

The new round has started! We have many new designers joining us, with some artsy furniture from *Art Dummy!, crystal jewelry from Bokeh, and many other designers bringing clothing, accessories, gachas and more to satisfy your shopping addiction.

There are also 4 Group Gifts this round provided by: {yumyums} – minimade – .:Kre-ations:., Kaithleen’s

The full line-up for this round includes: *Art Dummy! – Half-Deer – NYU – Bokeh – Nudolu – House of London – Le Poppycock – Kaithleen’s  – C.C. Kreations – Teen Witch – minimade – {yumyums}


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* Click the images to view the full description and pricing *

*Art Dummy! chairs
NYU - dress
Bokeh - rings
Le Poppycock - gacha
NuDoLu - skirts
Half-Deer - decor
Pink Outfitters/House of London
Teen Witch - glasses
{yumyums} - skin/plushie
:minimade: - clothing
C. C. Kre-ations - eyes/skirts/gacha
Kaithleen's - dress
Group Gift: :minimade:
Group Gift: Kaithleen's
Group Gift: {yumyums}
Group Gift: C. C. Kre-ations

Acid Lily Quick Preview!

We’ve closed Acid Lily as our designers prepare for the new round. Round 2 for October opens on the 17th.

We have some previews for you. C.C. Kre-ations is one of the designers providing a Group Gift next round, and she’s provided us with a preview of her exclusive release and the Group Gift below. You can check out their flickr or blog!

We also have the line-up for next round. Joining us next round is: *art dummy! – Bokeh – C.C. Kre-ations – Cracked Mirror – Half-Deer – House of London – Kaithleen’s – Le Poppycock – LMD – :minimade: – Nudolu – NYU – {yumyums}

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october round2


Here’s the exclusive release, and the Group Gift by C.C. Kre-ations, available  at the new round on Oct 17th!

C.C. Kre-ations Preview

Acid Lily Collection: October Round 1

October’s first round has opened! We had to do a little early Halloween decorating at the Lily. There were plushies involved from {Mango Cheeks} this round.. and we couldn’t resist.

The collection also includes fashion, jewelry, poses and even gardening supplies, so stop by and check out the wonderful creations available at a discount.

The full line-up includes: CandyDoll, Kirin Poses, [Modern.Couture], {Mango Cheeks}, { Room of AMO }, //elephante poses//, LavandaChic*, The Cube Republic

Like us on Facebook! Or feel free to Plurk with us!


* Click the images for the price details and description. *

CandyDoll - minidress
[Modern.Couture] - jewelry
.::Kirin Poses::. - poses
{Mango Cheeks} - plushie
The Cube Republic - garden supplies
//elephante poses// - poses
LavandaChic* - dress
{ Room of AMO } - clothes/shoes

Back in October 2nd!

Acid Lily is now closed to the public. We’ll be re-opening on October 2nd, at 8:00 am SLT. There will be a new set of designers to satisfy your fashion, blogging, landscaping and home and garden needs.

Did you know you could add your pictures featuring items from Acid Lily to our flickr group? We’d love to see your style, so add your pictures here!

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Plurk to get updated.

And a special thank you to our bloggers and all the designers who have joined us so far!


September Round 2 is OPEN!

The new round has begun! Along with some new designers, this time we also have some furniture designers with us. DIGS and Alouette have provided some really nice pieces for decorating and just lounging around.

There is also a Group Gift, mesh earrings provided by :{MV}:, so pick those up while you’re there!

Each designer provides one or more items priced at L$ 70 or less, so visit us to check out the collection. The full line-up includes: Alouette, DIGS, [White~Widow], Maai, :{MV}:, Kaithleen’s, even.flow, Love Zombie, Pichi

Have you checked us out on Facebook? And if you also Plurk, feel free to add us!


* Click the images for the price details and description. *

Group Gift - earrings by :{MV}:
Alouette - bookshelf
Maai - dress
DIGS - furniture
[White~Widow] - tattoo
Kaithleen's - dresses
:{MV}: - shoes
.::PiCHi::. - dresses/bags
even.flow - earrings
Love Zombie - dresses

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