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And this is Part 2 and is, as the name suggests, the inside of the house I blogged last week before the puter meltdown.  It is a whole heap of different items that I have finally managed to pull together for this post!  Yay!  I hope you take the time to go have a look because I know I don’t do them justice!

[CIRCA] – WillowLand Lounge Set (HomeStuff Hunt) and WillowLand Lounge Tray Set (Group Gift – 250L to join)

!!  Follow Us !! - Meal Box – Strawberry Cupcake (New Release)

!! Follow Us !! – White Console with Mirror (Updated Item), Home Sweet Home Rack with Keys (Recent Release), Tenderness Moment (HomeStuff Hunt)

[CIRCA] – Enchanted Meadow – Fae Vanity Table and Seat, Enchanted Glass Globe – Skye(Recent Release), Classic Vanity Makeup Organizer and Mirror – Blossom (New Release), 

!! Follow Us !! – Beauty Box – Pink (Updated Item), Sweet Day Beauty Box (The Feeling)


I am in love with this outfit.  How classy is this!  Thank you Leri Miles Designs.  And you will thank Leri even more when you found out that the Hahn Blouse and Classic Slacks are hunt items in the Black Crowes Hunt.  Booyah!

The skin and shape I am wearing is from Panda Punx and is called Kamilla.  It is also a giftie in the Black Crowes Hunt.  Loving it!
The jewellery is from Zuri Rayna Jewelry and I blogged it the other day, but I wanted to show you the bracelet that goes with it.

My hair, shoes and poses are from the depths of my inventory.  They are:
Hair:  Truth – Dawson
Poses:  aDORKable Poses – Call Me (closed store – See MP)
Shoes:  G*Field – Bow Strap Shoes Katie
Location:  22769 [bauwerk]


I know Arya is normally a blonde, but today she is a fiery redhead to go with the dress and chair!

Both the chair and the gown are from Immerse and I am excited to tell you that Immerse has now reopened with a new store for clothes and furniture.

The gown is Belladonna in Autumn.  It is currently available at Designer Showcase and is a must have for your Fall wardrobe.

The chair is the Autumn Meadows Chair in Red.  They are also available in Blue, Green and Tan.  You will be able to grab these in-store on Sunday as part of Lazy Sunday.

 This amazing hair from Tameless really lent itself to this red look too.  The hair is a new release and is called Farrah.  I am wearing it in Naturals.

The skin is from Panda Punx.  It is called Bree and is in the Caramel tone. It is the gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt, so make sure you go find it!

Also in TDTH is these poses from {M+}.  They are from a set called Magdelena.  Very cool.


After the past few days of Halloween items, I decided to take a break and chillax for a bit.  For those of you not in the know, ‘chillax’ is a combo of ‘chill’ and ‘relax’ and perfectly describes how I feel today doing these photos.

I am also excited to introduce a new store in these days of closures.  The store is called Shutter Field and is predominantly for your outdoor and landscaping needs.  The sim is so cool and worth a visit!

The Mesh Hay Bale Set is from Shutter Field, as are both Boots with Flowers (double and single).  There are loads of great sits in this set for you and a friend/special other.

The Cropped Sweater and Layered Skirt I am styling today are both from Leri Miles Designs and will be a hunt prize in The Dirty Turkey Hunt which starts on the 1st of Nov.  I will show you a few more of the fab items you can nab in the next few days.

My eyes are a freebie from Poetic Colors and are called Jaded Eyes – Autumn Song.  I hope they are still a gift so you can grab them before they go.  Lovely brown for Fall.

My hair is a new item from Tameless.  It is called Dahlia and I am wearing Naturals.  It is a lovely style and comes with the option of going over any boob add-ons.

Lastly, my shape and skin are from Panda Punx.  I am wearing Kamila (Wicked), but I am wearing a lipgloss from Tuli called Sheer Toffee to go with my brown ensemble.


I love SL.  One of the many reasons is because in SL you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.  Today I am a fairy.  That means I can don wings and be all pretty!  Yuss!

It all started when I logged on and saw this Peasant Dress from Miel for Fifty Linden Friday. I had bought the Sarah hair from Wasabi Pills at faMESHed a couple of days ago and knew they would make a great team.  It was even better when I found this tattoo called Fairy Princess from Tenjin at Acid Lily.

The wings I got when I attempted the Taste the Rainbow hunt last week.  I say attempted because I didn’t manage to find much.  I am hunt rusty.  I was glad I found these stunning Titania Fairy Wings at Deviance though. Hunt Website

My shape and skin are Lania from Panda Punx and I am loving them.  You can fall in love with them too when you go and grab them at Stuff in Stock.

Lastly, and never leastly (hehe) of the new items, is this amazing new release jewellery from Finesmith Designs.  The set is called Shiraz and comes, as always in different and fabulous coloured jewels.  The stone I am wearing is Rosequartz.

My shoes are from Miamai and are from my inventory.  They are called Miranda Rose.

Play Hard

Arya’s Safety Tip #1 – Do not play on the rusty, half-broken playground equipment.
At least I was prepared for accidents.  My inventory is a veritable cornucopia of first aid items.  All you have to do is come shopping or hunting with me and you will see how accident prone I actually am.
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] – Ripple Outfit (Summer Hangover Hunt)
Tattoo:  [ZENTRO] – Play Now Cry Later (The Thrift Shop)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx – Lania Avatar Set (Stuff in Stock)
Bandaid and Blood Nose:  {PopTart} – Bloody Nose Tattoos (Perfect Wardrobe)
Bruises and Cuts:  Hysteria – Tell Me Where it Hurts
Hair:  D!va – Mimi
Outfit:  Leri Miles Designs – Heidi Jumper – Denim (New Item)
Dress:  Leri Miles Designs – Charlene Dress – Forest (Fashion Stars)
Tee:  {MV} – Anarchy Skirt (TS)
Skirt:  -TARTCAKE- Huggies (TS)


Riley is hitting the beach today, in between hunting and annoying me.  For future reference, standing by me asking, “Are we doing pics now?” over and over can get old very quick.  Still, I have to admire his dedication.

He has been doing more of the MenStuff Hunt and went wandering to The Mens Dept too.  Then he made me rez this awesome Dreamscene from Garden of Dreams (Not in Hunt) so we could hit the beach.

The Lifeguard Chair and the Decks Chair are from 22769 [bauwerk] and are not in the hunt.  The Decks Chair is in the new round at The Mens Dept.

Here is the website for URLs and Hints

Tee and Shorts:  22769 – Tank and Swim Shorts
Hair:  KMadd – Tyler
Glasses:  *TSM* – Drip Shaders (Not in Hunt)
Poses:  Image Essentials – Baywatch (Not in Hunt – Pic 1 and 2)

 Tee and Capris:  22769 – Beach Tee and Capris (The Mens Dept)
Sandals:  sf design – Men’s Sports Sandal with Colour Change

Tank and Shorts:  Infinity Insanity Moments – Cordie Boardie and Tank – Lies
Pose Prop:  {what next} – Surf’s Up (Not in Hunt – Pic 3 and 4)

Tee:  !R3VOLT! – Mr Nice Men’s Tank

Hoodie:  ..::CODED::.. – Mesh Men’s Hoodie

Men’s Stuff

The Menstuff Hunt has started and that means I know where all the hot guys in SL will be…  Riley was also hunting (snicker) and he has some goodies to show us today.

He says he is pretty impressed with what he has so far, so that is a good sign.  He also said he had skipped a few in some of the big stores because he couldn’t find them and the clues were tricky.  You are warned.

Here is the website you will need for all the LMs and Hunt Hints.  Enjoy!

Shape:  Maverick Design – Johnny Shape (#147)
Skin:  Belleza - Ashton (Not in Hunt)
Hair:  KMadd – Logan – Dark Brown 5 (#3)
Tee and Shorts:  :LoLa: Creations – Daytona T-Shirt and Jeans Cargo Pants (#4)
Boots:  Bootgasm – Construction Men’s Biker Boots – Brown (#74)
Bike:  {what next} – Ventura Bicycle – Grey (Not in Hunt)


Jeans and Boots:  Mohna Lisa Couture – Baggy Crotch Jean and Hiking Boots (#8 – Tee also in pack)
Pose:  Focus Poses – Male Set 20 (Not in Hunt )
Tattoo:  Boss Store – 2Pac (#18)

Suit:  StormCrow Designs – Trenchcoat, Jacket Shirt and Leather Pants (#20)
Pose:  Focus Poses – Male Set 20 (Not in Hunt)

Tee and Jeans:  Zanzo – Vintage Motivation Casual Tee and Archangel Skinny Jeans (#133)
Pose:  Focus Poses – Male Set 20 (Not in Hunt)

Shorts:  Egoisme – MENShunt Cargo Shorts (#2)
Pose:  Focus Poses – Male Set 20 (Not in Hunt)
Tattoo:  Boss Store – 2Pac (#18)


It is summertime in SL and you know what that means?  Yes!  Summer hunts!  Depraved Nation has their hunt called Endless Summer.  It starts on the 20th (today) and goes until the 20th of July.  This gives you plenty of time to grab the starting LM and go and grab some awesome new summer gear!  Perfect.

My hair/hat is from Amacci and is called Tracey.  The dreamscene I am in is from Garden of Dreams called Hidden Cove.  My skin and shape are both new from Tuli and are Sara V2.

You can go HERE for all the URLs and hunt hints.

Dress:  22769 – Beach Dress – Sunset
Pose:  elephante poses – Say It Ain’t So #4

Dress:  Sassy! – Taylor Dress
Pose:  elephante poses – Say It Ain’t So #3

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs – Delta Dress – Spring
Pose:  elephante poses – Say It Ain’t So #6

Dress:  {dollle*} – Endless Summer Strapless Dress
Pose:  elephante poses – Say It Ain’t So #2

Check out the poster for more details!


I have a bit of a reputation amongst my SL friends of being a bit crazy when it comes to piloting boats.  Just ask my friend, Kav, about the infamous Gondola incident…

So, it would come as no surprise to many of them, and especially Kav, that I am doing these pictures on an upturned boat.  I would like to point out, however, that in this case the boat is supposed to be this way as it is a new pose prop from from L’aize Dayz.  It works in the water or on the beach and is fun for bloggers and picture takers alike.
The swimsuit is from {PopTart} and is the Frilly Swimsuit and Glasses.  It is currently the gift in the Hide and Seek Hunt, so get ya hunting gears on and check it out.
The hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Selene.

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