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Marketplace findings

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Hello darlings!
So for some reason, I can’t remember why, I ended up on the Envious Marketplace store.
And what do you, they have no less than five freebies with appliers up!
Denim Fetish, complete outfit with boots. These folded down suspender-shorts are so cute!
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, WowMeh
I’m a Fierce Tiger, grrr! Includes boots, bracelets and the collar (not scripted).
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, WowMeh
 Neko love comes with matching ears and tail, all in pink and white. 
Cute, but watch out for the claws on the bracelets!
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz
Subtle temptations turns you in to some elf/neko hybrid, fluffy tail and pointy ears. 
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz
This simple lingerie set is a staple of any girls wardrobe.
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz

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Protect your Hooters

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Hello darlings!
Fashion Wardrobe is a bi-weekly event and the current round started yesterday. When I was there to check it out, I found these awesome tank tops from Hooters, complete free!
These tops comes in four different varieties, all themed around 
breast cancer awareness, with appliers for Tango.
The shorts I’m wearing is a Fashion Wardrobe freebie too, from Awear, 
sadly only with appliers for Eve. If you do have an Eve avatar though, or not a mesh ass, 
since there’s system layer clothing too, they are really cute and with the on the back.

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Micro post for a micro gift

Original post @ Big Boobie Babes.

Hello darlings!
A quickie post before bed time.
This nice white Micro Bikini from Damn&Sweet is completely free, 
no group needed, nothing, just buy it for 0$ L, it’s sitting on the desk right where you land.
In case you’re wondering why it’s called micro, check the back… ;-)

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Envious of dancing with the elves?

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Hello darlings!
I hope you’re having a great day. I’m about to melt, it’s about 30 degrees Celsius here,
 at 8:30 pm, but hey, it’s an excuse to eat ice cream. ;-)
To take my mind of the heat I went shopping. Envious have the Lovey dress with 
Tango appliers as a 10$ L promo available right now. 
I don’t know for how long though, so if you want this dress you better hurry.
I went to the beautiful Irreplaceable sim to take my pictures and 
somehow I ended up dancing with the fairies.

While I was at Envious, I managed to snatch up some freebies as well. ;-) 
The ‘Here’s to never growing up’ dress is full mesh and comes in two different colours, both with appliers for Tango. This is a Prize for Picks gift, just open up your profile, go to the Picks tab, click New Pick, save, wait for a few minutes and the click the board.
The Solitary Beauty outfit is free for all gift, just snatch it up, 
it’s on the shelf on the right of the Lucky Chairs.
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz (I think, unfortunately the applier only says lower and I don’t have a mesh but so I can’t check. Have you tried? Please let us know in the comments.)

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Bikinis from Que Bella

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Hello darlings!
To celebrate reaching xx members, Que Bella has a new group gift out. 
This is a fatpack of bikinis in five crazy colours. 
The Que Bella group is 50$ L to join, but it’s more than worth it, 
because the backlog of free group gifts available would cost you at least ten times as much. 
I will be coming back in the following days to show you more gifts from Que Bella, 
but I just can’t fit them all in one post. ;-)
To show you these strapless O Ring bikinis, here wearing Psych Stars, I headed down to the 
beach at one of my favourite sims, The Trace, for a nice afternoon in the sun.
I just love the sun hovering over the horizon like that. It might be a bit hard to see, 
but the Polka Insanity bikini is a bright green with hot pink dots.
Since I had five bikinis to change between, 
I could go for several swims and still don’t have to worry about sitting around in a cold 
suit as the sun has set. Crazy Checks to the left and Kooky Skuls to the right

In the end though, I cozied up by the fire in the Burned out bikini, 
rather tired from the sun, wind and the sea.
Appliers: Tango, Lush, BBusty, Eboobs, Phat Azz, Brazilia, 
Ghetto Booty, Perfect Bum, Wideloads, 9s all in one HUD.
Also appliers for Omega, WowMeh and Brazilia doll

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Ravnous one year anniversary

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Hello darlings!
Have I got exciting news for you?
On Saturday August 2nd, Ravnous will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a great party! 
Their group has recently also reached 1000 members, so there are lots of reasons to celebrate!
Their will be give-aways, gachas, a DJ and lots of fun!
The main event is between 4 pm and 8 pm SLT, 
and during that time there will be a total of 2000 in giftcards, given away at the top of every hour. 
As if that wasn’t enough, anyone attending the party in a Ravnous outfit will get a giftcard of a 100$ L!
The entire month no less than 4 free outfits available for Ravnous group members, 
and the group is free to join.

 The Love Suit is a sexy see-through body suit with cute little hearts to cover your bits.
The Silvergeo jumpsuit on the other hand does cover most of you,
but has a very low cut back that lets you show off some skin. It’s also full mesh. :-)

These two dresses are very different, but equally gorgeous.
The Harmony dress in black in a daring lace but manages to cover up the essentials.
 Faith in the colour “shyest violet” is so romantic and sweet I really wish I had a date to go on. ;-)

All these outfits come with appliers for Tango, Phat Azz, Perfect bum,
Ghetto Booty, Omega all in one HUG as well as WowMeh

And for the gacha addicts, you know who you are, there will be 8 different gachas available, 
during the event these will only be 1$ L!

So book Saturday 4-8 pm SLT in your calendar right now!

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Time-limited offer @ HoWear

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Hello darlings!
Third post in one day! This time I want to tell you about this sweet deal from HoWear.
The Rockit outfit is available for only 25$ L until tomorrow morning at 5 am SLT,
so do you want this one you gotta hurry.

Rockit comes in six different colours, here I’m showing purple.
This outfit also comes with gloves, not shown.
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz

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New skin gift @ BBBF HQ

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Hello darlings!
I hope the Monday blues hasn’t gone to you, but I got a little something 
here to cheer you up. Imagine Skins and Fashion has put up a skin 
The Lima skin comes with no less than 16 (!) different make-up (not shown) and appliers 
for Tango, Phat Azz, BANNED, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, Lena Lush, WowMeh, 
Eve, Omega and Slink hands/feet/Visage/Physique.
As usual, pictures of skins are in no way edited. I’m using the 
CalWL windlight settings and wearing a free facelight from Redgrave.

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More gifts @ BBBF HQ

Original post @ Big Boobie Babes.

Hello my darlings!
I wanted to show you some more gifts from our own fabulous Big Boobie Babes Freebies group headquarters. These are all completely free to members of our in-world group, which is free to join, just wear your group tag and click the vendors.
This Hydrangea top and jeans shorts comes from Gatherings and include appliers for Tango, BBusty, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Lena Lush, WowMeh and Slink Physique

Dishy lingerie set from Que Bella comes in royal blue and can be worn with or without panties.
Appliers: Brazilia Doll, WowMeh and Omega. I was a bit nervous at first when I didn’t find any Tango appliers, but the Omega appliers worked perfectly on my Venus boobs.

Sex Peach has gifted us with the Clarissa top and capri pants and they come with one HUD for boobs, one for butts and Brailia Doll appliers. As you know, I’m a big fan of the one-hud system for avoiding inventory clutter.
Appliers: Tango, Mirage, Puffy, BBusty, Lush, Vstring, iBoobs, Psicorp, Mused,
Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Perfect Bum, BANNED, Brazilia butt and doll

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Awesome deal @ Rachel Swallows Creations

Original post @ Big Boobie Babes.

Hello darlings!
I have a hot deal to wrap up the week-end for you.
This gorgeous Stepford Wife mesh gown in black from Rachel Swallows Creations is available for just 49$ L!
You all know I’m a sucker for mesh with appliers, and Rachel’s store is a great place to go for that.
I think I’m gonna live in this dress for a while, it’s just so sexy yet elegant.
This dress made me feel like such a lady, I decided to head to a ballroom for my pictures. I kept expecting James Bond to turn up and offer me a drinks. ;-) (Instead I got an IM from Nico, reminding me about something I had forgotten, not at all as exciting…)

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