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Chest Treasures Grave Yard Haunted Hunt Is Almost Here! Here Is A Look At Our *Hunt Sponsors*

Original post @ Chest Treasures.
The Chest Treasures Grave Yard Haunted Hunt Is Almost Here,Hunters Get Your Shovels Ready!
It starts Oct.25th 2014 and ends Nov.25th 2014 just copy,paste this link in Second Life,click then go to the starting point!          http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/191/127/1013

**I just wanted to tell everyone how grateful the mall is for having these wonderful sponsors,and thank them for their sponsorship! And here is a closer look at these wonderful designers and their shops in our mall!You can also find a direct teleport to their shops right at the landing point just click their logo to get their landmark and enjoy all they have to offer! Thanks guys we truly appreciate it!
They are also in order in the hunt as the same as they are here!**

1.madcat claudia-MadCatCreations

3.Palemonia-VooDoo Dollz
4.GothicAngel Unplugged-Baby Girl Inc.
5.Morrigan Bellic-Imagine Skins And Fashion
6.Lexi Ceryos-Slutwear by Lexi
7.Phedre Luckless-L’Anguisette Skin
8.bitchbarbie-B Barbie Style
9.misswerty Pevensey-Lolita
10.Ally Oompa-Awear
11.r0sath0rn resident-S.A.D. Sistas Appliers & Designs

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/10/chest-treasures-grave-yard-haunted-hunt_22.html for actual post date.

Chest Treasures Grave Yard Haunted Hunt

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Through the foggy mist arises souls peeking through from a distance,among that distance is the souls of the lost,the weary
every soul has a story that is always left untold no matter what but here is your chance to unfold this mystery,here at Chest Treasures Mall we are having a hunt of a life time,many designers under one roof,
in each shop that participates.bones of the lost will be hidden in each shop
to help these weary souls on their way you have to find all of these bones…
In the bones will be a gift hidden from each creator made especially for you in your journey,have fun,don’t get lost,follow the tracks,and help these tired lost souls to their next destination,moving through the graveyard on this haunted Halloween Night… good luck

-Attention Designers Applications Due on Oct.20th,you can choose to be a Sponsor that includes your place and r0sath0rn resident sponsoring you as far as putting your store name out “free advertising” and a nice little spot on the sponsor board at the landing point at Chest Treasures with your LM so customers can touch and receive a landmark to your store!

-If you are a designer and not a sponsor its ok! just wait till the 20th to get your graveyard pack and you will be placed as the applications are recieved,please contact r0sath0rn resident for more info on this haunted hunt ty!

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/10/chest-treasures-grave-yard-haunted-hunt.html for actual post date.

Halona’s Boutique Gift

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

This delicious Dragon Gown comes in 6 HUD driven shades and designs of Green & Orange complete with Tango appliers for your Halloween elegance!
Free for members of the Chest Treasures Mall VIP group.

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/10/halonas-boutique-gift.html for actual post date.

A Gift from 1 Hundred

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Mini Top by 1 Hundred ~ All Colors Fatpack ~ including Tango appliers
Exclusive Gift for members of the Chest Treasures VIP Group

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-gift-from-1-hundred.html for actual post date.

Seductive Pearls Giftie

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Seduction Outfit in Black FULL PACK by VooDoo Dollz

** Includes 3 Versions, the Suit as shown above, super sexy Pearls Only and barely there Single Top with Panties **

~ Lolas & Phat Azz Appliers ~

Available free at Chest Treasures Mall exclusively for VIP members of Chest Treasures Mall Group

Direct TP to VooDoo Dollz Mall Shop

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/09/seductive-pearls-giftie.html for actual post date.

Hippy Dress On Board

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Let your inner flower child romp in the Asy Hippy Mesh Dress (Lolas Tango) with Shoes (Slink High Feet) by Sjaja @ Chest Treasures Mall

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/09/hippy-dress-on-board.html for actual post date.

Red Apples Giftie

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Red Apples Zipper Dress by TitZ n Azz Shop Group Giftie

~ Tango, Sking Boobs, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Brazilia Doll Appliers ~

Direct TP 

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/09/red-apples-giftie.html for actual post date.

A Gift of Love

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

The Love Top by Lolita is a gift exclusively for Chest Treasures Mall group members.
Lolas Tango applier included.

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/08/a-gift-of-love.html for actual post date.

Lace n Stripes Group Giftie

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Sexy and revealing gift exclusively for Chest Treasures Mall Group Members at TitZ n Azz Shop, wear your tag. 
Includes appliers for Lolas, Brazilia Doll, Brazilia Butt and Phat Azz. 
[please rez package on the ground to obtain no copy appliers in the box :]

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/08/lace-n-stripes-group-giftie.html for actual post date.

Hot Curves Of Summer! Gacha Event.

Original post @ Chest Treasures.

Chest Treasures Presents:

Hot Curves Of Summer!


Hot Curves Of Summer! The theme of this Gacha event is aimed towards showing off those voluptuous curves in the sweltering summer months. All clothing and accessories support avatar enhancements (Lolas, Phat Azz, Wowmeh, Slink ect…).So come on down to Chest Treasures mall and try and win some amazing items.

Hot Curves Of Summer Run from the 1st till the 31st of August.

Landing Point

List Of Participating Shops

Sponsors as Follows:
09] Lolita
Non Sponsors:
Have Fun Playing from behave of all participants and Chest Treasures mall.

Visit http://chesttreasuressl.blogspot.com/2014/08/chest-treasures-presents-hot-curves-of.html for actual post date.