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A Vintage Gal

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Vintage — classic and lovely.
Going back in time is one of my favorite pastimes.

Venues abound these days and while gray is the rule at their opening, the shopping experience is much nicer after the crowds have cleared.

From BAIASITCE for The Liaison Coorperative, the Tori dress, a delicately lace trimmed slip dress with plenty of detailing and a rainbow of colors to choose from.

From Vanity Hair for the Vintage & Cool Fair LA Confidential, inspired by the movie of the same name.

From 22769 for L’accessories, Groove in the Heart for Slink Medium and in a variety of colors.

And, if you are looking for a vintage house — also from 22769 ~ [bauwerk], The Manor inspired by the home in the Charmed TV series. Find it at COLLABOR88.

Poses by: exposuer

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Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

From Eclectica, a gorgeous fantasy set that speaks of forest glades and filtered light. The pebbles shine wondrously with material highlights.

This is Enchantment – river pebbles. Stones, leaves and metal cord are all texture change by menu giving you a huge selection of combonations to fit any outfit.

Find it and its companion style Enchantment mountain rocks at the Mystic Realms Faire.

Cami by BAIASTICE, kirsty

Hair: Syra by eXxEsS

Poses by: Diesel Works

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FLF – Timely

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday from {what next} — lots of very happy little pumpkins! The decorative pumpkin set includes crate and you can move things around as your space dictates. The hanging lantern set come with or without string and in some color choices.

Also new at the main store, a falling leaves set (three shapes). I layered some here go give a leaf on top of leaf look. Note this is NOT a texture but individual mesh leaves (1LI at this size). 

There is also a super cute black and white trick or treat version of the pumpkin set out as a new item, so check for that while you are visiting. Who knows which will be your favorite!

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Fright Fest

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Something wicked this way comes!

Fright Fest opens today with lots of activities, some great Halloween decorations and even a building contest. 

This top photo is from the !! Follow Us!! area where there are tons of  niche items (Chic dances and bought a new hay mound prop; she SO needed one).

For those of you that love breedables and collectibles, you will find them here. This is the cutest kitty who animates out of a pumpkin.

There are special edition kitties to be had (some very cute, some scary  — oh my).

This is one of the events where you can come home with prizes. Find the pumpkins with the floating text and click. You either get a good prize or a boobie prize. You are invited to return in an hour to try again. The good prizes I won were quite nice.

This is the flying kitty on a broom from KittyCats. Wear it on your shoulder and it circles.

You can see the list of merchants on the AviChoice blog. Type in “Fright Fest” to find the sims.

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Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I have been feeling quite nostalgic of late. Exploring the hypergrid for the first time, it is much like going back to my SL youth. So many memories; looking for “stuff”, finding said “stuff” and then going through and keeping a few prize things. They were good days back then, and they were fun days too.

banesworth anubis prefabs turns a decade this month and there is a contest going on. You don’t even need to be a classy photographer to win.  I looked through some of my photo and this was my favorite.

If I remember correctly this was his first partially mesh build.

And this is the latest release, a roomy family home — the Bates House. The house comes in at 189 prim impact (mesh), and a 36×26 meter footprint.    Find it at COLLABOR88.

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Room Service

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Two more special releases for COLLABOR88; its a great round!

The Baiastice Helsinki Boots are intricately detailed with a gorgeous shine. These come in a variety of winter neutrals and near neutrals — well what IS a neutral anyway?  They are standard sizing and run true.

Now Second Spaces has a whole set of vintage hotel gear with the hutch being super cute. But ya know, sometimes less is more in a photo shoot. Be sure and peruse ALL the items in the “check out at 11″ set. These are wonderful photo props if you don’t happen to be a hotel owner *wink*.

Poses by: aDORKable!

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Mystic Realms Faire Highlights

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Accessories and props abound at the Mystic Realms Faire.

This butter churn prop set from  Roawenwood gives appropriate items for the animations. Non-animated versions are included in the pack.

This Bird of Prey necklace from lassitude & ennui comes in three cord colors with color change menu for the crystal. Even wenches can be mystical!

If you dabble in the magical arts you won’t want to miss this  Alchemy Experience from Ravenghost. Table, on-off bubbling beakers (yes they bubble nicely!) and extremely intricate book stand and book are indiviual pieces. This is very lovely.

Sway Dench has been a busy gal of late with a plethora of great releases for both main store and venues. This is definitely one of my favorites. Find it at MRF. Not only is it beautifully crafted, it comes with a variety of animations for singles, couples and friends.

Bliensen + MaiTai offers a big collection of dragonfly accessories. The Libelula release includes brooch, hair accessory, necklace and ring — oh, and pasties (one dragonfly, one empty leaf) which are BOUND to come in handy. Don’t miss those. These are attention getters.

My outfit is old and not from the faire; BlueMoon.
Hair from EMO-tions

Poses by: Vista Animations

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Mystic Sky

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I have never dabbled in role play but I certainly understand why others do. There is something quite liberating about being someone so very different than you perceive yourself to be.

From the Mystic Realms Faire:

From sYs: NYMPHE gloves, LUNAR bracelet and LUNAR sunglasses with color effects hud.

Who IS that girl? Oh my, she is me.

My lovely isabeau – coldmoon grayscale skin is from crow  and comes with many variations of eye shadow.  If you prefer you can find this also at the home store. And there is a lovely group gift skin available so don’t miss checking that out.

Poses by: Glitterati (nla)

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The Midnight Glow of Satin

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

COLLABOR 88 is looking to be an exceptional round.

From ISON, the silk slip dress. Wear it out or just for that special someone. Hey, wear it for yourself! The glow, the line — simply breathtaking.

This is the new attic skybox from Trompe Loeil.  With gorgeous detailing and textures plus fireplaces galore AND an optional dark night surround, it is indeed a winner. The wingback chair is also a new Trompe Loeil release and comes with ambient maps should you want to try your hand at reupholstering.

This new Simone hair is available from MINA at the Mystic Realms Faire.

Poses by: STATUS and Nigotine (nla)

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Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Of the oh so many lovely items available at the Mystic Realms Faire, this is bound to be at the top of my list. The words beyond perfection come to mind. As I took these photos over at the Zaara sim, it was a step into another world. I have seldom felt more beautiful.

There is something about being immersed in another culture; I have done it often and fully — sometimes being mistaken for a local which for me was a badge of pride.

With a rainbow of colors available you can find the perfect attire for your own personal journey. The Mystic Realms Faire opens the 10th.

Chandni lehenga *kohl* by Zaara (standard mesh sizing)

Hair by eXsEss
Poses by aDORKable

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