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Spring Picnics

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.


It’s looking a lot like Spring out there. Time to dig out the shorts and outdoor gear. I am ready!

The Wayward Hunt is going on.  I haven’t been hunting in ages and this looks like a good one with lots of top stores in the list.  From {what next} this cookie plate and cookie jar (I LI each) that dispense a CHOICE of wearable cookies to your guests. I am very impressed with the cookies!  AND hungry!

When your tummy gets full of those delicious cookies, you can take a rest in the new Marta Spring Pergola from Cheeky Pea. Three color palettes are available by menu. Couples and singles animations and activities are included and there is a naughtier version if you have a partner — or are looking for one :D.

Find it at The Seasons Story.

Outfit: Baiastice_short denim salopette-dark rinse
Hair: MINA – Peggy

Poses by: the furniture

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Gifts Report – Sunday

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Now I am not promising to do too many freebie reports *wink*, but when someone else does most of the work and found great stuff — how can I pass that up?

This is a completely free outfit (oh my). Pants and hair are no longer available but here is what you can pick up today.

* sandals – Brii Underground Wear on the Sexy and I Know It hunt ($ 1).
* blouse – Miamai both group gift and subsrcibo (LOVE that the inside of the sleeves has a different texture.) Comes with color change bow hud.
* skin – Akeruka new group gift – Adua ($ 1)
* glasses – Vrsion Glasses – Pixelshades [black_black] – group gift in archives

Poses by: Behavior Body from a BIG pack that includes mirrors FREE ON SUNDAY.

Gotta love having friends on a mission; thanks Di!

Brights and Whites

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I have been hanging out in mysterious Gothland a lot lately. And while that has been an enjoyable adventure, it is time to get a little sunshine and color into The Blog.

My dress is a lovely gift from -Pixicat- on the Nouveaux Hunt II, a small sim hunt with a pretty locale and easy to find gifts.

My poses are also from that hunt.

They come with a super cool hud, something I have not seen before.

Now when I first get poses I always click through to find out which fit, but I can see that this would be VERY handy in the field when you know there is a pose you want in that set but can’t remember the number.


My lead photo show two releases for The Garden. I showed you the A.V. Adria Gazebo in a previous post, but let’s be honest here — it was hard to see – LOL. You know that darkness can get to you after awhile. So here in bright sunshine is the gazebo. It can be purchased separately as well as in a group release of the set. Look for the Atelier Visconti booth.

Now the bright colored (and coordinating – woot) decor items are from Second Spaces at the same venue. These can be purchased separately also OR as a linked object. Lots of fun!

One more item for show and tell is something that many of you have, a recent group gift from GOS.

These shoes come with “nylons” in various shades. Now I have to admit I wasn’t ALL that smart and was having a time getting the shoes to match the stockings. Well you OF COURSE need to tint the feet to match your legs. Well, really that seems SO obvious after the fact. These are lovely and I so thank Berry’s “group” meme for turning me on to the GOS group.

Hair by Truth (very old)

Men Only Hunt 4

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

The MOH4 hunt has started and I am happy to say it is a good one. Less is more seems to be the theme with some very nice stores in the fifty-eight stops. There are a few issues of course — there always are. Teleport points are sometimes closer to a store you are NOT headed to than the one with the goodies. So stay aware of the shop you are looking for. Most glasses of beer were easy enough to find. I didn’t run across any decoys.

A few hunt objects were evasive and one at least had been moved with no new hint in the list as yet. There were also some shops toward the end that definitely seemed to be for the gals with no menswear in evidence.

With tons of very nice items it all boils down to:

*What fits
*Your style

Our lead photo is an outfit put together from all hunt items — even the skin.

* REBELL – Summer Shirt
* [ZE-Men] Tommy Shorts
* NM atelier*Loose Tie REGIMENTAL Gray
* Shey Slip On Flats
* T.BARE-Apollon Deep Tan-Eyebrow Cut

You can find the dollarbie unisex hair here on the Marketplace.

Here is a better look at that skin which I think is pretty darn impressive. No post processing on this shot — and if the skin doesn’t fit you all that well, there is a shape in the hunt that works perfectly with it. How handy!

* 7mad;Ravens CoolCapDaddy Boonie
* SURROGATES – Clint Shape
* luxe. Snake Black Taper earring (also in gold)

* etham – Anchor bracelet
* .ARISE. Sum Shorts Gray

There are also two nice pairs of tennis shoes, three thong sandals for SLink feet and one full sandal in tan for SLink feet. There are MANY tattoos and several pairs of sun glasses.

There are plenty of nice items on this hunt to update your (or your honey’s) wardrobe. Have fun!

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Hot Hunt Finds

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I did a little hunting last eve. Here are my favorites from the Summer Fun Hunt.

Up top – mesh skirt and sculpt (resize scripted) top from PRISM. Follow the happy sun tracks which point to the prize, Lou.  Down below, a summery, silky swim set from Sassy. Like all those “s” words?  Hit the hint giver for a clue.

Hair by MINA
Poses by: Diesel Works and Vista Animations

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SL11B Quick Tour and LMs

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

SL11B opens to the public tomorrow, the 22nd.  As always there is plenty to see.

A little art, a smidgen of education, a spot or two for resting and lots of music and presents; there is something for everyone.

I wandered around on press day with no real plan. One of my favorite spots was A little Dream of Italy — a wonderfully calm resting spot away from the visual cacophony that is the birthday bash.

The stage builds are often the stars of the show. Here at the Astonish Live stage that holds true.

There is even a spot where you can voice your ideas for change. Interestingly enough it is very close to the Linden Gift Vendors where you can pick up your robot and bear.

There are plenty of gifts to be had this year, more than in the past it seems. I didn’t go out looking for presents but found many on my quick fly bys. Shown here is a Chinese Ruan from Haiku  with very nice animation that I picked up at the Wonderous Gift Area (look for a large gold rectangular gift box). Many gifts are out including a Sway’s Birthday Bear and a commemorative KittyCat.

The outdoor dining set was a gift from a little Dream of Italy (see above). It is one of the many hunt gifts you can find this year.

A much easier than last year hunt experience awaits you. Pick a trail and walk the streets. I am guessing you could even pick up a pod (available right where you pick up your SL11 bear) and hunt from the ease of your vehicle.


Northern Trail:

Southern Trail:

Eastern Trail:

Western Trail:

There is plenty to see and lag as always will be a problem (hence no super sharp or shadowy photos of the event here). So turn down your draw distance and any other graphics extras you don’t need. 

Summer Hunting

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Ready for some hunting? Try the Storaxtree furniture and decor hunt starting tomorrow!

SUMMER SUN Hunt July 1 – July 31
25 exclusive items – these items will not be available again.
1 L  ( one linden) per item

Here are just a few of the items to be found. Some great stuff. If you have a home, this is a hunt for you.
Here is your taxi!  Have fun.

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Red White Blue

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.


There is plenty of newness in the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] arena. Clothes, accessories and furniture can be found in a variety of venues this month. My personal favorite is the Travellers Clutch (many color combos) for L’accessories.  It comes with its own hold of course. I did a little sneaky blogger magic to get this shot.

You can find this My Grunge Corner console along with a steel ashtray and hanging banner at the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] main store. Out for a Dreaming Tree special, be quick like a bunny as you only have until Sunday Midnight.

Extra thanks to Manuel Ormidale who sends out one of the most complete and easy to use blogger notecards that I have seen!

My summery outfit is from abuu4her on the Starfish Hunt at Old Europe Village. There are a limited number of stalls but some nice gifts. Look for the VERY easy to find starfish and pick ups some summer clothes.

Hair by Vanity Hair
Pose by: oOo Studio

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Creations Park Hunt

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Stroll through a parklike setting with winding paths and plenty of photo op spots and reap some rewards. There are twenty five gifts in all. My favorites are shown here but there are also clothes for gals, vehicles and the like.

Just follow the blue arrows to find the large boxes with touch to get presents. 

Read the notecard for the story behind the sim.

And here is your landmark.

Bits and Pieces

This post originated @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Just a few things you might want to know about.

New out from Akeruka, gift skins for gals and guys. The version for the women didn’t set my heart aflutter, but the male present is great!  Now normally you need to be a group member to buy the dollarbie ‘group gifts’, but not this time. Even though the vendor SAYS group gift, anyone can purchase. Yeah!

There is a fun gacha event for the young — or maybe just the young at heart. “Where the Wild Things Are” combines open spaces, exploration and lots of animal motif goodies for you gambling pleasure. Sway’s has a full line of zoological goodness; my personal favorite the pink snake lamp!
There are some nice gifts around also.

This exceptionally nice swimsuit with tiny boy shorts is the gal’s prize on the Battle of the Sexes for HER Hunt. There is a nice shorts and tank set also in red for the guys. Find it at Sin Original, the first stop on the hunt.

My super comfy chair has both singles and couple’s poses and is available at the Cheeky Pea booth at Uber. Two color palettes and MANY pieces are in the release. Molly’s Tea Party Loveseat comes in either PG or A versions.

Schoolgirl outfit PARADSIS (old)

Poses by: Diesel Works

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