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The Mystical Searcher

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Mystique and the search for knowledge come together on this quiet eve.

From Senzafine we have the Elaisse gown available in many lovely color combinations. It is of course long (well, you knew that I bet).  Find it along with other releases at The Mystic Realms Faire which opens sometime today.

And while you are waiting for that opening date, zip on over to the RMK Halloween event and try your luck at picking up this wonderful Spellcraft Book of Shadows. The gacha item is one of many redeemable prizes from the games and activities. The product is available at the market in town. There is more info on how that works here, or ask your Japanese friends.

Now you probably already spied the fantastic  Roawenwood stargazer’s telescope set. The details are superb. It can be yours on the Madpea Greenmire hunt. There are two paths on this hunt with Roawenwood being in the skeptics. Here is more info if you want to give it a try.

Poses by: Glitteratti (nla)

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The Renaissance Hunt

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

The Renaissance Hunt is underway. I didn’t have enough free time (busy busy busy) to do the whole hunt, but I did venture out to look at some of my favorite spots and came away with some lovely things.

* chair and table set (wine goblet gives wine) from Noctis
* Baelish Renaissance Cabinet and ceramics from Kismet
* rug from Spyralle

If you are feeling Joan of Arc ish, you can pick up this very nice helmet prize  at Chimeric Arts & Fashions.

This “Randir” Tunic Jacket from Senzafine comes in many colors and also for males. It is a great addition to your role play wardrobe (NOT a hunt item).

All the SLURLS are here:

You are looking for a small purple creature. You need to be within 10 meters when you click to get your prize.

Pose by oOo Studio

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Bits and Pieces

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Just a few things you might want to know about.

New out from Akeruka, gift skins for gals and guys. The version for the women didn’t set my heart aflutter, but the male present is great!  Now normally you need to be a group member to buy the dollarbie ‘group gifts’, but not this time. Even though the vendor SAYS group gift, anyone can purchase. Yeah!

There is a fun gacha event for the young — or maybe just the young at heart. “Where the Wild Things Are” combines open spaces, exploration and lots of animal motif goodies for you gambling pleasure. Sway’s has a full line of zoological goodness; my personal favorite the pink snake lamp!
There are some nice gifts around also.

This exceptionally nice swimsuit with tiny boy shorts is the gal’s prize on the Battle of the Sexes for HER Hunt. There is a nice shorts and tank set also in red for the guys. Find it at Sin Original, the first stop on the hunt.

My super comfy chair has both singles and couple’s poses and is available at the Cheeky Pea booth at Uber. Two color palettes and MANY pieces are in the release. Molly’s Tea Party Loveseat comes in either PG or A versions.

Schoolgirl outfit PARADSIS (old)

Poses by: Diesel Works

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Creations Park Hunt

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

Stroll through a parklike setting with winding paths and plenty of photo op spots and reap some rewards. There are twenty five gifts in all. My favorites are shown here but there are also clothes for gals, vehicles and the like.

Just follow the blue arrows to find the large boxes with touch to get presents. 

Read the notecard for the story behind the sim.

And here is your landmark.

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Red White Blue

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.


There is plenty of newness in the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] arena. Clothes, accessories and furniture can be found in a variety of venues this month. My personal favorite is the Travellers Clutch (many color combos) for L’accessories.  It comes with its own hold of course. I did a little sneaky blogger magic to get this shot.

You can find this My Grunge Corner console along with a steel ashtray and hanging banner at the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] main store. Out for a Dreaming Tree special, be quick like a bunny as you only have until Sunday Midnight.

Extra thanks to Manuel Ormidale who sends out one of the most complete and easy to use blogger notecards that I have seen!

My summery outfit is from abuu4her on the Starfish Hunt at Old Europe Village. There are a limited number of stalls but some nice gifts. Look for the VERY easy to find starfish and pick ups some summer clothes.

Hair by Vanity Hair
Pose by: oOo Studio

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Advent Hotlist – Day 23

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

OK. I admit it. While Bee did HER job in a timely manner, the blogger was sleeping in. But never fear a plethora of wonderfulness awaits you today.

On the Advent Hunt from LaRosa, this very lovely holiday gown. It comes with jewelry and nails. Small reindeer; large store, Bee says to look in a room with jewelry.

* EMO-tions – punky brown hair for girls, dragon earring for guys (or gals)

* Vivanne – handkerchief shirt in turquoise

* LC Fashion – a long skirt with COLOR CHANGING HUD

* Loordes of London – a simply gorgeous short dress don’t miss it.

In the home, garden and prop arena the winner is StoraxTree with this very pretty vintage set.  Oh, ALL the StoraxTree gifts will be available the 24th and 25th. So if you missed one, you will have a chance to pick it up.

With so many great things, I would check all the places but here are some of note:

* 22769 – small cabin skybox room with misty mountain view

* Abranimations – couples piggyback set (I don’t want to miss this)

* Fallen Angel – large white angel wings

* Ginza – tennis bracelet bangles in various colors

* KittyCats (Callie) – diamond kitty ears

* Kinzart – plushie for your collection

* Sway’s – Christmas fence (better check my answer list – very cute)

My advent list (you MUST have it bookmarked by now) is here:

Poses by: aDORKable

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25 for 25 January

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

This super cute color block dress can be yours for 25L if you find the red heart at :{MV}: on the 25 for 25 Hunt.

Also of note, this pretty necklace from .Luminary. and red vest from Cog & Fleur.

You have 24 more days to get your goodies.

Poses by: Diesel Works

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25 for 25 Take Two

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

More goodness on the 25 for 25 hunt, this accessories set from Le Poppycock includes fedora, tie and clutch bag.

The bookcase in the background is from Noble on the same hunt. It weighs in at 7 LI with all the books.

*New winter leggings (and over the knee socks) are out at KOSH. These can be tights or footless.  I REALLY needed new leggings and tights. After cleaning my inventory of things from many years past I was pretty much legging-less (is that a word? Well it should be!).  Many winter hued colors in the mix; nicely textures (hard to see here I know but trust me) in a nubby style. So head over and check those out.

Sweater antique.
Hair (great for hats) from Vanity Hair; After Dark

Pose by: LAP (nla)

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Black White and Pink

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I was wandering the hunt blogs last eve wondering if there was anything exciting enough to get me out and about. I saw this cute outfit on the Dark Lady Hunt; it was from Shey, a store I knew nothing about. I ventured over although I had no idea what the hunt object might be. I did have a hint from the blog though and that narrowed the looking area. It is a little red devil head — sort of mischievous looking. My prize was this cute dress with some lovely texturing. Shoes are included and stockings.

Now I am often too focused on searching to notice my surroundings, but this store caught my interest. I saw a good looking set on the group gift board. It wasn’t just a top and pants; it included boots AND a very nice skin.

Definitely a great first stop if you are a newish avatar; group membership is free. The hunt prize is a buck. What a deal.

Also in the news, vintage hairs (three in all) from Vanity Hair. These come with photo huds and are great for going back in time — or simply being a little different in THIS decade. The collection is called “Girls on Film” and this is number 3 in the star lineup.

No star is without jewels — I mean really! This very pretty necklace, earring and ring set is a January group gift from Sax Shepherd Designs. Simple but striking, the Spirit of Giving – Diamonds collection is sure to come in handy when you are in dress up mode.

And here is one more shot with the boots. I had fun playing in the pink light and the snow.

Poses by: Diesel Works

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Dark Lady Hunting

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

I went out on the Dark Lady Hunt again this eve. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really do the hunt — I simply perused the photos of prizes to choose where I would look. Not a lot of time these days. Good that some folks put their prizes in the list so those of us that wouldn’t ordinarily search — DO.

This outfit is a mix of three prizes. The outfit is from Pekas and includes a very nice mesh jumpsuit as well as role play attire.

Here is a closer picture sans role play additions. 

The horns and hair (separate items) hale from LaNoir Soleil Designs. Well made and definitely dangerous.

These boots from Seven Exits are very nice and come with a resize hud. I had to use a different alpha layer than that provided, but I suspect most of you have some “short boot alphas” hanging around somewhere.

Now I honestly don’t see how this lovely dress fits into the theme, but do I care? Nope. Very pretty; I am sure I have a couple of friends who definitely want this. Find it at *FashionNatic*.

Hair by Mina; see previous post.

Poses by: Diesel Works

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