Fabulous Virtual Jewelry for Ladies & Gents!

Summerfest Quick Tour

I have already shown you some great items from Summerfest but I actually got OVER there Sunday morning not long after dawn. With only twenty people in the sim it was still — well let’s be politically correct and call it viewer intensive. Still after a few stalls and one crash I made it through the event. And the event is SO CUTE!

Small beach huts make up the shops. Bright yellow skies surround the venue. Everything is out in the open and easy to see (hence the lag).

There is pretty much something for everyone from accessories to hair and skins and furniture.

And there are plenty of niche items and I love NICHE.

My suggestion based on my experience is to wait a little while longer until crowds slow down a bit more, go early or late and most likely NOT on the weekend – LOL. Right click and derender avatars; you have the power  — and of course turn off shadows and lower your draw distance.

Summer Hunting

Ready for some hunting? Try the Storaxtree furniture and decor hunt starting tomorrow!

SUMMER SUN Hunt July 1 – July 31
25 exclusive items – these items will not be available again.
1 L  ( one linden) per item

Here are just a few of the items to be found. Some great stuff. If you have a home, this is a hunt for you.
Here is your taxi!  Have fun.

Dreamy Val

New from Ducknipple, the Fuka School Uniform with hud. Lots and Lots of colors to choose from, the top and skirt can be worn separately and in different hues if you so choose.

Out today for The Neighborhood, Val’s Fort from Cheeky Pea.   A short list of animations include ones for couples.

Hair NLA

Poses by: the fort

Beach Days

Here are some more great releases from the Summer Fashion Festival.

.::WoW Skins::. Azzurra Darktan (other tones available – many appliers)
* B&W – DIVINA Sunglasses – SFF2014 (Exclusive) I SO LOVE THESE!
* Rir Hibiscus Bikini (really gorgeous textures with just the right amount of silky shine)

Hair by MINA

Pose by: Everglow

Sea Nymph


Summerfest 2014 just opened as I type. It is of course full and I am a patient gal. So by the time you read this, it will likely be smoother sailing.

The poses shown here are from the festival,  “flowey . the water is fine” set. These are wonderful additions to your pose collection; perfect for swimming and of course MERMAIDS!  The poses come in two heights which is handy if you don’t want to deal with pose balls or can’t rez where you are taking photos.

My attire includes the BAIASITCE Caprice Monokini, also available at Summerfest. Lots of yummy colors to choose from, of course.

This retro swim cap is from Vanity Hair and can be found at the Summer Fashion Festival. It is tintable via hud into any color you need. I had a swim cap similar to this in my youth. I was VERY proud of it! 

Poses by: flowey

Desert Song

Bliensen + MaiTai’s – Gustav hat is a show stopper.  Earrings come with the set but I didn’t want to detract from the lines of this lovely headpiece.

Find it at Art in Hats

If you need a new partnering dress, the …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Summer Nights maxi dress is perfect. Not only that, it is the BDR gift at the Summer Fashion Festival.

Wait, there’s more. It comes with a pattern changing hud in four color combos. Now? Go!

Poses by: VAIN (nla)

Water World

Tropical scenes are most always romantic. Warm breezes, cool waters, the smell of plumeria and orchids ….


Also from the festival, the .:TBOHome:. Acuatic lounge with fire pit. Four couch – bed – loungers circle the conversation area. The central wooden area offers plenty of space for food and other accessories.

And — if you need some coordinating sandals, the  Whitsundays’ Resort Sandals from Eclectica can be found at L’accessories!  Lots of other pretty colors these can be rezzed as decor; they weigh in at a mere 1 land impact each and fit Slink flat feet.

Fantasy in Teal


Out slightly late to the Genre party as I understand it, !dM deviousMind’s “Arabesque” encompasses both romance and seduction. There are plenty of colors to choose from. I picked teal. The textures are gorgeous with just the right amount of shine to be convincing.This is a FITTED mesh garment. Flat gals like me will need to endow themselves a tad *wink*.

 My armband hales from .aisling. at the Tales of Fantasy Gacha event.

 There are many pieces to collect, in silver as well as gold.

The TOF venue is quite impressive with materials in evidence so turn on that advanced lighting if you can.

It is a rich and rewarding shopping experience!

Hair by eXxEsS
Nails by FLAIR
Poses by: LAP (nla)

Island Living

There is something romantic about island living. Caribbean, Mediterranean or South Pacific are my top picks.  The nights are warm and beckon us towards the seas.

An exclusive release for the Summer Fashion Festival, Terra from GAALL& MOONSHADOW is a complete long skirted set including jewelry and Slink mid sandals. Taxi.

When I tried this on, I immediately went searching for some Discord Designs braids. I found a most likely discontinued by now hair that I purchased three years ago. Still a great style and a fitting look.

Just as I was getting ready to take this shot amidst palms and sands,  Sway’s [Pantai] Beach Hut arrived. I of course had to unpack it.  You can find it at TLC which has the theme this month of Bali — perfect for summer.  A beach set is also available.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works

Summer in the City

Hot nights. City streets. What’s a girl to do?

Frozen treats are always good and being color coordinated with the cart is a plus.

The .: LIKE DESIGN :. Country Belt Dress comes in a variety of summery colors and is beautifully textured for up close and personal viewing. Find it at the Summer Fashion Festival. Taxi.

If you are good little shoppers you recognize this ice cream cart — well it roots anyway. This is the newly updated version of the popular {what next}  Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart. It is now pink and green and boasts lots of accessories as well as temp rez frozen goodies via dispenser.

Hair by MINA
Nails by FLAIR
Pose by: aDORKable