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Map kawaii Fair 2012

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Kawaii Fair 2013

The 2th annual kawaii Fair
Date: 12 – 26 April.
Application Open for Designers & Bloggers


Halloween Party 2012-08-10 13:55:00

Halloween Party
01-07 October

It’s Halloween! Let’s get out? Request trick or treating?
Wear your coolest costume, for the night will be magical.
It’s Halloween. One of the most celebrated days by the Americans and Canadians of the year, but is also famous in Ireland and the UK - where this whole story began. On the streets, costumed children and adults asking, “Trick or Treat?
The origin of Halloween brings us the traditions of the peoples who inhabited some islands of the United Kingdom between the years 600 BC and 800 AD, although with some differences from the current Pumpkins or the famous phrase “Trick or treat”, exported by the United States, who popularized the celebration. Originally, Halloween was not related to witches. It was a festival of Irish Celtic calendar, the festival of Samhain, celebrated between October 30 and November 2 and marked the end of summer.
The ratio of the celebration of this date with the witches themselves have begun in the Middle Ages, when men and women were persecuted for political and religious leaders, being led to trial by the Inquisition, in order to condemn those who were considered healers or pagan. All who were the subject of this complaint was considered a wizard or witch, with high negative and pejorative sense, should be tried by the court and, in most cases.
And in second life?
Several designers will join, showing the style of your brand.
It will be a fun party and everyone is invited.

Read the rules and join us 

***Just You Jewels *** – Sponsor Interview

 ***Just You Jewels ***

Vanity: What is the origin of the name of your store?
***Just You Jewels ***: My store’s name has been found when I was in association with Typha Bayley’s brand “Just Me” (closed now because she left sl)

Vanity: What is your inspiration?
***Just You Jewels ***: Love, beauty, body, sensuality, life…everything can give me inspiration. I love create jewels. Create jewels represent my desires, my needs too. The jewelry is primarily the representation of a general state of mind, a representation of our soul and our sensitivity. Fashion and jewels in general are the only thing we can show like qualification of what we are (and than people can see without know us)

Vanity: Define your brand in a few words:
***Just You Jewels ***: With its fine jewelry & Fashion for women and men, the unique style of ***Just You Jewels*** makes you dream …
Wear Just You jewelry is guaranteed to stand out wherever you are ….
Quality, accuracy and originality are the hallmarks

Vanity: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
***Just You Jewels ***: New items and a big surprise “fashion”. always low prices, because everyone should be able to have fun her

GlamDammit – Sponsor Interview


[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
GlamDammit: We had a business meeting which usually involves lazing around on a beach somewhere, flung names at each other and came up with GlamDammit because we both like glitter and colour and we’d like to give our customers a bit of Glam, damn it!

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
GlamDammit: Visual Kie, Glam Rock, Anything Bowie and a fervent desire to make and wear unique clothing.  Its also inspiring to work along side Mozart, making clothing that inspires his jewelry and vice versa.”
Mozart says, “I look at fashion magazines and catwalk shows on the Internet and then add my own sparkle. Sometimes I’ll go back in history via books or articles and conjure up a modern take on ancient art and crafts.  It’s true that we often inspire each other. Lexi does some marvelous piece of clothing and suddenly a jewelry idea comes to mind.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
GlamDammit: Glam, unique, fun, flamboyant, colorful and outrageously under priced!

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
GlamDammit: We promise to deliver that essence of Glam which is a combination of an effortless appearance and a intrinsic vanity which can’t be beaten.

Sweet Distractions -Sponsor Interview

Sweet Distractions

[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
Sweet Distractions: I used to role play in another game and my friends in there used to say that my character was a sweet distraction. I guess I think of her when I’m designing so the name fits.

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
Sweet Distractions: Originally, I decided to design clothing for myself because most of the clothing I found here in SL was either black latex, black leather, or completely unrealistic and revealing. I love when women dress sexy but still look classy. Most of my inspiration comes from real life. I may see a dress in a shop and pick something about it to build on here in SL. Oh! And color is a huge inspiration for me.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
Sweet Distractions: Sexy. Classy. Glamour. Eclectic. Fun!

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
Sweet Distractions: I promise 3 brand new designs that showcase what our brand is all about.

[Chloe] – Interview


[Vanity]: What is the origin of the name of your store?
[Chloe]: I wanted a name that people remember, but to leave the brand with glamor, so I found a French store with this name Chloé

[Vanity]: What is your inspiration?
[Chloe]: Stores for which I have great admiration in and out of sl.

[Vanity]: Define your brand in a few words:
[Chloe]: Sensuality, glamor, style and finesse

[Vanity]: What your store promises to Vanity Fair?
[Chloe]: Promises to show a side of glamor and sexiness for all tastes and styles.

CHANDELLE, Exclusivy, .::CENSORED::.

All items 0-15L. Enjoy!!

Color Blocking Hunt 2012-04-24 09:25:00

Countdown Kawaii Fair 2012

 01-14 - Sponsors kawaii - Stores Reserved
 01-54Choose the place, first come first

 0 - Bazaar kawaai-  Each designer can purchase the 0L, 2 vendor in Bazaar kawaii. Each item in the Bazaar kawaii can be sold for 1L to 10L. No FREE, only 1-10L !!!! 

Kawaii Bazaar is located in a strategic place of the land, to make customers walk all over the place. We seek the cooperation of all the designers to put quality products, helping to publicize the event and your brand.

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Suicide Dollz Bi-Weekly Event

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This Week in Second Life®

12:00 am Designer Showcase
Designer Showcase
Apr 1 @ 12:00 am – Apr 29 @ 11:45 pm
Designer Showcase
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12:00 am Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Apr 13 @ 12:00 am – Apr 26 @ 11:45 pm
Cosmopolitan Sale Room
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12:00 am L’accessoires
Apr 15 @ 12:00 am – May 9 @ 11:45 pm
We are proud to announce a brand new concept in Second Life: L’accessoires! This event is brought to you by Groupe Le PonPon and [...]
12:00 am The Feeling of the Words
The Feeling of the Words
Apr 15 @ 12:00 am – Apr 30 @ 11:45 pm
The Feeling of the Words @ The Feeling
12:00 am LIKE Sales Room
LIKE Sales Room
Apr 17 @ 12:00 am – Apr 30 @ 11:45 pm
LIKE Sales Room
  RULES FOR  DESIGNERS:- ->  LIKE Sales Room will be held every two weeks (Bi-weekly).  A new round begins every 1st and 3rd Thursday [...]
12:00 am Hello Tuesday
Hello Tuesday
Apr 22 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm
Hello Tuesday
For more information about the weekly street party and sale, please visit:  
12:00 am The Collage
The Collage
Apr 23 @ 12:00 am – May 7 @ 11:45 pm
The Collage
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