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The Greek Isle Gacha – Some Previews From Homestuff Designers!

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Greek Isle Gacha logo

Hi gang!  As you probably already know, the Greek Isle Gacha event is coming up, and will be open for the whole month of August.  While the machines aren’t available for you to play yet, I thought I should give you a look at the lovely stuff our Homestuff vendors have in store for you.  So step into my skybox, and let’s have a peek!

Serendipity Designs Gacha Prize 1

Here is the Serendipity Designs “Couples Hang Out Chair”: it’s not just for couples, though, as there’s about a dozen poses for a couple… and then another dozen or so for the guys, and then another dozen or so for the gals!  Also, this item includes the stack of books and the lamp sitting to the left of the chair.  Pictured above is the Indigo color: there are a lot of textures for the cushions on this one!  I particularly liked the “Skulls N Roses R”, so I got another pic of this one for you to see:
greek isles homestuff 1.5

The little lamp on the book stack is coordinated with the colors of the cushions (as you can see here).  There’s a wealth of poses in these, and at L$ 100 each, they’re well worth it!

The next item I have to share with you are the Helena chairs from {Sickly SWEET}; there are several colors of these as well, and a bunch of poses for avatars of both genders, too.  They have a cute mid-century modern shape, and some really great colors and textures.  Here’s the white one:
Sickly Sweet Helena Chair (White)

and here’s me using the purple one with the white one in the foreground.  The exterior of the chair’s textured as plywood- just like you’d expect from one you found at an antique store in the real world.
Helena chair (purple)

Next we have the DaD Designs ‘Sophia Daybed’.  This one comes in several colors- as well as a rare that color-changes to all of the colors.

DaD Designs Sophia Daybed
There are poses galore here, as well as some nice color options:
DaD Designs - Sophia Daybed

LOK’s did a whole suite of furniture- a kitchen, a dining area,
greek isles homestuff 6

(and yes, the laptop is generated with the pose for using it!), a bed, dresser, chair, and my favorite, the coatrack:
LOK Designs - Chair and coat rack

If you look close on the shelf of the coatrack, you can also see the rare from Satus Designs, the ‘Modern Cube Clock – Carbon Nanotube’.
Lastly (for this post, anyway!) we have the O.N.E. Queen of Hearts chairs, in ‘BkRED’, ‘Skull Candy’, and ‘Voodoo (RARE)’.  They aren’t very me and yet I love them- the candy skull details are just terrific, and coming up on timely with Dia de los Muertos coming up.

O.N.E. Queen of Hearts chairs

Aaaand do I look exhausted in that last pose (which is one of the roughly a dozen in all of these chairs)?  Because that was a LOT to blog!

My thanks to all the designers who are participating, and I intend to show off more of the goods you guys have out for us!

A SLURL will be coming in the near future for the event.  Also, shoppers- if you got two of the Lok’s ‘HS Studio Table’ (for instance), and were hoping you could find someone to trade your prize with to get the ‘HS Studio Coat Rack’?  Ask on the ‘stuff channels!  Talk amongst yourselves, trade with one another! Honestly, one of my favorite things about gacha events is trading things I don’t need two of to people who want them.

I hope you all enjoy the Greek Isle Gacha event- there’s a lot of terrific stuff that’s going to be there, and at these low prices, it’s hard to argue!


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‘stuff’s got Gacha!

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Greek Isle Gacha logo

August 1st – August 31st
Yeah, you read it right! The ‘stuff groups are putting together The Greek Isle Gacha Event! Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff designers have come together for this event and it looks to be nothing short of AMAZING!

A special thanks to the dance troupe of Dance Xcetera for the donation of the land. For more information about the group and upcoming performances, click here or contact Wild1210 Catnap or DJ Barracuda. We would also like to thank Ander Galthie, owner of Galthie’s Designs, for giving us such a fantastic build for the event! Last but not least, we thank art director AlexAvion Resident for all the pretty!

Dance Xcetera - Large Logo Galthie Designs Logo 512

And now a word from our sponsors…
* Ashmoot * bauwerk – 22769 * Black Label Menswear * Blue Moon Enterprise * Brocade Tiger * Curvalicious * DaD Design * Dead Dollz * Follow Us * GD Designs * Glam Dreams * GLITTER * Hanaya * Harmony Designs * Hayabusa Design * HEYDRA * HUMANOID ANIMATIONS * Kink * Lacuna * PEER * PeKaS Design * Pure Poison * RD Style * Sickly SWEET * Sky * Stone Misery * Trinite * Warm Animations * X-Sight *

Save up your lindens, ladies and gents! All machines will either be 50L or 100L.

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The Summer Collection from Elegant Environs

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Hello all!  A new set of goods from Elegant Environs brings me to the blog today, for I’ve got everything you might want for your summer entertaining.  Where should we start?

malcolm grill 1

The grill seems the right place to start for an afternoon and evening’s summer fun, don’t you think?  The Malcolm Grill comes with solo grill animations (as pictured above), a few couples ones (as not pictured above), a drinks cooler, and a whole MESS of food.

malcolm grill accessories

I didn’t have room for the watermelon slices!  But there’s a lot of food, as you can see.  So what do you do with yourself after you get your food? Well, you go to the dinner table, don’t you.

dining pavillion 1

This is the Avon dining pavilion (the brick wall in the background isn’t part of the pavilion! That’s the stairwell up from my skybox).  Seats six, and each place setting has a selection of various dishes…

dining pavillion 2

both entrees and desserts (I picked a few of each, for this photo).  There’s also several animations built into each chair.  Over in the corner near the table we also have a bar…

dining pavillion 3

A lovely little corner to dine in, isn’t it?  But maybe you’re not in the mood for dinner; maybe you’d rather sunbathe in a hammock?

Nadine, the creator at Elegant Environs, has you covered.  Couples and solo animations in the hammock supply you with dozens of options on where to sit and how.

hammock 1

Here’s my friend Khaya and I (hi, Khaya!) showing a bit of the couples poses available on the lovely Monifa Hammock. There are, quite literally, more animations than I’d ever have expected: Nadine really doesn’t skimp on those.  Or on the natural gestures of them.

Here’s another bit of group animation: the Romantic Picnic Basket.  The whole thing starts out just as the picnic basket, but one lets the lady sit and…

picnic basket 1

This one’s for drinking wine (for some reason SL wouldn’t let us attach the objects, darnit!): the gestures are slow and measured, and smooth as well: it looks like two people who are intimate, having a glass of wine.  This is just one of the poses in the picnic basket; there’s many more!

And lastly, there’s the lovely little Mya Cozy Cabana.  A nice place to curl up after a long day with your feet up before the fire and (if SL would’ve let me) a glass of wine:

cabana 2

Pretty nice stuff, huh?  It’s all available at Elegant Environs; just click the store name and spend away!

Keep your eyes open, too: soon, I’ll be blogging some of the goodies from the forthcoming Greek Isles Gacha festival that the ‘Stuff groups are putting on all through August!

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Some Homestuff gifts from the ‘Stuff Lounge

Original post @ Homestuff.

While you might not know about it, there’s a Lounge where the ‘Stuff designers (meaning: the Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff designers) have gifts out for the group members.  You slap on your group tag, you click on the boxes where the gift’s creators are named, and you leave with some lovely goodies for around the house!

There is some truly terrific stuff out already, and more to come: you should swing by and pick these up.

Homestuff goodies 1

This console table, orchid, lamp, statuettes and artwork are all a set that Ishtari Design has been kind enough to offer for you.  The thing that this first photo doesn’t quite capture is the level of crisp detail in the textures. Here’s a closer look:

homestuff goodies 1a

I really like these orchids a lot-  odds are high these will stick around for a while!  Next items we’ve got are these:
Homestuff goodies 2

The painting hanging to the right is from The Bitten Prim, the lamp on the right is from Domus, the chair is the Sedona Wing Chair by Galland Homes, and the clock on the left is the Kimpa Tammas Japanese clock.  Again: all are gifts from the Homestuff designers for you!

Homestuff goodies 3

The plant and chairs are the gift in this photo: Oddz~n~Endz put together the Winter Holiday Chair (hers) and (his) for you to set up in your home, along with the Winter Holiday Silver Tree.  The chairs each have 5 poses, and the tree sits around looking silvery and pretty. :)
homestuff goodies 4

The Kostal Living ‘.: Koastal :. Vintage Radio’ was also in that photo, but I thought it was a good idea to look a little closer.  This comes with a bunch of pre-set stations for your listening pleasure: just rezz it up and give it a click!

homestuff goodies 5

The starkly black-and-red bed is from eXplicite Designs, and is the ‘Homestuff CUDDLE BED’.  There’s four solo poses in it, and eight couple poses.

Now we go out onto the patio, for there’s a couple gifts that are meant for out there!

homestuff goodies 6

Follow Us did this lovely bench, which has a good batch of animations built in , and Aphrodite did the hot chocolate holidays tray that’s next to the bench.  There’s also a beach towel

homestuff goodies 7

from Rosengarten, which comes with several poses built in for your pleasure.  And finally, we come to the last:

homestuff goodies 8

The ‘Mesh Garden Bench – Emerald (5 anims)’ from RnB Designs.
Really some great stuff in the lounge: I cannot recommend visiting highly enough!  You can get to the ‘Stuff lounge by clicking here.  I hope this whets your appetite for the MEGAstuff hunt that’s coming up in March!

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Some Homestuff gifts from the MEGAstuff hunt!

Original post @ Homestuff.

Hello everyone!  I know I haven’t posted in ages, but there is a good reason.  In case you did not know, the MEGAstuff Hunt is coming up on the first of March!  Now, what’s a MEGAstuff hunt?
Normally, you’ll hear about the Womenstuff hunt being in the offing, or the Menstuff hunt going on right now, or that you just missed the Homestuff hunt.  For March, however, we’re doing something a little different: all three groups are going to have a hunt running at the same time! We’re calling it the MEGAstuff hunt because, well, it’s mega!

After the cut are a few of the gifts from the designers on the hunt: I’ll put up some more in a bit!

One thing I’ve found, going through the promo copies I’ve gotten, is that there’s a surprising amount of stuff that goes well with gifts from another vendor.  Here’s one example:

homestuff crate and coffeetable

The crate chair on the left is from Elegant Environs, and comes with several different poses for your pleasure while your avatar’s sitting on it.  On the right, we have the DECO Coffee Table’ that Sophie’s Choice is offering to hunters.
I was kind of tickled to find that these two items seemed so complementary to one another, and figured I’d try out finding some other pairings.  Here’s the “Elena – Hall Table” that Stone Misery’s set out for you hunters.  All the items on the bottom shelf of the table are packaged up with it, as well, so you can have some readymade tchotchkes!

homestuff table

And the next hunt gift that I unpacked was the Elegant Goth “Leather Formal Chair – Black”, which really wowed me with the textures:

homestuff chair

This chair also comes with a stack of animations in it.  Now how do these two things work together, you might wonder? Well…

seated in chair

You’d think they were intended to go together, wouldn’t you?
One thing I really love about Homestuff is the talented creators of flora that the group includes.  While I don’t own a parcel at present, I still enjoy playing around with a garden in SL (you never have to wash up after, you never have to weed, and the plants stay in bloom all year round!).  Hayabusa’s gift to us hunters was aimed squarely at my love of gardening.  There’s a low cherry plant, and what my eye thinks is a zelkova tree, photographed here with a fountain from a prior Homestuff hunt (which I STILL have sitting around in my home: every time I have people over, someone says they love it!):

hayabusa plants

The branches of cherry blossoms are exactly what my koi pond needed.  those two items are the “MKX New Composite tree” (in the back) and the “MKO Tree B for Flower M10 v3-1 tf-2″ (in the front), and again; they’re packaged together.

Sometimes, of course, trying to put things together makes you wind up with things that are both terrific but which do not really fit together.  The DaD Design “Cactus Pouff” set seats up to 6 avatars in six different poses!  And… doesn’t quite go with cherry blossoms, hahaha:

pins & needles

but the cactus make me wish I had a desert sim to give them somewhere they really would fit in.

One last view of my patio, with the idea in mind of sharing how truly big (and truly pretty!) the tree from Hayabusa is:

hayabusa tree

All of that’s Homestuff vendor gifts from the MEGAstuff hunt, starting in about, oh… 11 hours and 9 minutes from now!  If you’re not sure how to find the hunt, scroll up and click on the bar at the top where it says ‘Hunters’! :)
Hope you all have fun with the hunt, and please be nice to the vendors: everybody’s spent a lot of time and effort getting their hunt items together!

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More Homestuff gifts from the MEGAstuff hunt!

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So I’ve dug out a couple more items from the hunt to share with you today.  First we have a beanbag chair from Pestique, which I had to give a go because I have fond memories, as a child, of a beanbag chair I grew up with.  Here’s the one that Pestique has to offer: it’s got seven poses built in (all intended for two), a texture change for the beanbag, and a couple of cats playing on the rug nearby!

pestique bag o' cats

The shelf I’m looking up at is the Fabuleux prize for the hunt, the “I love my Home Deco Shelf”.  Cute piece of work: I love the textures on it!

Then there’s the IDC gift: the Oceanside Dinette.  I took this one up to the roof, as outdoors seemed more appropriate:

IDC Oceanside set

Two chairs that each have 9 animations in for each gender (male or female), and a bowl of fruit that offers various pieces of fruit for you to nibble on, like this orange half:

idc oceanside pose

Terrific items both!  There’s more to come, too: you should, if you’re interested in these, visit the Homestuff hunters’ page for the MEGAstuff hunt, and get started hunting!

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Megastuff Hunt Gifts from Homestuff – Sickly SWEET and [domus]

Original post @ Homestuff.

Hello gang!  I’ve got photos of two more gifts from the Homestuff portion of the MEGAstuff hunt, going on now all around the grid!

Sickly SWEET 1

Today’s gifts are the Olivia Stool, Sidetable and Vase from Sickly SWEET, and the [domus] Chest of Drawers, as photographed above.

The stool has 4 different poses built into it that are unisex; the side table and the plant have no poses built in, but look at how pretty they are!

Sickly SWEET 2

This table is definitely destined for a long life around Chez Pevensey: I have too many little knick-knacks in my skybox that need somewhere like this.

[domus] has a chest of drawers that I’m quite impressed with too – you saw it above, but here it is closer up, where you can appreciate the really fine texture work that the creator has done:

Sickly SWEET 3

There’s a lot of fine detail to this piece: I love how the designer chose to give us a piece of somewhat rustic unfinished wood furniture.

All of these are available from our Homestuff designers who are participating in the MEGAstuff hunt!  You can find hints for the object location and SLURLs over here.
Since someone asked earlier today: the hunt object is a brown sculpted T-shirt that says ‘homestuff’ on the chest.
Happy hunting!

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MEGAstuff hunt goodies – homestuff edition!

Original post @ Homestuff.

Akito has done such a bang-up job of showing us what the Womenstuff leg of the hunt had to offer, I felt like I ought to show you some of what’s available on the hunt as well!

I’d brought you a few of the items before (go back through a few entries to see these); but now, here’s a few more items from the front half of the Homestuff hunt.  All of these can be picked up for L$ 1 each (and some are free, as well!).

arbor chair

Dekute Dekore did this bench: there’s a number of poses for couples and for individuals in it.  The texturing is just great, too.

asymm chairs

This whole set’s your hunt gift from Potpourri Designs Furniture: Asymmetrical Chairs (left and right), Pink Flower Light, and Pink Tree in Silver Frame. Great for a ‘modern’ look, I thought…

leather pouffes

These two ottomans come from the hunt, along with the low table between them.  They’re from RnB and have a bunch of charming animations built in.

cookies couch

The Cookies n’ Cream Sofa comes from Lok’s Low Prim Furnishings; it comes with a good batch of poses too!

coffee sign

What goes better with cookies and cream than a nice cup of coffee?  The Coffeology sign is from PBM Mesh Decor, and as a devotee of the bean, I felt it needed a place of honor in my home.

And of course, there’s also the fun of setting up a scene with a whole lot of different items! Here’s my back patio:

back patio

All the goods you see here are from Homestuff vendors (including the skybox, from Barnesworth Anubis, though not a hunt item).  They are:
Wall Hanging: [Sheds n Shacks] Mesh Wall Sun
coffee table: Potomac Signature Homes ‘Side table with lanterns’
packing chest couch: .: Koastal :. Costa Verde Travelling Case
tea tray: kittycat’s creations’ ‘Cream Tea Trolley’

That isn’t everything in the first 30 items by a long shot!  There’s plenty of other great stuff there, too- I love the creativity of the Bauwerk Angelic chair, as an example. If you’re realizing you missed out on picking up some good stuff, you can find the hunt over here!

I’ll bring you some more items from the hunt tomorrow.  Happy hunting!!

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Happy Easter from Circa and shutter field

Original post @ Homestuff.

Circa has a whole raft of new things out for the spring holidays, and I thought that if you were wondering what decor your home needs, I ought to share them!

egg birdhouse

Here’s the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Bird House Stand – Spring (S.E.)’ from Circa: it comes with the field of white flowers around the base, as well as the pile of eggs.  The bunny rabbit and basket down in front are the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Carrot Basket – Easter Ed.’ also available at Circa.  The oranges in the crate at the left are part of a group gift from shutter field, the ‘box of oranges’.

egg table

Shutter field did TWO boxes of fruit as group gifts; on the right in this picture is the ‘box of apples’.  There’s also the shutter field ‘rustic coffee stool’ group gift, pictured in the center, and then the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Display Folding Table – Violet’from Circa.  (The Humpty Dumpty egg cup (the chair, up on the table) isn’t from one of the Homestuff designers, and is long out of production, but it seemed to need to be here).  Also, we have the egg candles that Cherelle’s whipped up- those needed a little bit of a close up.

egg candles

Cute, aren’t they?

Lastly, there’s the gorgeous ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Spring Trellis Decor – Easter Ed.’ that Circa also offers at their store: it comes complete with a butterfly lazily fluttering around above the planter box.

egg trellis

You can pick all of these items up at Circa’s shop, here – or at shutter field, here - and have your house all ready for Peter Cottontail to come hopping down the bunny trail.

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The Greek Isle Gacha Event is coming!

Original post @ Homestuff.

Dear Designers,

Welcome to the Greek Isle Gatcha event! We will be including all three ‘stuff groups for your shopping pleasure – Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff!

When: August 1st – August 31st

Sponsor Package
♦ Your logo prominently displayed in all marketing material.
♦ A Gacha machine with script
♦ 10 Prims
♦ Premium vendor space
♦ Your vendor spot near the landing spot
♦ Blog Advertisement
♦ Logo displayed on all stuff websites.
♦ Advertising in stuff groups
= $ 5000L

These spaces will sell out very fast – act now!
Email Ivy Maverick with your name, the name of your store, and which group(s) you would like to sponsor.
[email protected]

Store Package
♦ Your logo prominently displayed
♦ A Gacha machine with script
♦ 3 extra prims
= $ 2000

This is an event that will sell out fast – act now!

• 25 spots available for Homestuff
• 50 spots available for Menstuff
• 75 spots available for Womenstuff

Approved vendors will be required to have AT LEAST 6 items in the machine – the number and ratio of rares is at the designer’s discretion. All prims must fit within the assigned vendor space. One machine per vendor.

Deadline for applications is July 20th, 11:59 PM SLT. Vendors will be notified no later than July 25th if the application has been accepted (or not) for the event. Once you have been accepted you will be given further instructions and asked that you pay MENstuff Resident your entry fee. DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED. Refunds will not be given.


Menstuff Gacha Application

Womenstuff Gacha Application

Homestuff Gacha Application
-=The ‘stuff Team=-

For questions, contact Ahn (SkinTrader Greyskin) or Lily Pussycat
Potential sponsors, please email Ivy at [email protected]

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