Hurting Light

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Men’s purgatory rings Coming tomorrow to Project limited!

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Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Tone 5 – Natural (the mens dept)
Eyes: Amacci Mesh Eye
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Carter (Save to date Event)
Scarf: ::K:: Long Scarf Homme Noir
Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4
Rings: {Scene} Purgatory – Limited Edition (Save to date Event)


Alon Alphaville

(Hot SL Pixels)

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Erotigacha 2 – Sinful Summer Participants

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The following stores are signed up for Erotigacha 2!  Starting Aug 1!

Digital DeZines
The Spirit World
Niekra’s Dreams
D&G Fashions
Faster Pussycat
Warm Animations
Sugar & Cyanide
Syn With Me
LVS and Co.
Scorpio13 Designs
Rack Poses
Always Creative
Serendipity Designs
!Chop Shop!
The Slut Shop
Pretty Kitty Design
Dew Me Furniture
Free Bird
Red Queen Designs
Rook Poses
Sassy Lovely
Vibe Inc.
Distorted Dreams
Flaws and All
Forever Fated
Wicked Peach
Can’dee May
Divalicious Designs
QE Designs
Strokerz Toyz
Rule 34
Death Row Designs
Elysian Arousal

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Scene! Hits the Grid!

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Tired of trying to fit yourself into a fashion ‘category’ that just doesn’t seem to fit you, it’s too mainstream? too blah or just generally too conformative?!

Scene! is the brand that is going to change all that. Thinking outside of the box, pushing the boundaries of style and fashion, we are here to help you explore your personality and mold your sl to fit your style. With a little bit of everything, we can guarantee you will find something to drool over!

Guys… Don’t worry we are missing you out either. Scene! is not going to be yet another brand that caters purely to the ladies. There are products in our pipeline to keep you happy as well! Anyway enough fuss and blather. The best way to find out what we are all about?! Click the image below and come on over and check us out!!


cropped-pt_scene_logo.pngScene! Because fashion should always be about YOU!

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Scene! new releases!

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We are proud to announce the grand opening to Scene!
All of our products are Exclusive Original Mesh!

We’ve released two brand new items. Each one comes with our
very own unique power hud with multiple texture options!
Both are fitted for SLink!

Scene! Deliciously Strapped Gloves-Slink Hands-w/Power HUD
Fitted for SLink Casual, Elegant, Elegant 1.



Scene! Skull Heels For SLink High Feet w/Power Hud
Fitted for High Feet.

Join our Scene Group! FREE! Receive 10% Credit with every purchase!
Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to SceneSL Resident.
Ride to Scene!

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P&T Hunts group—hunts

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December 2013

October 2013

August 2013
June 2013
April 2013
Febuary 2013
December 2012
October 2012
August 2012
June 2012
April 2012

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Scene! Hello to Project Limited!

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Sooo Excited! We got the BEST news EVER!!!!
Our brand new store, Scenesl was just accepted into Project Limited!!!!
We’re stocking the shelves with all brand new Exclusive Original mesh!

Hop on over and like our facebook page to keep updated on events and new releases!
Project Limited is an exclusive, Twice Yearly event hosted by Depraved Nation. This event brings 50 of SecondLife’s top designers together to show off their work in a truly unique way. Participating stores will release unique, limited edition items and once they are sold out they are gone forever!


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Red Heat Hunt Feb 2014

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Red Heat Hunt

Running out of Time Hunt

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Make A Scene

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Checkout this amazing blog from the gorgeous kaliki!! Showing off our items with amazing style! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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Oh my goodness!! Sooo much to tell you all!!!! So let me start with the basics, this is a quick throw together from several of the events going on.

Now let me get to something I am beyond excited to tell you about!!


So lemme tell you about Scenes, if you have me added on fb you have seen for the last week the teasers of the skull heels … well this is the store in which created them !! Scene is a brand new store that will be nothing but all original mesh. No templates! They just opened their doors today so make sure you get your asses down there and grab the items in which I am about to show you! Both come with an amazing power hud,  the options are fucking AMAZINGGGG!!!

Also I am rocking the dress from D-Style at Krave so make sure you…

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It’s a Makeover …

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Scene-avril shadow & Liner

Scene! Avril Liner & Shadow v1 & v2

Brand new and instore now!

2 versions – Two toned ans single tone – ten colour packs!

{Scene} Avril shadow&liner makeupdisplay

{Scene} Avril shadow&linerv2 makeupdisplay

Scene! Glitter Nails – SLink Avatar Enhancement

Brand new and instore now! SLink nails!

Includes both Toes and Finger Polishes!

Scene! Glitter Finger Nails - SLink Avatar Enhancement HUD - Ad

Scene! Funky Skulls Finger Nails - SLink Avatar Enhancement Ad

Ride to Scene!

Join our Scene Group! FREE! Receive 10% Credit with every purchase!

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April 2014

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P&T Hunts celebrating turning 2 years old!

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