Have you Uncovered Buried yet?

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BURIED has proved to one of MadPea’s most successful games to date and there is still chance for you to play before it closes on the 31st March.

There are 25 prizes to collect after solving clues all around the grid at some of the best and most well known stores in Second Life.

For only 300L$ you could have hours of fun with friends solving the mystery of the disappearance of famous writer Lily Moreno. 

But that’s not all. Featured above and below are just a small selection of the prizes. 

  • [noctis] +abandoned caboose – this gorgeously textured caboose comes with a number of high quality animations. Perfect to live in or to decorate any sim.
  • Cheeky Pea – Twinkle Arbor – with lights on or off. 
  • Never Totally Dead Armchair with numerous unisex animations and a little surprise hiding underneath
  • ATW Compass Crate with animations
  • :::Sn@tch Writer’s Desk (Oak)::: with chair, lamp and rug
  • Consignment Buried Currency mesh decor
  • Ravenghost Wishing Tree 3D Wall Decal with falling leaves
  • Buried Alive animated dig and bury pose and earth mound from MadPea
  • Noodles – Dirt Jar Necklace (on Kess)

Plus lots more prizes not shown…for 300L$

What are you waiting for?

TP to Buried Island now and pick up your HUD and get hunting!


This post originated @ MadPea.


Pick up as many giftcards as you want for you and your friends and loved ones for half the normal price this weekend at the MadPea Mainstore at Consignment.


New Group Gift Available

This post originated @ MadPea.


We have a brand new group gift for our Peas ready and waiting in our store on the Consignment sim. 

The Turbo Clock is perfect for any home and is lovingly restored by Wavie Haller from Consignment specially for our vips. 

Beautifully textured, this unscripted clock is modifiable so you can resize for your home or business. 

Available now at the mainstore and from Consignment. 

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I shouldn’t have to do housework!

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I’m a Princess. I behave like a Princess and I like to be called Princess. So why, oh why am I doing housework? Princesses don’t do housework…they have people to do housework for them! I need a maid…yeps, that’s what I am going to do. Get a Pea Maid! 

Healthy Body and Ex-Girlfriend’s Junk are two more of the awesome items available in the MadPea Squeaky Clean Gacha set available at the Arcade Gacha until the end of March. It comes with a fully adjustable pose and is perfect household clutter to make your SL home just that little bit more realistic. Grab yours while you can! 50L$ per play

Spick and Span

This post originated @ MadPea.

Dust Free is another of the awesome items available in the MadPea Squeaky Clean Gacha set available at the Arcade Gacha until the end of March. It comes with a fully adjustable pose and is perfect household clutter to make your SL home just that little bit more realistic. Grab yours while you can! 50L$ per play

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Smoothing out the creases!

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I don’t need a lot of distractions to keep me from doing housework. I have a very short attention span. There I was thinking about working my way through the huge ironing pile (just out of shot) and next thing I knew I was distracted by imaginary ceiling art! Who’d a thunk! 

Wrinkle Free is another of the awesome items available in the MadPea Squeaky Clean Gacha set available at the Arcade Gacha until the end of March. It comes with two fully adjustable poses and is perfect for any household. Grab yours while you can! 50L$ per play

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Party Time for the Peas!

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Sunday Treats!

We love our Peas and we know our Peas love to be entertained and have fun with other Peas! So, this Sunday 15th March we have plans for you Peas! 

Starting at 1pm slt we have a Walk Down Memory Lane game and contest for you to play. Brush up on your MadPea History 101 because there’s going to be a test! The answers are all in our brand new History Trail at our new home on Consignment sim. 

The fun kicks off at 1pm with an hour of fab tuneage from the one and only DJ Param on the MadPea Stage. 

The highlight of the event is an hour long live performance from one of the best live acts in Second Life today. Red Heaven will be performing on stage from 2pm. Get in early – the sim will be packed for this event and we don’t want you Peas to miss out on this! 

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I’ve had enough – I’m off to Narnia!

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When I was younger, like a lot of children, I spent a lot of time in my wardrobe. It was a hiding place, an escape…it was warm and cosy and I thought no one could see or find me while I wasted hours day-dreaming and imagining. 

Now you can do that in Second Life too with this rare item from MadPea Squeaky Clean collection at this month’s round of The Arcade. 

This item has 3 poses, which are full adjustable and can be used with multiple avatars. 
This is just one of the brilliant Squeaky Clean items you can grab for 50L$ per play at Arcade but only until the end of this month. 

One Month Down, One to Go!

This post originated @ MadPea.

If you haven’t heard about Buried yet, or you’ve come to this story because you’ve just learned about MadPea’s latest interactive hunt/game/adventure, you’re just in time! While the story has been going on for the past month, it still has another month to run.

Tens of hundreds of players have already immersed themselves in this multi-media “hunt.” We’ve spoken to a handful to get their take on what Buried is, and how to explain to newcomers to the game what this adventure is.
Notice that the key words used here are “game” and “adventure.” While it’s true that it is also a “hunt,” players of this game recognize that it is different from the rest because this “hunt” has a story and a mystery that needs to be uncovered. 
When asked to put the experience in her own words, longtime player Jessy Sleydon had this to say:

“It’s this totally fun game / hunt where you find little capsules all over the grid and follow a murder mystery along the way, and IF you make it through, you get some amazing prizes from some of the best creators on the grid,” she said. “And make sure you do it when I’m on ’cause you’re gonna need help.”

Mathiaswolf would probably heartily agree with Jessy’s assessment that Buried is as much a story, but he would probably add that it is a story with a lesson.

“I love having to endure the feeling of how fearful technology can be when used with malicious intent as to being watched every step of the way. An event like this should definitely be a wakeup call for those who put in their personal information in programs,” he said. “And giving those very programs the permission to be in control of certain functions of your device. You may never know when you would wake up to something appearing on the screen of your device, not knowing how it got there in the first place.”

For you see, this adventure/hunt comes with a HUD and a story line to follow, the HUD being a simulation of a tablet, with an app on it that “watches” you as you geocache around the grid in search of Lily, a missing author.

It is a challenging game, a real puzzler, as Iouna Alchemi said. Nonetheless, for those who enjoy a bit of adventure, this is without a doubt something for you to get into.

“I’ve been recommending this lots of people. A lot of people say ‘Its just another hunt blah blah.'” said Iafsy Zepp, “But I tell them NO! Its a challenging, interactive story, with adventure! And at the end you just happen to get some pretty sweet swag to boot.”

So yeah, about that “swag,” players do seem to have their favorites. If you’d like to see who our participating vendors are, you can find them at this blog post.

That being said, some players consider the prizes the “frosting on the cake,” so to speak, as to most Mad Peas, the game is the real treat.

Do be sure to see for yourself, though. To learn how to get yourself started with this game, see this “How To Play” link.

Happy hunting, and we dare you to not get BURIED!

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