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MODA Fashion Image Consultant is proud to present to you our professional services division,  a fresh new way of marketing your fashions in SL and outside of SL.

In addition to permanent hosting, our team will provide you with a link that you can use  in-world, as well as embed codes (when available) that you can post on your website so that

***PLEASE***    If you have your own website or blog please link back to MODA Fashion SL and we will do the same for you.

The potential for further exposure of your brand is endless with MODA Fashion Image Consultants!

NOTE:   If you are signed with a marketing agency who is not using the MODA Fashion Image Consultants as a part of your marketing package, you may want to discuss this as a possibility.  MODA does not employ the use of prohibitive contracts, we simply provide a service that anyone can use.





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The MODA Way…

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MODA Productions is proud of its long track record with MODA Modeling School, established in 2006 and MODA Fashion Primetime, one of the longest running shows on TREET.TV. MODA has been the leader in fashion industry standards for models and produced some of the longest working and professional models on the grid today.While our mission is to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for fashion marketing and production professionals, AND individuals. We enjoy the ambition of introducing tangible products to the realm of virtual marketing, education and entertainment. 

In 2014, MODA Productions is now moving forward with MODA Fashion Image Consultants. We continue to bring excellence in fashion with new and improved services. We offer years of experience providing one on one service to our fashion clients. We now meet the needs of the individual, fashion designers, and models where we continue model education but on a one on one basis.

Choose MODA! Your one stop fashion enterprise gears to Second Life fashion industry.

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MODA News & Events

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MODA Grand Opening

Grand Opening – June 8th 2-4pm slt


Free Makeover Raffle – ends June 9th

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