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Cinders goes Egyptian this week!

This week Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale goes exploring along the Nile River. She shows off gifts from The Great Pyramid Hunt and the Old Egypt Hunt.  And she dresses the part.

The Hunt Buzz buzzes about the latest MadPeas/Dwarfins hunt event, The Lost Mine.

C&R #52Happy Hunting to all!

Last Chance to Find the Stones!!

Sunday is your last chance to grab
29 fabulous gifts from
7 fabulous stores
in one location – the
]H[Nishi Mall.

Find a poster and there will be stone stacks within.
Leave No Stone Unturned Hunt POSTERLook for this stack of stones:stone hunt object

A few of the goodies to be had:The South Bay Fedora ADApril Showers...Rain Hat ADBraided Leather Bracers ADPasties & Panties - Daisies ADZen Screen ADUrban Concrete Set ADBull Whip Cowboy hat AD14 Carrot Collar ADBlue Silver Bracers ADDon’t miss out!! Hunt today!!

Spring Comes to Happy Hunting!

Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale festoons the Happy Hunting set with blooms on this week’s show, bringing gifts from sin original’s Spring Has Sprung 2 Hunt and the A Mazing Easter Egg Hunt at Botanica.

The Hunt Buzz reminds hunters to remember the smaller store and sim hunts that will keep popping up unexpectedly right up until the next holiday has passed.

We are having technical difficulties with the link for this show. Please go HERE and click on Episode 51.

You can catch all of the past Happy Hunting shows in our archives. The 50th Anniversary gift is still awaiting your touch at the Garden of Dreams studio.

Cinder & rosa 51


Leave No Stone Unturned Hunt

Leave No Stone Unturned Hunt POSTEREnds on Sunday, so waste no time if you want to grab the 29 gifts that are out and about the ]N[ishi Mall. Just look for the number on the hunt sign to know how many stacks of stones to look for.stone hunt object
Here are a few more of the gifts you can pick up.
The South Bay Fedora ADNeck Snake - green scales AD Glazed Bowl AD

It’s the 50th Happy Hunting Show. Already?!

Join us for a special show.

Host Cinders Vale interviews Up4 Dawes about the annual Spring Fair and Umbrella Hunt on the Old Europe sim.

Then in honor of this major anniversary the people who put Happy Hunting together every week chat about how the show got started over coffee and cake.#1Be sure to get your Anniversary Gift from Happy Hunting. Click on the picture for a ride to the studio where you will find the FREE vendor.

Let’s Go Hunting!!

Leave No Stone Unturned Hunt

Leave No Stone Unturned Hunt POSTERStarts today.

stone hunt objectHunt Object

Here are the stores where you will find the stones:
stoned hunt storesHere are just a few of the 29 gifts you can get when you find the stones:

Zen Screen ADBlue Silver Bracers ADBull Whip Cowboy hat ADPasties & Panties - Daisies ADUrban Concrete Set ADBraided Leather Bracers ADApril Showers...Rain Hat AD14 Carrot Collar AD

Seder, Easter, Strawberries and Thanks!

Happy Hunting’s intrepid Hunt Reporter and Host, Cinders Vale, brings you lots of full perm gifts from the latest Flood Easter/Passover FP SPring Mesh Hunt. She managed to sniff out a basket of strawberries in ice, as well, while working through the Strawberry Kube Hunt. Check out the show right here:

Hunt Buzzer, Rosamoo Mendelsohn, gives thanks for all the wonderous folks who make hunts fabulous. Check out her tips for ways to give thanks of your own.


Go Underwater with Happy Hunting!

Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale takes us on a trip under the sea, as well as egg hunting. She shows off gifts from the Mysteries of the Sea Hunt and the Sweet Gift Egg Hunt.

cindersrosaBe sure to pick up your ballot while out hunting or on The Hunties page at either here or at

Scripts and Steampunk at Happy Hunting

Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale explores gifts from the Script My World Hunt and the Steam:the Hunt! IX on this week’s show. Then Rosamoo Mendelsohn gives a March update about hunts accepting applications from merchants.

merry go round of hats staff meeting

It’s Off to the Races …for Hats!!!!

Triple Crown Hat Hunt Poster


Outside of a royal wedding the Kentucky Derby is the biggest “hat day” around.
There is a lot for designers to be inspired by in this hunt – Red Roses for the Derby, Black Eyed Susans for the Preakness, White Carnations for the Belmont.
Then there are horses, jockey, stable colors…the list goes on and on.

If you carry a line of hats in your store and this theme intrigues you, then now is the time to get your application in.
It is first come, first in the line up (after the hat hunt veterans.)
This is a boutique hunt meaning it will be kept small. Any questions? Contact Cory Quinzet.
Application deadline is May 21.

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