The Coalition Football League is in its 2nd season!

SL11BIG Hunt goes on!

You can still drop by the Happy Hunting oasis at the SL birthday celebrations. While the live music is over, the sims remain open to the public and the BIG Hunt is in place until Saturday.

Happy Hunting’s little hunt has 6 treasure chests for you to find.



Treats, Catastrophes and Ninja Cats

Intrepid Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale has brought back gifts from 3 hunts to the Happy Hunting set this week. You will find some of the offerings from the Sweet Treats gris wide hunt, as well as the Catastrophe Designs and Kiyomizu sim hunts.

Then Rosamoo mendelsohn uses her forum in the Hunt Buzz to pay homage to hunt organizers around the grid.

C&R #62

It’s Second Life’s 11th Birthday Party

SL11BIG HUNT 512In honor of the 11th year there are 11 sims to explore and Happy Hunting has an oasis in the middle of all the outrageous, inventive, enormous, charming, intimate, fun, challenging…oh and so much more.

For hunters there is a BIG Hunt so big that it has 4 Trails: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western. Check out the map at HUNT SLSL11BIG Hunt Trails Map v2.2

Be sure to take time to do the little hunt at the Happy Hunting resort and the Nano Hunt in the HUNT SL building.

HH little hunt posterHUNT SL SL11B Nano Hunt

Men, Sailing & A Birthday Celebration

This week’s show begins with gifts from 2 more hunts that Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale has brought back to the Happy Hunting set. Check out some of the gifts from The Man Hunt and the Sail Away Hunt.

Then Cinders sits down with Rosamoo Mendelsohn in the Hunt Buzz corner to talk about the upcoming SL11BIG Hunt that is starting when the Birthday celebrations begin  on Sunday. Be sure to check out the little hunt on Happy Hunting’s own parcel at the event.

C&R #61


Lots of Hunt Gifts and Lots of Hunt to Apply For

This week Happy Hunting’s Host and Hunt reporter Cinders Vale shows us gifts from 3 hunts: The Beautiful Day Hunt, Life’s A Beach Hunt and Outside the Box Hunt. From the small to the large, you are sure to see something you simply must have! Then Rosamoo Mendelsohn talks about July hunts accepting merchant applications now.

C&R #60

Triple Crown Hat Hunt

It’s all over but the shouting. Thank you to the great hunters who got to all of the amazing shops.

And thank you to the fabulous creators of imaginative and exquisite head wear. You are the best!

Triple Crown Hat Hunt Poster


Summer Sparks at Happy Hunting

Happy Hunting’s Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale offers a variety of gifts from the Let the Sparks Fly Hunt.  You can watch it right here at the Happy Hunting TV channel at YouTube. In the Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn examines some of what it takes to be a good hunter.

HH #60 C&R

  • May 9, 2014

Flowers Abound at Happy Hunting this week

Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale stops to smell a lot of flowers on this week’s show. She has scouted out the …Bring May Flowers Hunt as well as TipToe Through the Tulips Hunt and returned with many many flowers to share.

In the Hunt Buzz Rosamoo Mendelsohn reminds merchants of some of the up coming deadlines for June hunts.

C&R #55