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MC Fashion – Easter Event

MC Fashion Events has kicked off special round of shopping with a holiday twist this time out: an Easter egg hunt on the sim! Each designer taking part in the event has a booth set up with items for sale between 33 and 100L, most have a freebie or two available and for the Easter hunt, each designer has hidden a gift-filled egg somewhere on the sim. The event runs from March 31 to April 23,

Random Bloggables

Periodically,  designers send us blogger packs of new releases or will drop a note asking if we are interested in blogging some of their stuff.  In the past, we have always declined, but its a bold new day, so consider this an experiment – we’re going to be adding the occasional “Random Bloggables” post amid the SL events and hunts posts we normally do.  Stuff that caught our eye.  Stuff that we

Twisted Hunt: Magic, pt. 5

The Twisted Hunt will continue its run until March 31st, so you still
have plenty of time to work through all 104 amazing shops and indulge in
all the side games and extras you cube-loving little hearts could
desire.   The merchants have done an absolutely outstanding job, both
with keeping to theme and providing gorgeous store settings and specials
for this round of Twisted, so take

MENstuff Hunt, S’14

I’ve been sitting on this post for a couple of days now, A) debating whether I wanted to put it up or not and B) getting the Twisted Hunt completely blogged.

The blog has taken a step back from covering most hunts, mainly because I was/am burned out on hunting. I’ve been focused more on SL sales events, simply because in blogging terms, its easier to get what is needed from the designers

Twisted Hunt: Magic, pt. 4

The 11th biannual Twisted Hunt is in full swing right now, with 104 stores taking part, an amazing End Game with bonus prizes for those who make it through, and at least 10 side hunts/games, plus oodles of gachas, special sales and other Twisted events in the shops. 

The magick theme is one that the merchants have really had a ball with and it shows in the gorgeous gifts.  Our pictures do

Twisted Hunt: Magic, pt. 3

Short and sweet tonight, folks – Twisted Hunt is going on (in case you have been living under a rock and missed the news).  The color is eggplant, the theme is magic, the gifts are awesome.  The official blog has a list of all the store SLurls and if you need hints, they are available in group chat.  Here’s another look at some of what you can find along the hunt path.

Official Blog: 

Twisted Hunt: Magic, pt. 2

And we’re back with a second installment of the magical goodness that is the Twisted Hunt: Magic!  This round of Twisted is proving to be one of the best in a while.  The theme is fantastic, the color rocks, and the gifts are just amazing.  Everything either glows, showers sparkles, or is interactive one way or another.  There are fortune tellers, invocation circles, glittery dragons, even

Cart Sale @ The Wash, pt. 2

Two huge posts back to back? Hell must be freezing over…or March is just a very busy month in SL!

We’ve got a second look at the awesome stuff you can score at the Cart Sale Event going on at The Wash sim.  There is a ton more stores and items available, so be sure to check it out for yourself because you never know what little gem you might find for the basement-bargain price of only 10L

Twisted Hunt: Magic! pt. 1

Its that time of year again, Twisties! The latest hunt is underway and man, it’s a good one! We’ve been running around like crazy the last few days getting all of these amazing gifts and extras ready to share, so here we go with the first installment.

A quick rundown for those of you new to the Twisted Hunt or who need a reminder of how it works:
1. There are 104 stores taking part this

Cart Sale @ The Wash

Its that time of year again, folks – the BiAnnual Cart Sale event hosted by The Wash is in full swing from now until March 26th!  Twice a year, designers from all over SL come together at the Wash and take over the streets, filling them with carts and carts of goodies for the discriminate shopper.  All the cart items are 10L or under and you can pick up everything from the newest fashions to home

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The Feeling of the Words
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