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Sex Sells Gacha Fair

Looking for a little something to add some spice to your SL? There is a new gacha event starting today that might be just what you are looking for. The event is a small one, relatively low key, but a great opportunity to win some pretty sweet prizes if gachas are your thing. There are 25 vendors taking part and the items up for grabs go the gamut from gestures to clothing to toys to some

Oasis Cart Sale @ The Wash, part 2

We’re back with another look at the great deals you can find at the Oasis Cart Sale event currently going on at the Wash.  Our first post brought you all the gorgeous goodies we were sent by the designers and this second post brings you pictures of what you can find at the various carts (yes, the stuff in this event was good enough that we went and photographed the carts just to be able to give

Oasis Cart Sale @ The Wash

The Oasis Cart Sale event is going on right now over at the Wash sim.  The streets of the Wash have been transformed into golden sand dunes, complete with palm trees and beach balls and there are rows of carts lining each street, filled with all kinds of summery, hot weather goodies for your wardrobe and home.  The designers have done a fantastic job (as usual!) in creating some truly unique,

Random Bloggables

Its that time of year when all the plants are in bloom outside, the days are getting hotter and hotter, the cicadas provide a constant background hum, and time slows down just a bit because its summer. RVi Designs has some terrific new items that can bring a bit of the summer feel to your SL for incredibly low land impact.

They have just released a new series of mesh potting plants that look

World Goth Fair 2014 has begun!

Its that time again, gothlings, creepers and you folks who go bump in the night: the annual Cursed Events World Goth Fair has kicked off in Second Life! The fair is huge, the charity is one that definitely deserves your lindens, and the planned events promise to be fantastic.

Here’s a quick rundown of World Goth Fair’s history: The event is a charity fair held every May in Second Life