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Junk, Orion, L.Warwick and more for Rhapsody

Hope you all had a great weekend and have busted through the doors of Rhapsody! Home Deco is also something you can find at Rhapsody. Here are a couple of items from a new to me brand junk. by designer Tab Tatham.

The Mclaren spike chair is also available in red (not shown here) and comes with some great sit poses and animations. Would look really cool for a club feature, just sayin’. Think of the conversation starters!

I’m also wearing several pieces available at Rhapsody, including these rockn’ mesh leggings from Orion Gant and fabulous wedges from Lindsey Warwick.

Also if you click on the collage you’ll get the original sized photo and if you peek really close, you’ll find Half Deer’s Sweet Melody piercings on my right cheek. My face cheek..up there even :)

Have any of you demo’d Glam Affair’s Oakley skin? It is available as a gacha at Summerfest so do stop by and try a few plays for the Jamaica! I’ve seen all the renditions and pictures featuring Oakley, and all of them look so wonderfully sultry. I must needs lessons on sultriness.

Thanks for dropping by today and OH before I forget… Cheers to my Canadian friends and fellow lurkers!

TP to Rhapsody

The Hottie Cooterati Experience

Rhapsody by The Hottie Cooterati Flickr Pool

Featured Items:
Top: chronokit’ Blouse by kit Pizzicato
Pants: *Orion Mesh Leggings by Orion Gant | Rhapsody
Shoes: *L.Warwick Ambrosia High Platforms (for Slink High Feet) by Lindsey Warwick | Rhapsody
Headband: *Candii Kitten Bow Headband, silver sequins, rare | Rhapsody
Piercings: *Half Deer’ Sweet melody Dermal Piercing silver | Rhapsody
Hair: *Milk’s Cola | Rhapsody
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Oakley Gacha | Summerfest ’14
Nails: *Frogstar’ Star Child Nail appliers for Slink mesh hands | Rhapsody

*junk. mclaren spike chair in black by Tab Tatham | Rhapsody
*junk. vicious pin zipped rug in denim | Rhapsody
*junk. anarchy chest | Rhapsody

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Mmmaaaddd about Rhapsody

No I’m not really mad..just in the rabid sense!

This stage is fun, fun, fun with a capital W for WOOHOO! (noooo gesturbating here that was it)

It is just one of Chandni Khondji’s HopScotch offerings for the Rhapsody and includes poses galore for yourself and for that garage band you’ve always wanted to start. Here is her Flickr link for more examples.

The lights stay in place and are modifiable if you wish to move them, as well as a wearable microphone for your left or right hand.

I tried to put together a coherent look with many of the designs that will be at the event. Peqe has this Rock coat/thing, which reminds me of Steve Tyler and all I kept thinking was, would he wear zebra stripes with fur AND go barefoot on stage? (yes…yes he would)

MINA’s Sid hair is so absolutely freeeeaaking awesome and in its’ material version, it looks like there really IS hairspray, gel and mousse in that do after all.

The Skinnery’s Madge skin series will also be available at Rhapsody. There were several eyebrow options, which I tried on. I’m very used to using my Glam Affair brow sets with anything, so this was fun trying on something new. The gap teeth look was something different for me as well, but I sorta like it :)

Seeing that it is Friday, I ought to do less talking and more karaoke. Have a great evening and don’t forget to bookmark THC’s official Rhapsody page for the latest~

Featured Items:

Top: *R3VOLT Teagan Top | Rhapsody Opens June 28th
Shorts: *R3VOLT Hainsley Shorts | Rhapsody
Coat: *Peqe Rock | Rhapsody
Armband: *Pixicat The Dark Armband | Rhapsody
Mask: *Aesthetica Beak Mask | L’accessoires
Necklace: *Cila TianDao Collarbone Chain | L’accessoires
Hair: *MINA Sid w/ materials | Rhapsody
Skin: *The Skinnery’s Madge, casual diva | Rhapsody

Pose Prop: **~*HopScotch*~* Rock your world Stage (includes poses and microphone for each hand) | Rhapsody

Other credits:
Ears: Mandala’s Hutuu mesh ears
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer’s Little Tiny Dagger
Circlet: ellabella’s Gaia
Hands: Slink’s Casual, Elegant, Bag, Horns, mesh hands
Hairbase: MADesigns’ Hearts

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XIAJ, Cracked Mirror, Modish, double take for Rhapsody

Howdy hawdy hoody! Who dat? Why, its Mal! Mal and me, me and Mal. Its Mal with me on the strings! And we’ve got Rhapsody swag in the mix along with these rocking heels from E-Clipse, as well as the XIAJ’ Frankey Slink pack which are both at the current cycle of L’accessoires.

Here at Cozey there is always fashion, fashion with fun, events with fashion, events, talk of events and the like. But there is also music! Sweeeeet music! (but nooo wikiplayer here no siree, you on your own!)

“There’ll be music everywhere! So come on every guy, grab a girl (gently please), every where around the world!”

Rhapsody, I hear tell, will also be celebrating with a few music events as well, and I’ll be sure to share that information when it is available.

Second Life in June has been one big party after another, and why not? There’s room for everyone in this world, if everyone makes some room.

Sorry….wrong place for that.

Something tells me that the next few weeks on the blogosphere will either scare prospective residents away or join in in playing name that tune. But we shan’t forget the fashion! Do visit The Hottie Cooterati’s site for updates, previews and the official landmark.

Thanks for visiting you sweet thing you!

Featured Items:

On Wendz:
Top: *Cracked Mirror’s Torn Tube Top | Rhapsody Coming Soon!
Skirt: *Cracked Mirror’s Punk Plaid Skirt with Suspenders | Rhapsody
Shoes: *E-Clipse’ Dogma WedgeBasic | L’accessoires for June
Headphones: *Modish Kitty HeadPhones in white | Rhapsody
Necklace: *Modish PianoNotes | Rhapsody
Bracelet: *Modish PianoNotes | Rhapsody
Hair: booN POI481 (fitted mesh) |
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia #5 in america | Summerfest ’14

Poses: *double take’s Joan (female single pose) and Joey (male single pose) by Valena Vacano | Rhapsody

*these pose series will be sold separate at the event

On Mal:
Top: *XIAJ’ Yuto Tank by superjaix | Rhapsody
Shorts: *XIAJ’ Lawrence Shorts by superjaix | Rhapsody
Pack: *XIAJ’ Frankey Slink Pack by superjaix | L’accessoires for June

Hair: Tableau Vivant’s Hill Dreads
Skin: Tableau Vivant’s Red #5
Shoes: Eudora 3D Moon Patrol Low Tops (Male) Blacks

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THC’s Rhapsody Opens June 28th!

The latest go-to event of the summer from team Hottie Cooterati starts on June 28th! Rhapsody compasses some of our favorite music genre with creators featuring items ranging from fashion, deco, poses and even a few gachas.

Its crunch time for a lot of things happening on the fashion scene, no? Where do we put it all ma?? How about I let you figure that out, while I roll the credits :) I’ll be sharing more of what’s in store for us throughout the rest of the week, and because there is just so much, I’ve hired a caterer behind the scenes to feed us all bon bons whilst we scroll on through.

We deserve to be fed exquisitely, and chocolate so helps with shopping anxiety :) Do bookmark the Hottie Cooterati’s blog page for up to date news, landmarks and specific opening times.

Until next time, have a bon bon!

Featured Items:

Dress: *Honey Soul Disco Dress ~ Jackie by Youniss Rau | Rhapsody Coming June 28th
Necklace|Earrings: *Cae’s Disco Magic by Caelan Hancroft | Rhapsody
Shoes: *Essenz’ Bali (for Slink High Mesh Feet) by Senzation Domenitzo | L’accessoires
Hair: *Milk‘ Summer wine ~ brown by Milk Chan | Rhapsody
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia in jamaica | Summerfest ’14
Nails: *ZoZ Piano Keys gold polish (for Slink Mesh Hands) by Zozicon | Rhapsody
Poses: *Juxtapose’ Copacetic and Hotsy Totsy by Rain Laval | Rhapsody

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Lemon Drop

Day 20: A Song that could easily have been written about  your life
Song: Lemon Drop
Artists|Band: Pistol Annies

“…I play my hopes and play my dreams
Just like two coins in a slot machine
Sing “Glory, Hallelujah” if everything works out fine

My life is like a lemon drop
I’m suckin’ on the bitter to get to the sweet part
I know there are better days ahead

Lord I know there are better days ahead
Thank God”

Hottie Cooterati’s ‘Rhapsody’ starts in just a few days, and I thought it’d be fun to preview it with the song blog challenge I meant to complete, oh say, last year :)

If you’re a country fan at heart, then you’ll go bobblin’ with Lost Junction’s  adorable bobbleheads and deco rugs to countrify your music room. The Hats are also from Lost Junction and can be worn as well.

That Cornbread one, is gonna get my hips into trouble no doubt.

Have any of you skin hoarders had a chance to demo’ Cassia yet? You can find Glam Affair’s latest skin series in America, Indian and Jamaican tones at this year’s Summerfest. My fave makeup is #8 and each tone includes GA’s signature freckles… frex…frecklettes :)

L’accessoires continues to sweeten the need for fashion candy with accessories like these fabulous platform flip flops from Purplemoon Creations. (made to use with Slink’s High Mesh Feet).

I can so imagine wearing only these, strumming my ukulele and hollering out the window at people passing by. Shoes making the woman and all that.


And lastly, but not quite entirely, here is a new lovely updo from Sabina Gully’s Magika called Meadows. Here is Magika’s website to catch up on some of her newer releases. Doesn’t that braid bun/wrap thing look delicious? Like a lemon curd filled bun right? (okay its just me then).

Thanks for stopping by on your daily blogscroll. In the midst of all the rumors on the grid as of late, I’m just glad ya’ll still have the time to come by and just veg’ over the content that residents create for our entertainment.

SLife might give us lemons for sure, but thank goodness we can and still make the lemonade.

Featured Items:
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Cassia #8 in jamaica by Aida Ewing | Summerfest ’14
Hair: Magika’s Meadows by Sabina Gully | New @ Mainstore or online
Sandals: *PurpleMoon Creations’ Summer Breeze Flips (for Slink High Mesh Feet) by Poulet Koenkamp | L’accessoires

Dress: Amerie’s Fruit Dress in lemon, navy by Amerie Spitteler |
Jeans: Maitreya’s Boyfriend Jeans Slim

Lost Junction’s Country Bobble Heads’ ‘Goodhearted Woman’ & ‘Good Timin’ Man’ by Tala Laval | Rhapsody by Hottie Cooterati opens June 28th!
Lost Junction’s Country Caps | Rhapsody
Lost Junction’s Nashville Novelty Rugs | Rhapsody
Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer Prefab | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil – Nautical Basic Chair Natural Yankee | Collabor88

22769 ~ [homme] guitarbag
The Loft - Marshall Entertainment Center  Red


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