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Three Bronze Designer Booths Available as of Today!

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Due to some unexpected circumstances, three of our designers that were to participate in Rock Your Rack have had to withdraw from the event.

Therefore, I have three Bronze level booths available for the event that runs from:  September 1 – September 15.  There is no booth cost to participate on the Bronze level – and here are the particulars:
* provide 1 exclusive item at 100% donation to the cause
* provide 1 10L hunt item at 100% donation to the cause
* All other items at a minimum of 30% donation to the cause
* Bronze Sponsors will be provided 1 regular sized booth (10m X 10m) with 30 prims available for vendors and
* Designer Logo will be on their assigned booth, on the blog in the designer gallery on the main page and designer page
* The exclusive item provided (if fashion related) will be in a minimum of 1 event fashion show with designer notified of
show date/time.
* Option to provide an item for the Silent Auction at 100% donation
* Provide the exclusive item and any others you choose to the official Rock Your Rack Bloggers (list will be provided)
* Option to participate in the Gacha! event with 7% of Gacha sales going as a donation to the event, the rest kept by the
If interested – please send a NC along with your Logo, and shop LM to Jamee Sandalwood inworld ASAP!

We also have the option of including  you only in the Gacha or the Silent Auction as well if you wish – contact Jamee Sandalwood for details on how to participate in those.

Thank  you!
Jamee Sandalwood
Rock Your Rack Founder


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Rock Your Rack 2014 is on it’s way!

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Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

This year’s event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need.

The 2014 event is on three sims and involves 64 designers including 7 Platinum Sponsors: Barely Legal Couture, Delirium Style, Legal Insanity, Liv Glam, Lybra, Mute. , and {ZOZ}. Along with these designers, 10 Live Musical Artists, and 13 DJs will provide entertainment throughout the two week long Event.

Events during the fundraiser include 16 fashion shows, 10 live musical concerts, a performance by the Dazzler’s Dance Troupe, 8 DJ dance parties, a 10L Hunt, Silent Auction areas, and two different Gacha! areas. Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales of those items going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of the newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year’s event, please visit the website: http://rockyourrack.wordpress.com

This year’s event officially opens to the public on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00am SLT and will close at 11:59pm SLT on Monday, September 15, 2014.

Together we can make a difference!

Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the Model’s Giving Back official donation page at https://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=283425 where donations can be made directly using a variety of means.

RockurRack Ad Final 2014

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The build has begun for Rock Your Rack 2014

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Here is a teaser!  The newly constructed Live Music Venue where all of our Live Artists will be performing!


RYR Concert Venue 2014_001

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A Huge Thank YOU!

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

Home and Garden Expo 2012 was an amazing success! We raised over 8.2 Million Lindens and were visited by 5300+ unique visitors! This success is shared among so many people. We’d like to thank each of you individually, but that would take an entirely separate blog! So in no particular order, thanks and congrats to:

The Exhibitors
The Musicians
The Bloggers
The Visitors
The Press
The donators to the Raffle, Auction, and Hunt
The Staff and….our amazing Sponsors:

Our 1st Level Sponsors:
Dream Seeker Estates
{what next}
BattleBeast Breedables
Cheeky Pea
Island Dreams Realty and Seaside Lounge
Maven Homes
Michigan’s Shack
Prim Perfect
Stonewood Homes & Interiors
Zwicked Textures

Our 2nd Level Sponsor:
Brennan Homes
Galland Homes
E’lan Fine Furniture & Accesories
Park Place Home Decor
PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture
Sweet Romance Furniture
The Virtual Kennel Clulb
Thistle Homes
Tropical Escapes, Inc.

Breedable Fair Sponsors:
BattleBeast Breedables
The Breeder’s Borough

Our Home Expo Liasons:
T1 Radio
Best of SL Magazine
Designing Worlds
Builder’s Brewery
Boom Pony Music Club
The Stream Team

What an amazing team effort and success. We are grateful for each of you!

See you next year!

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Entertainer Reigstration for Rock Your Rack 2014 is now closed!

Original post @ Rock Your Rack.

Thank you to all the live artists and DJ’s that have signed up to participate in this year’s event.  Watch the Entertainer page for a complete listing of events for Rock your Rack 2014 coming soon!

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an Important Expo Message

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

From the American Cancer Society:

In reference to the Home and Garden Expo and the recent IP infringement issue, that matter has been resolved. Once it was brought to the attention of our event planning committee, Nikki Mathieson contacted me over the weekend and we discussed what is the most professional, judicious, and impartial way to resolve the issue. We were able to consider the issue closed by Sunday mid-day, which was the events 2nd full day of business. The Expo has gained a new exhibitor in its place and those materials are no longer on display at the event.

Everyone who supports us in Second Life is a volunteer who donates their time and talents, and so it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor every item in a Relay For Life vendor. However, when we are made aware of blatant violations of copyright infringements, we will do what we can to remove such infractions in order to protect the integrity of those involved, including the designers, the volunteers, the event, and the organization.

The American Cancer Society appreciates and supports the work that the Home and Garden Expo organizers, exhibitors and designers put into this remarkable event. It is not an easy task to organize an event this size, and those involved should be commended for their efforts. We ask that everyone take some time to check out the HGE sims this year. You’re sure to find some great builds and new items to purchase for your home…and garden.

Jeffrey Montegut, Manager, Digital Platforms
American Cancer Society, Inc

From the Expo Coordinator

To our Expo Exhibitors and Participants:
First, and foremost, I would like to thank you, the creators who sacrifice so much of your time and revenue to make Home Expo one of the most extraordinary events on the grid, for your patience and forbearance when things do not always go as smoothly as we’d all like. These traits are valued as much as the work you do.

As many of you are aware, there has been concern over the possibility that some artists’ work has been used in content presented at Home Expo without proper license. I, take your concerns, as well as IP law, and the various rules and TOS under which we work, very seriously and have taken steps that have resulted in not only the removal of the alleged infringements, but also the requested but voluntary exit of that Exhibitor from the Expo.

I greatly appreciate your understanding that we do not make rash decisions that can negatively reflect on the event or the cause we are all working so hard to promote. I don’t, I cannot, act with undo haste. Reason, logic, and judicious governance must rule the day. I care about each of you, striving to give you the opportunity to showcase YOUR talent and give the chance to right anything that needs to be made right, before proceeding with stronger measures.

Each creator, designer and merchant is accountable for their own displays. It is imperative that all content presented at Expo be in compliance with copyright law and with all licenses governing any components used in creating merchandise and displays. It is also imperative that they fall within SL’s TOS and Community Standards, and with the rules and guidelines of RFL of SL and Home Expo.

Thank you for your support, your loyalty and devotion to our Expo, it means a lot to me, to the Expo and to our quest to support the American Cancer Society and its continued effort to fight cancer.

Happy Expo’ing to you all.

Nikki Mathieson, Founder/Coordinator
Home & Garden Expo
RFL of SL 2013 Event Chair

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2014 Home and Garden Expo News

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

In 2014, Home and Garden Expo (HGE or Expo) is celebrating its seventh anniversary as one of the grid’s premiere fundraising mega-events! The dates have been set, so mark your calendars: Home and Garden Expo will run from May 15, 2014 through May 27, 2014 with a Press Preview May 13 and 14.

As always, HGE will be raising money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, and kiosk, hunt, raffle, auction and vendor donation items are paid to RFL of SL. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can get more information about RFL of SL here: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/ .

Our esteemed colleagues in the Breedables market will have their own fair in 2014, allowing both communities to focus on what we do best. While they will be missed, our focus will be on home and garden builds, the inspiration for those builds, and community outreach.

Nikki Mathieson, long-time Expo coordinator, will be focusing her abundant experience, energy, and enthusiasm on her responsibilities as Relay For Life of Second Life’s Event Chair. Nikki will be missed, but she won’t be far from home! We are counting on her wisdom and support. Kat Alderson will be stepping in as the HGE coordinator.

Starting in 2014, Home and Garden Expo will be a themed event, and the first theme is Story Time.

Joining the HGE staff this year are DeAnn Dufaux, Fallacy DeCuir, Eden Knoller, and Samantha Zwickel. Each of these extraordinary residents will be focusing their special talents and expertise into making 2014 the most exciting Expo ever! Noble Charron, Cajsa Lilliehook, Gidge Uriza, Abby McDonnagh, Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale will also be joining the team in very special capacities, focusing their abundant skills on new programs large and small.

With a tighter focus on the home and garden community, we will offer an array of our best-loved traditional events, opportunities and activities, as well as some new activities and programs and new levels of participation and sponsorship. We’ll continue to offer and promote education for merchants and hobbyist builders, new and old alike. The Home and Garden Expo Hunt will be returning, with a new format. Also returning are the raffle and the silent auction.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be posting information about new programs being introduced at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to be among the first in the know!

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Expo is just around the virtual corner!

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Are you ready?

It’s 2014!  And the Second Life Home and Garden Expo staff has been hard at work putting together information for those of you eager to get your Expo on!

While registrations are not yet open, we’ve posted the information potential exhibitors need to start planning.  We’ve also posted information about the new programs rolling out in this, our seventh year.

Please use the menu links above to explore the many opportunities the 2014 Expo has to offer.


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Home Expo – Rescheduled!

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

Due to some unforeseeable circumstances and misunderstandings, the staff of the 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo deems it prudent to reschedule the event.

In October 2013, we announced that the 2014 Home Expo would take place  May 13-27.  Since then, other events announced their schedules, and the spring and summer are packed with high volume events which support Relay For Life of Second Life, as well as other non-profit organizations, charitable institutions, and private interests.

As the event schedule unfolded, and things were brought to our attention, we, of course, experienced some chagrin and disappointment.  The team has hundreds of man-hours of work already logged, and much of that will need to be revised. But we understand that organizing events, especially fundraisers, isn’t about us.  It’s about what we want to accomplish.

As with all things, our primary concerns and considerations have been discussed and our decisions rendered, with the best interests of our esteemed exhibitors and valued visitors in mind.  We want to host an extraordinary event which places no undue burdens on the community of builders and merchants who participate and are so generous with their time, talents, and donations.  Likewise, we must consider, with all respect, the blogging community who is unfailingly generous in their supoort and coverage.  And last but not least, we would be remiss to overlook the budgetary considerations of the Second Life residents who generously support RFLofSL and the Home and Garden Expo with their time, purchases and donations.

Therefore, we are very pleased to announce the new dates for Home Expo!  Our Press Preview Days will be September 14 and 15.  The main event will open to the public on September 16 and run through September 28!  This will make the event an off-season Relay For Life of Second Life event, but as with all RFLofSL events, 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, and donations are paid to RFLofSL.

Due to first life considerations of the authors involved with Authors @ Expo, this event will be renamed, and the Fiction for a Cure readings, auctions, and raffle will take place May 16-26 on the American Cancer Society island in Second Life.

We apologize for any and all inconvenience, and look forward to serving you with a fantastic September event.  We will be revising this blog to reflect the changes, so stay-tuned.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to IM me in-world.

Warm regards,
Kat Alderson

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2014 Home and Garden Expo Registrations are now open!

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It’s been a long time coming, with a lot of fun “obstacles” in the way, but we will talk about that later.  The most important news is this:  Registrations are open!  Now, before you get too giddy, we must remind you to read all of the rules carefully before you fill out an application.   Even if you read them before.  Read them again, they were updated today, August 2, 2014.  You can find them here.

Be sure to check out all the links under Exhibitor  & Sponsor Info at the top of this page!


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