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2015 Convention Theme Announced

Original post @ Sci-Fi Alliance’s Second Life Convention News.

Last Year’s Jules Verne / Incredible Island  Water Theme was a great success, this year we have an exciting new theme for our builders and visitors!  We’re doing our most ambitious Estate ever!

Future Sci-Fi Resort!

On the Ground Layer the map of the six sims includes a large lagoon/bay and a hillside that will rise approximately 100m, in a series of terraces up to a hilltop plateau.

The Convention Build Team’s roads & hubs & venues & amenities will all be in a generic sci-fi theme of Futuristic Seaside Resort.

As if it were RL Santorini Greece meets 5th Element, or the sort of place the Jetson’s would go away for the weekend to get away from the kids!

This exciting fun layout brings a whole host of new exciting build possibilities for our exhibitors and makes for a more interesting visual experience for our visitors.

2015 Convention Map with some of the builder's influences and ideas for our exhibitors!

2015 Convention Map with some of the builder’s influences and ideas for our exhibitors!


But that’s not all …. you asked for it .. You’ve  got it …. SPACE! The Final Frontier!

From 1000m to 1200m up, build your booth in…. SPACE!

Booth Exhibitors can choose to add SPACE elements at this altitude as part of their builds, regardless of the height restrictions. The build must be over your parcel, and prims and scripts will count against your total limit.


A convention supplied  Transport shuttle will fly around the participating exhibits, & convention amenities and decor will make it rival the ground for fun!

The exhibits will be seen from the outside & inside, so if you require a skybox location we’ll give you an orbital location away from the action (2000m or up)

Your Booth guidelines will be generally the same, but you can rezz your exhibit anywhere within the 200m altitude range….  and participants are encouraged to think about appropriate additional decorations within that 200m limit. You would be required to include a teleport to and from ground level to your space build.

The convention  theme is only a guideline for you, our exhibitor… and was chosen specifically because whatever creative exhibit you bring, it will look cool and build our skyline! Our annual Themes are never intended to limit your imaginations, but to help kick start fresh ideas for the new year!

All over the Convention Estate there will displays and Photo-ops celebrating everything science fiction, with some special dedicated areas honoring the significant anniversaries of 2015.

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2015 Convetnion Dates and Booth Info !

Original post @ Sci-Fi Alliance’s Second Life Convention News.

Its that Time !

2015 Convention Dates:

February 20th – March 1st  2015

Build Days :
February 18&18

Registration to open Soon!

2015 Booth information in tabs!

Visit http://slscificonvention.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/2015-convetnion-dates-and-booth-info/ for actual post date.

People’s Choice Awards – Winners Announcement

Original post @ Sci-Fi Alliance’s Second Life Convention News.

(( Reposted from In World Message …. content partially edited for clarity  ))
(( List of winners to follow shortly in Pages ))

24 October 2014

Via Ariadne Fall:

Firstly we’d like to thank the Team who worked for us on The People’s Choice Awards
Thor Whytchwood
Lani Yuhura
Jai Raghilda
Jubilynn Lane
Senet Blackburn
Rheykn Ashbourne
Thank You so much, & with those thanks we also owe you an apology, you put in hard work, excellent work… to help the Con be better, and we let you down.

Change can be a hard thing, I’m sure all of us have had that familiar moment of irrational defiance in our own RL & SL lives…  and we’re sorry too, that a longtime friend of the convention like Thor, can’t see his way clear to be just grateful, that the fun thing he & his group started became such a success, it earned its own Team & that Team made the People’s Choice better & better…  we truly believe our best work comes from collaboration.

I want to assure you all…
We wish Thor & the Asgard Command nothing but the best, we welcome them as convention exhibitors & event hosts, & we hope they wish us luck as we continue on with the People’s Choice Awards into a bright future of Battles in The Ballots!

…but we owe the greatest apology to You, our alliance membership.
The people voted in greater numbers than ever before, and the vote was more varied than ever before… making for an exciting set of awards & making wins by wide acclaim all the more meaningful.
& We were all denied a party and a fun night in fancy dress, but you exhibitors who received nominations were denied your rightful acclaim…

We fix that BS right now….

* grins*

For presentation purposes we’ve only included those nominations that got a “seconded”, although the complete list of things that got votes is available without tallies and in no particular order, and makes for very fun reading.

In most categories we will be awarding 1st, 2nd, & 3rd…

And,  Without further delay, our first category Award, Best Costuming (Booth or Event)
The nominees are,
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora, The Milky Way Cabaret, & Stargazer Creations…  & no other nominees were seconded, so this one should be quick & easy….

The Best Costuming Award goes to……
3rd Place Pandora!
2nd Place Stargazer Creations!
1st Place Milky Way Cabaret!
ummmmm…..   we only received one presentation nomination for Best ah, it would be Actress.
& that’s kinda nice…. & well,  I’m very thankful.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of my bubbles!

Best Actress Awarded to Ariadne Fall, in the Milky Way Cabaret!
In the category Best Host or Hostess Booth, your nominees are:
Ayapeliat, Karsadia Resident
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora, Jadeka Wirefly
Open-Sim Sci-fi, Lani Yuhura
Stargazer Creations, Aggie Mactavish
Stargazer Creations, Aidan Cambric
Starland Development Group, Daze Colombia
United Federation Starfleet, Chez Renier
& the Best Host or Hostess Award goes to….
3rd Place Chez Renier of U.F.S.!
2nd Place Jadeka Wirefly of Pandora!
& a 1st place TIE!
for  Aidan Cambric of Stargazer Creations & Aggie Mactavish also of Stargazer Creations!

in the category Best Booth Swag or Gift, there were two offerings that stood above the rest,
in 2nd Place, Stargazer Creations Special Twi’lek Special!
& in 1st Place The Convention Citizen Outfit made by Destiny’s Designs!

for Best Story Booth, your nominees are….
The City-State of New Babbage
Galaxy Fleet Command
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
SAGA Universe

& the  Best Story Booth winners are!
3rd Place Olyesti!
2nd Place Pandora!
1st Place SAGA Universe!

In the category Most Fun Booth, your nominees are…
Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too
Merciless Ming’s Underwater
Seaview Amusement Pier

& the Most Fun winners are,
in 3rd Place, Olyesti!
TIED for 2nd Place Orionite & Merciless Ming’s!
& TIED for 1st Place Seaview Amusement Pier &…
1st Place Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too!!

& I love it that for fun, everyone wins!

& in further tie news, the Category of Prettiest Booth your nominees & winners both are….
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
The Milky Way Cabaret
& The Orion Confederation…

your Beautiful booths!
in 3rd Place, Ayapeliat!
& in 2nd Place a tie between the Orion Confederation & Milky Way Cabaret!
your 1st place prettiest booth, The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!!

Your votes for Scariest Booth:
Another TIE!
in 2nd Place The Daleks of Olyesti/New Gallifrey TIES with Pryxis!
and 1st Place goes to The Giant Cthulu of The HP Lovecraft Festival!

In the Category of Most Friendly Booth, the nominees are…
BSG-82 Thesis
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
Liberty Fleet
Milky Way Cabaret
Open-Sim Sci-Fi
Stargazer Creations

& the award for friendliest booth goes to…
in 3rd Place Pandora!
in 2nd Place Olyesti & Ayapeliat in a TIE!!
& in 1st Place Stargazer Creations!

for the category Best in Theme Booth, your nominees are…
Botany Bay
Doctor Who
Galaxy Fleet Command
Milky Way Cabaret

in 3rd Place Best in Theme another TIE!!!
Olyesti & Ayapeliat!

& guess what?  in 2nd Place Best in Theme another TIE, a three-way with…
Botany Bay & Galaxy Fleet Command & Milky Way Cabaret!

& Best in Theme in 1st Place, Doctor Who!

In the category Best Hangout Booth, the trend continues!
a tie for 3rd Place Hangout between Ayapeliat & U.F.S.!
a tie for 2nd Place Hangout Star Trek Liberty Fleet & Xin Caodi!
& congratulations for 1st Place Hangout to Olyesti!

For the category Most Original Booth, we have our most interesting tie yet!
can we please congratulate
Bab 5 Zocolo!
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!
and…  PaxWerx!
who ALL tied five ways for 2nd Place!!

& in 1st Place Most Original, your winner The Arcadia Asylum Moon Cannon!

we come now to our final three awards, Best Event, Best Booth, & Con Coolest!
For the exciting category Best Event,
tied for 3rd Place, congratulations to,
Ayapeliat Games Night!
Jazz Night at Seraph City!

in 2nd Place Pipedreams Celtic Rock hosted by Starland!

& your Best Event 2014, The Milky Way Cabaret!!!

& The category overall Best Booth!
your nominees are,
City-State of New Babbage
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
Milky Way Cabaret
OpenSim Sci-Fi
Stargazer Creations

& the winners for Best Booth are…
in 3rd Place, Ayapeliat!
in 2nd Place, Pandora!
& in 1st Place Stargazer Creations!!
We asked you what The Coolest Thing you saw or did at the Convention was…

1st Place, The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!
ALSO 1st Place, touring around the con on the Turtle Submarine & Trains!


Congratulations to all our People’s Choice Winners!

The Honorable Mentions:

Olyesti Booth and Best in Alien Event!
The Daleks of Olyesti & New Gallifrey!
Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too!
The Milky Way Cabaret Shows!
The Milky Way Cabaret Build!
Turtle Submarine and the Trains & riding around the con!
The MMP Bikes!
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora booth block!
The Pandora Story Fire & Jadeka Wirefly & Mishka Darkrose!
Seaview Amusement Pier!
The Londinium Gearworks Complaint Department!
Yay for Lot’s of dance parties!
All the Aliens!
All the awesome merchandise for a good cause!
OpenSim Sci-Fi Booth!
Lani Global for single handedly running the OpenSim booth!
Starland Development Group Booth!
Hanging out at Starland!
Pipedreams Celtic Rock hosted by Starland!
Daze Columbia!
Battlestar Resurrection!
Battlestar Aurora!
BSG-82 Thesis!
BSG Origins!
The Queue Continuum!
Ayapeliat !
Ayapeliat Games Night!
Karsadia Resident of Ayapeliat!
Seraph City, Caesar Osterham!
Seraph City Booth!
Jazz Night at Seraph City!
Stargazer Creations Booth!
Those Twi’lek avatars at Stargazer Creations!
Aidan Cambric of Stargazer Creations!
Aggie Mactavish of Stargazer Creations!
The City-State of New Babbage!
Orion Confederation!
The Herbit Cinema!
Chicago Sax’s Show!
Star Trek TOS RP!
The Arcadia Asylum Moon Cannon!
Rapture Shock Troop!
Pryxis Booth!
United Federation Starfleet!
Chez Renier at The U.F.S.!
Xin Caodi!
The White Whale Lounge at Seaview Amusement Pier!
Star Trek Liberty Fleet!
Botany Bay Underwater Experience!
All the Babylon 5 stuff!
The awesome B5 Zocolo build by Charlotte Laa! *DROOL*
LSI Train Spur & LSI The Sunny Field Airport!
Doctor Who!
Destiny’s Designs Booth!
The Destiny’s Design gift at Hubs from Karmas Destiny!
Ariadne Fall in the Milky Way Cabaret!
Aridane Fall for being lovely and helpful all through this Convention!
Starfleet Renaissance!
Atlas Defense Industries!
Lovecraft Festival Giant Cthulu!
Firefly Companions!
Merciless Ming’s!
Orionite’s blue Kracken tentacles!
Intergalactic Traders’ Guild!
SAGA Universe!
The Novatech Hunt Prize!
Black Vale!
Drow Science!
NS6’s surreal chess pieces & windlight settings!
Chilling out at KoJ/Yavin IV Build!
Clair at The 13th Legion Booth!
Rose Studios!
USS Imperium!
The convention staff for being so helpful!
The convention staff, thank YOU!!!!!

(( On behalf of the web team – we apologize the delay from the con closure to the awards announcement on 10/24/2014 .. We are working with the event team to ensure a quicker announcement for next year…. Stay tuned for 2015 Convention announcements! … and as always, if you think you can do better, please join the team and contribute to making the convention work! ))

Visit http://slscificonvention.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/peoples-choice-awards-winners-announcement/ for actual post date.

A Steampunk Revolution

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

So, I’m just going to start things off in the only way I can. . .

. . .seriously?

Wow. Just wow. Shortstack said it best, this adventure has been nothing but one surprise after the next, even I’m still trying to make sense of all of it. By Day 4 I had to actually sit down and stare at the screen a couple dozen times to make sure it wasn’t a typo at the numbers. This is often my seldom post appearances; out of the entire Org team of Introvert and Anbiverts I think I’m the one that likes writing the least (which is funny considering I’m almost 100% certain I’m the most active online tabletop conversion roleplayer of our entire group.) I’m getting ahead of everything that’s trying to process in my brain and form into words, so let me pull a Copperfield here and start at the beginning while I’m nursing down some coffee. (My Nephrologist would be so ticked if he ever read that single line and tell me to knock it off.)

It’s true, we’re often asked the hows and whys we pick certain charities every year, some less heard than the last. This is one of the many reasons why we do what we do at the misfit circus. SL and its many facets have so many covered throughout the year like RFL and other cancer associations, ALS, and so on. This is the key thing – year round support and events that carry on staggering numbers of donations you can’t even shake a stick at which is all well and good, so we try to shed some light on organizations that don’t have that much of a forefront in the public’s eye, or those closer to home maladies that come up in the shadows.

NKF has been, and always will be, a very, very personal charity to me. I’m not ashamed to admit in my life I’ve made some grievously stupid mistakes as many of us probably have. I’m also extremely stubborn to a fault to not want to reach out and ask for help, rather be the person that helps the rest of the world, a friend, a family member whatever the case is out before I even consider doing something for me even at the cost of my own health. Several years back in the early college years the hereditary curse of kidney issues manifested. It was minor back then, your occasional stone problem or UTI, which eventually lead to a brief non-invasive surgery and stint placement. Years passed, and the problems gradually increased with this. More interludes through those baleful double glass doors and triage waiting rooms between three different states in my travels and reckless years of trying to figure out the world. Knowing the astringent smell of hospital halls and cleaning solvents or the smell of reduced iron from blood being drawn more than anything else, or counting the little pinprick scars from IVs on both my hands and arms. I lost count how many times every couple of weeks or months between emergency care visits would happen they just kind of blurred one into the next.

The turning point in ‘help yourself before you help others’ finally hit a couple years ago, and when my fiance finally put his foot down that something needed to be done when I was spending more of a love affair with a porcelain man. Flash forward through the less ugly parts, the diagnosis was two very large calcium masses the size of small softballs were in my left kidney and bladder that made it function at an extremely dangerous level, and my right over-compensated to at an 8 to 10% function at the signs of starting renal failure. My nephrologist actually asked how the hell I was standing up let alone alive he hadn’t seen something like this before. Lesson learned – sometimes no matter how much you want to help the world, sometimes when the case calls for it you need to help yourself. I was low income, and the consecutive three surgeries were going to be a staggering amount to the tune of over thirty six thousand dollars US. I was terrified, I had no clue how we were going to handle this, HCAP failed to work out any assistance. This was where the NKF came in through some help and some magic that the bills and chronic history were drastically reduced out of nowhere.

I’ve never forgotten this. A silent face I’ve never met helped me. Helped me get the care I needed, the surgeries completed and the road to recovery. (Which was not pleasant in the least. I would never wish this on the worst person in the world, the pain is unmeasurable and your body trying to violently attack you from the inside out.) It’s because of that silent and unknown face I can keep doing what I do today. To have a healthier life, to keep pushing this charity every year in the hopes that the outreach of the SL community’s donations can do the same thing for someone else we may never even encounter in our lives and change it for the better.

This year… has been amazing. None of us expected the outpouring and generosity that has come forward at the Spiral. From the comments, the lives it’s touched knowing there’s people fighting for this charity, those afflicted by renal issues, the list goes on. I cannot find enough words to express the gratitude I have to everyone that’s made this year’s drive something truly jaw-dropping. These are numbers we’re used to seeing for WGF across three sims, not one. This is truly spectacular on levels that’re unheard of.

To the SL community – I truly thank every last one of you for your generosity and your help for this.

To our Merchants – We don’t ever say it enough I don’t think. You guys are amazing. We’re really blessed to have a core group of merchants in the Cursed Events that never slip the wayside, and keep bringing new and amazing things each event. We’ve even picked up some new faces this time too and the work and care in them is also nothing short of wonderful.

To our Bloggers – I am truly envious and awed at the same time what you all bring to this with the coverage and the photos–the stories you create each and every time. You make SL feel a bit more real and the bonds that’re created in it. And a special thank you to our beloved Bunny Blogger, Sonya, who I know looks forward to this every year. My secret compatriot in all things steampunk, Abney Park, and makes the Spiral’s growing story come alive each time between the veil of this world, and the Shadowlands of the Weaver’s umbral realms. (She’ll get the inside joke along with a couple WoD nerds.)

To the Org Team – I love you guys. I wouldn’t trade for any other team to work side by side with. (Even if Axi makes me fix things she covers in blue carpet.)

So it’s come to this. The veil’s growing thicker, and once again Ophelia and the Spiral fades into the mist and spray of steam and axle grease, for destinations unknown until she rises back from the shadowlands once again. We’ll be waiting for her in the mists, and I’ll get to pretend being Captain of the ship for one night again.

Until the next voyage,

- Lokii

Visit http://aclockworkspiral.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/a-steampunk-revolution/ for actual post date.

Spiral Out 2014.

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

It is gonna be a bumpy landing, by Glenawyn Seregon


There were so many firsts.

Last night, at midnight SL time, there were 24 people on Cursed.  On the very last night.  This is unheard of in event circles. It just doesn’t happen.  Normally by the time the event hits the last night, there’s maybe 3 or 4 stragglers rushing to get their last minute shopping done, but everyone has moved on to other events.

There were 24 people on Cursed at midnight last night.

At 6am, when I logged in to lock the sim down, there were 10.  I gave them a warning and a last 15 minutes before I rebooted the sim up.  10 people still there, when we closed.

I don’t have words for that.


This is also the first event we’ve ever had where I didn’t have to ban anyone. Thanks for that, too.  Usually I wind up throwing at least 3 or 4 people on the ban list per event. This time? Nothing. Awesome.

Every time we do an event, we wind up surprised by something. This time, there were nothing but surprises. Most of them were even good. (I won’t lie and say ALL of them were, but most of them.)   We cannot thank everyone enough.  All the merchants, all the shoppers, all the bloggers, all the random people who came by to take photos, and the Firestorm and Linden Lab teams for their incredible, incredible support during these last two weeks.  When I got the final total, I think Lokii needed to sit down.

Greta, by Roxi Firanelli

People have asked me how I pick our charities. I always tell them that I don’t.  That’s not entirely true- I always pick the Oopskate charity.  But for the big events I have never once chosen the charity.   This event is about Lokii.  A few years ago she got really sick, with kidney trouble and needed surgery. The NKF helped her, and every year she pays them back. As my tag says, “I just work here.”

Of course now I have to pester her to make her annual post here, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Night Troops 2, by Devin Vaughn

The total raised for the National Kidney Foundation at A Clockwork Spiral 2014 is 733,286L.

When you check the exchange on that (and I always do it at a limit sell of 248 since that’s what I use for myself) you get this:


$ 2853.32 USD.  That’s roughly 275% more than last year.  Think about that number.  We came close to tripling last year’s total and it’s because everyone came together to help support the NKF.  We don’t have words other than thank you so we’ll keep saying that instead.

As I’ve said MANY times now, due to the changes in Linden Lab’s cashout procedures, we have to turn over the money *in Lindens* to the charity’s representative inworld so they can cash it out. We cannot cash it out directly to the charity anymore. The NKF has their own account – NationalKidneyFoundation Resident, and we have written confirmation from the NKF that the account is legitimate and belongs to them.

Once we turn over the lindens to that account, *we no longer control it*.  Just so everyone understands that.  Our job is to make sure the NKF account inworld gets the money.

Which they have.

Thank you all so much again. Lokii will be along presently to babble for a bit.  As for me, I am working on our next (and newest) event, A Tattered Page* [*citation needed] which you can read about (and apply for if you like) here.


Signing off from the Spiral this year,


Departure, by Sonya Marmurek





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Such Stories We’ve Had

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

Emmaline by Duchess Flux

The Spiral is slowly beginning to grind into a halt, preparing for its year of out-of-sight transformation that we are not privy to. This incarnation of it will still keep spinning until 6 am on October 1st, so there’s still a few days to enjoy the atmosphere and wander its streets as its inhabitants and citizens.

It always inspires stories, the Spiral, but this year it seems it sparked people’s imagination more than ever before. This was visible on its streets as the visitors indulged in the mood, in the chance to set away their everyday normalcy and drive right into the diesel-filled dusk. It showed in the wares filling the booths as the inspired merchants had their own fun with the theme. It also showed in the excellence of the blog posts from our reporter crew: not only were the pictures astonishing and full of steam spirit, they were accompanied with delightful amount of stories.

ACS Diesel Dance 2 by Aarya Phantomhive

So this is my usual tip of top hat and curtsey to them as the blogger coordinator, but more importantly: it’s my squee as a reader. Wonderful work, folks! It makes me happy to see bloggers having fun with an event, to truly enjoy what they do: that is when the magic happens.

Also, Axi let me know that we’re currently at 672,359 linden dollars or 2616,25 US dollars on the charity account. That’s really not that far from the kind of money World Goth Fair produces and that was with three sims last year. The Spiral spins in one. All that just to blink in delighted disbelief, smile and curtsey and say the two words so important in the world:

Thank you.

Engineeered for Defense by Hephaesteon

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The Rezzie Awards – Winners!

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
The Rezzies are the only awards dedicated to home, garden, and commercial builds and the components used to build them. The Rezzie Awards were organized by Fallacy DeCuir, and nominations and voting were audited by Fallacy DeCuir, DeAnn Dufaux and … Continue reading

Visit http://slhomeandgardenexpo.com/2014/09/28/the-rezzie-awards-winners/ for actual post date.

Galland Homes, Little Branch, and Clutter for Builders

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
Come Home to Luxury:  Galland Homes – The Naples New Release at HGE – Special Event Price: $ 2145 The newest release by Robert Galland of Galland Homes (Home Expo 6 Platinum sponsor) is available at a special event pricing now through September … Continue reading

Visit http://slhomeandgardenexpo.com/2014/09/27/galland-homes-little-branch-and-clutter-for-builders/ for actual post date.

Sponsor Interview: Apple Fall of Apple Fall

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: We thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What led to your decision to be a sponsor this year? Apple: It’s something that I always do in any event if I … Continue reading

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Sponsor Interview: Nancy Chatterbox of NACH

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: We’re happy to have Nancy Chatterbox of NACH join us for a quick Q & A about Home and Garden Expo. Nancy, we thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What … Continue reading

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