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One week down.

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Timeless, by Duchess Flux


Well, ACS is sort of limited time, but this photo by Duchess Flux isn’t.  Lovely, isn’t it?

So we’re now a week into this year’s ACS, and people are still putting stuff in their booths to keep people coming back. I know Fission and Aftershok and Greymoon have put more stuff in recently (I think I’ve forgotten someone. If it was you, remind me.) Lyssa Sapeur of Greymoon was kind enough to make her donation outfit in black as well so all you goths? Now is the time. (yes I already got mine.)

We had a very, very busy weekend, particularly Sunday, where we had several truly enormous tip jar donations.  I don’t want to out the person who did it (but I can see the tip jar cash go through because it passes through my account on the way to the alt.) I just want to say thank you.

We are blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm and generosity, and we can only encourage people to keep coming back to see what’s new and to take more photos as well, as this year’s build has a lot of wonderful photo opportunities as our flickr group shows.

A number of people have stopped me to tell me how much this event means to them personally due to the charity.  As much as I’d like to take credit, the person to really credit with this is Lokii. The NKF is very important to her.  So if you’re one of those people and you see Pottamus, you might want to drop her a message.

I got an IM this morning asking me a very important question about how the money gets to the charity. I’ve got this information in the FAQ but at this stage that’s easy to miss, so I want to make sure I go over it again.

Linden Lab changed how cashouts were handled about a year ago.  You can no longer cash out to a paypal account you personally do not control.  This is a security measure, but the downside is that it kind of makes it a pain in the ass to do a large scale charity event.  It means that for large events, the way to do it is to have the charity itself create an inworld account of their own and *THEY* cash the money out directly to their own paypal account.

The National Kidney Foundation has its own SL account- NationalKidneyFoundation Resident.  We confirmed with the NKF that the account is legit and belongs to them. (you can read about this here).  We collect all the charity money on our designated alt for this event, and once the event is over we will hand over that amount in lindens to the NKF’s account. As always I will post screencaps of every step of the paper trail to assure everyone the money went to them and nowhere else (I always do this for every charity event we do.).  We collect it on our charity alt first because if we were to send the money to the NKF account without using an alt as a middleman we would have no way to know how much was actually raised, and no way to tell you what the total was. This is why our charity alt is used as a middleman- so we KNOW how much was raised for the event, and can pass that information along to you as we go along. However, and I am always careful to be clear about this, once the money is turned over to the NKF’s representative, we no longer control it. We cannot tell you how long it will take to cash it out. At that point, we too are at the mercy of the charity to tell us what’s going on.  But up until the cash is handed to them we will make sure everyone sees exactly where that money goes and how much it is.

If anyone has any questions about how this process works, please feel free to ask.

And speaking of money… At 6pm Pacific Time on Monday (the end of day 7) the total raised for the National Kidney Foundation was 465,737L, or $ 1812.26.  That’s thanks to all of you and we can only tell you how grateful we are that you are so willing to help us support the NKF.

Not Picking Daisies, by Sonya Marmurek


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Sailing into a new frontier.

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A Clockwork Spiral – Mod 5, by LadyLight Koolhoven

At some point around 3pm *yesterday* afternoon, A Clockwork Spiral 2014 surpassed the event total of ACS 2013.

In less than four days.  Basically in less than half the time of last year.  That’s an incredible thing and it’s because of all of you that it’s happened.  Thank you all so much- bloggers, merchants, shoppers, press, friends.  We could not do what we do without you and we’re all stunned at Org staring at the numbers. We are humbled and grateful for your support.

Several merchants have begun putting NEW things into their booths to keep people coming back.  I know we have at least one more booth that’s a last minute entry as well, so please do come back and visit them.  (I know for sure that Fallen Gods Inc. and Greymoon have new stuff in their booths as of today- if you’re an ACS merchant who’s just put something else in, please tell me so I can let people know.)

Though the photo above isn’t from one of our official event bloggers, I think it’s a *fantastic* image.  I just love it.

We are now into our first weekend at ACS. Though Gothika is quiet tonight, Pie will be in the underground tomorrow at 8pm SL time.

Last year’s event total was 278,444L (about 1082 USD, IIRC.)

At the end of day five, A Clockwork Spiral 2014 has raised 328,377L or approximately $ 1277.38USD for the National Kidney Foundation.  Thank you all so much for all you’ve done so far- and please  keep doing it. :)





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Dusting off the machinery…

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

As of now, booth fees are either paid, or those slots are going to the waiting list (at this time I have one wait list slot Im waiting for an answer about.) Everyone else is good to go.

As previously mentioned, load in will begin no earlier than September 10 (no we can’t do it early- Lokii is busy with Twisted Hunt stuff and I have to shut the sim down for this.) Blogger applications however, are open until September 10 (as far as I know, anyway.)

We’re about ready to start riveting this thing together. Everyone get their safety goggles.

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Vendors and Gachas just went out.

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

I’ve just released the vendors and gachas in the merchant group. If anyone has any problems with them just let me know. They were tested, but since Ive NEVER had a set go out without an issue, I figure it’s likely I might have screwed up somewhere as usual. :)

Just let me know if anyone runs into any snags.

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Load in, and other such trifles.

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

Cursed will be locked down for merchant load-in at midnight tonight. It will remain closed to all but relevant groups that need access to the sim until we open at NOON  on September 15.

In the meantime, though, we have a map.  It’s on its own page here for future reference.

But I’ll post it again anyway. Click on it to make it VERY large.

2014 ACS Booth Map

T-6 days.


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Cursed Bloggers (We Love You)

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

The Time of Spiral Draws Near

We’re completely off the rails, just the way we like it. That said: the Spiral has emerged and the merchants are free to start loading in whenever they feel like it. The bloggers are also welcome to visit the area whenever they want (landmark in group notices), but do bear in mind that the decoration is still ongoing. This also means that it was the time for the blogger checkup.

If you’re new to how Cursed Events works from blogger point of view, the nutshell is: the group stays always the same, all the bloggers need to apply to every event they wish to blog (sort of a raise of hand of being present) and before the early access and review copies distribution begin, the bloggers that haven’t applied are removed from the group. This just happened today.

The removal has nothing to do with if the bloggers did a good job or not, or if we love them or not (the answer to both is usually ‘yes’), it simply keeps things fair for everybody. From the creator side they don’t send out review copies to people who have’t shown interest and commitment to this particular event and from blogger side: we don’t assume that just because you’ve blogged our previous event that you have time for this one, or inspiration, or that you’re now obligated to blog us forever and ever.

The main reason why we so dearly love our blogger crew is that they excel in their work: they produce marvelous, inspired pictures and stories and clearly enjoy the events as much as we do. If you’re feeling low on inspiration, are busy in RL or just not feeling the theme is right for you, it is perfectly alright not to apply and blog an event of ours, be removed from the group in the routine checkup and still be welcomed back with a squee when an event of ours does fit your schedule and mood. We prefer skipping a few events to the feel of obligated blogging any day.

If you were one of the removed bloggers and had simply missed all the group notices about the matter, just IM Sonya Marmurek about it and we’ll fix it. No worries at all, SL happens.

Another note I must emphasize every event is to the new bloggers: we have by now a steady, wonderful core crew of bloggers that automatically fills most of the available blogger space for every event. Bloggers who are good and would have been accepted when we first started may now have struggles in getting in because of this.

Cursed Events covers several events of which some are bigger than others and therefore also the amount of bloggers we accept per event varies. The smaller ones (like ACS) are even more difficult to get in than the bigger ones like World Goth Fair. Despite this we keep the application process open because every event I find a few gems that make me ooohh and hit the invite button immediately, but obviously those oohh-slots are very, very limited.

All this just to say: please do not take it personally or as any sort of frowny judgment on your blogging skills if you don’t get in. The spreadsheet comments are mostly full of ‘…but we’re already full, sigh.’ and nothing else. Regardless if you got in early or not, we invite you all to come in and enjoy the Spiral: the tracks zoom to diesel this year!

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T minus about 18 hours.

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

The Time of Spiral Draws Near, by Sonya Marmurek


It’s almost time.  The merchants are frantically trying to load in, the bloggers are poking their heads in from time to time to see where we’re at, review copies are going out, and we’re generally just getting ready to open the Spiral at noon tomorrow.  Every time we do an event it doesn’t seem like it will ever be ready in time, and then amazingly, it all just comes together (more or less) in the last few moments.


So tomorrow at noon, we’ll once again get together to help raise money for the National Kidney FoundationOur flickr group is open for everyone to post their spiral photos, and our excellent blogging team is hard at work doing the magic they do to make it all look wonderful.

We’ll see everyone tomorrow.


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