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Such Stories We’ve Had

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

Emmaline by Duchess Flux

The Spiral is slowly beginning to grind into a halt, preparing for its year of out-of-sight transformation that we are not privy to. This incarnation of it will still keep spinning until 6 am on October 1st, so there’s still a few days to enjoy the atmosphere and wander its streets as its inhabitants and citizens.

It always inspires stories, the Spiral, but this year it seems it sparked people’s imagination more than ever before. This was visible on its streets as the visitors indulged in the mood, in the chance to set away their everyday normalcy and drive right into the diesel-filled dusk. It showed in the wares filling the booths as the inspired merchants had their own fun with the theme. It also showed in the excellence of the blog posts from our reporter crew: not only were the pictures astonishing and full of steam spirit, they were accompanied with delightful amount of stories.

ACS Diesel Dance 2 by Aarya Phantomhive

So this is my usual tip of top hat and curtsey to them as the blogger coordinator, but more importantly: it’s my squee as a reader. Wonderful work, folks! It makes me happy to see bloggers having fun with an event, to truly enjoy what they do: that is when the magic happens.

Also, Axi let me know that we’re currently at 672,359 linden dollars or 2616,25 US dollars on the charity account. That’s really not that far from the kind of money World Goth Fair produces and that was with three sims last year. The Spiral spins in one. All that just to blink in delighted disbelief, smile and curtsey and say the two words so important in the world:

Thank you.

Engineeered for Defense by Hephaesteon

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The Rezzie Awards – Winners!

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
The Rezzies are the only awards dedicated to home, garden, and commercial builds and the components used to build them. The Rezzie Awards were organized by Fallacy DeCuir, and nominations and voting were audited by Fallacy DeCuir, DeAnn Dufaux and … Continue reading

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Galland Homes, Little Branch, and Clutter for Builders

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
Come Home to Luxury:  Galland Homes – The Naples New Release at HGE – Special Event Price: $ 2145 The newest release by Robert Galland of Galland Homes (Home Expo 6 Platinum sponsor) is available at a special event pricing now through September … Continue reading

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Sponsor Interview: Apple Fall of Apple Fall

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: We thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What led to your decision to be a sponsor this year? Apple: It’s something that I always do in any event if I … Continue reading

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Sponsor Interview: Nancy Chatterbox of NACH

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: We’re happy to have Nancy Chatterbox of NACH join us for a quick Q & A about Home and Garden Expo. Nancy, we thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What … Continue reading

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There’s a party tomorrow night, remember?

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

Toymaker’s Laboratory, by Hephaesteon

Hey gang, I’m back with the update type goodness.

Just as a reminder to everyone – TOMORROW night (which would be Friday) at 8pm PST Lokii Violet will be DJing the big ACS event party.  A bunch of ACS stores are donating gift cards to make up an awesome prize box for best in Steam.   I would give you a list if I could, but everyone is giving the cards to her, so I have no idea who threw in other than MV and House of Rain, but Im sure that there’s a huge bunch of them in her hands by now.  Come on up to the Gothika Mobile Unit for 2 hours of whatever it is she’s going to do.  With the thing, and the stuff.

It seems that there’s a landmark link that’s going around that’s not correct.  Unless the last number in your landmark is 1001? It’s going to put you in the wrong place – probably in the vestibule wall at Gothika Prime. We *cant* force the landing point (and we dont want to, either) because it messes with people who live on the sim full time.  So if you found yourself downstairs? Go upstairs 1000 meters.

Chimera Graves of Black Arts informs me that she has NEW stuff in her booth as of last night . Well actually I know it’s there, I went down and bought it. So if you’re hunting for the new stuff put out DURING the event, stop at Black Arts on your travels.  I am told that there’s still more stuff coming from other people as well.  Merchants are REALLY having fun with this, putting out even more stuff as the event goes on, so be sure to check back with us!

Our bloggers are doing a fine job as usual, filling up our flickr pool and their own blogs with great images. If you’re looking for our Flickr group, you can find it here.


Mystery Plane, by Alisa Perne

We still have plenty of time left at this year’s event, so be sure to come on back up.  I’ll be at the Gothika Mobile Unit tonight from 10-midnight with some swing and big band stuff.  (I forgot to post yesterday about the 6th Anniversary of the Wednesday Night Darkwave but we were pretty busy anyway. Thanks to everyone who came up to hang with me.  I’ll keep bringing the goth on Wednesdays, as always.)


And now, for the update. As of 6pm tonight, we’ve raised 550,288L or $ 2141.25 for the National Kidney Foundation. Thank you all so much for your generosity. We have so much time left, we might even begin approaching WGF numbers on this one. Wow.

See you tomorrow, gang.





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The 2014 HGE Raffle

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
We’ve taken a different turn with the Home and Garden Expo Raffle this year.   Since no one wants HGE to end, we figured we’d extend the fun for two lucky raffle winners with a gift card shopping spree! But … Continue reading

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Sponsor Interview: Kaerri Rae of Kaerri

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: We thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What led to your decision to be a sponsor this year? Kaerri: It’s just a winning combination.It is the best platform for any … Continue reading

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One week down.

Original post @ A Clockwork Spiral.

Timeless, by Duchess Flux


Well, ACS is sort of limited time, but this photo by Duchess Flux isn’t.  Lovely, isn’t it?

So we’re now a week into this year’s ACS, and people are still putting stuff in their booths to keep people coming back. I know Fission and Aftershok and Greymoon have put more stuff in recently (I think I’ve forgotten someone. If it was you, remind me.) Lyssa Sapeur of Greymoon was kind enough to make her donation outfit in black as well so all you goths? Now is the time. (yes I already got mine.)

We had a very, very busy weekend, particularly Sunday, where we had several truly enormous tip jar donations.  I don’t want to out the person who did it (but I can see the tip jar cash go through because it passes through my account on the way to the alt.) I just want to say thank you.

We are blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm and generosity, and we can only encourage people to keep coming back to see what’s new and to take more photos as well, as this year’s build has a lot of wonderful photo opportunities as our flickr group shows.

A number of people have stopped me to tell me how much this event means to them personally due to the charity.  As much as I’d like to take credit, the person to really credit with this is Lokii. The NKF is very important to her.  So if you’re one of those people and you see Pottamus, you might want to drop her a message.

I got an IM this morning asking me a very important question about how the money gets to the charity. I’ve got this information in the FAQ but at this stage that’s easy to miss, so I want to make sure I go over it again.

Linden Lab changed how cashouts were handled about a year ago.  You can no longer cash out to a paypal account you personally do not control.  This is a security measure, but the downside is that it kind of makes it a pain in the ass to do a large scale charity event.  It means that for large events, the way to do it is to have the charity itself create an inworld account of their own and *THEY* cash the money out directly to their own paypal account.

The National Kidney Foundation has its own SL account- NationalKidneyFoundation Resident.  We confirmed with the NKF that the account is legit and belongs to them. (you can read about this here).  We collect all the charity money on our designated alt for this event, and once the event is over we will hand over that amount in lindens to the NKF’s account. As always I will post screencaps of every step of the paper trail to assure everyone the money went to them and nowhere else (I always do this for every charity event we do.).  We collect it on our charity alt first because if we were to send the money to the NKF account without using an alt as a middleman we would have no way to know how much was actually raised, and no way to tell you what the total was. This is why our charity alt is used as a middleman- so we KNOW how much was raised for the event, and can pass that information along to you as we go along. However, and I am always careful to be clear about this, once the money is turned over to the NKF’s representative, we no longer control it. We cannot tell you how long it will take to cash it out. At that point, we too are at the mercy of the charity to tell us what’s going on.  But up until the cash is handed to them we will make sure everyone sees exactly where that money goes and how much it is.

If anyone has any questions about how this process works, please feel free to ask.

And speaking of money… At 6pm Pacific Time on Monday (the end of day 7) the total raised for the National Kidney Foundation was 465,737L, or $ 1812.26.  That’s thanks to all of you and we can only tell you how grateful we are that you are so willing to help us support the NKF.

Not Picking Daisies, by Sonya Marmurek


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Sponsor Interview: Cain Maven of Maven Homes

Original post @ 7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
HGE: Hi Cain! We thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What led to your decision to be a sponsor this year? Cain: I’ve sponsored the HGE in the past, and have … Continue reading

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