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SL’s Got Talent Contest 2014 – Auditions Start Soon

Auditions start on September 4, 2014. You can still pick up an application at the Speakeasy on the TriBeCa City sim in Second Life. But just in case you have not been able to get in world, you can submit the application via email as well. Or, you may be a virtual performer who is currently performing in another Virtual World. Either way, you are welcome to come participate in this first class Contest.

Download the application and return it today!


You may be a seasoned SL perform who wants to expand his or her reach, a new comer who wants to jump start an SL or Virtual music career or you just may need some Lindens. We all have our personal reasons.  A description of the Contest is indicated below.  If you are interested in participating, complete the application portion of this document, include your name and return it as instructed at the bottom of the page..

You may review the 2013 SGT Contest Information here: http://slgottalent.blogspot.com/

The 2014 SLGT Contest website will be published soon!