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Lucky Lucky

This post originated @ Addicted To Hunts.

Lucky Lucky is an upcoming lucky board event slate to start July 5th and will last till July 25th.

This event revolves around the lucky board, which is a board that has various prizes inside that can only be obtained when a person clicks it that has the first initial or number that is on the board.

If you are a vendor that would like to participate please read the rules below and then send me a nc with the following information: full sl name, store name, store slurl.

  1. you must own a lucky board to be included
  2. you can set the timer to however long you like
  3. all items in the lucky board should be new and exclusive to the event
  4. you can have as many items inside the board as you would like
  5. you can have as many boards as you like so long as they are near the banner and its clear they are for this event
  6. there is no group for vendors to join so if you see your name on list but haven’t gotten a banner to display please im me in world

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Bring Out Your Dead Gacha Fair

This post originated @ Insanity Hunts.

Ok so we are gonna do something different for this month, its gacha time. IH will be hosting Bring Out Your Dead gacha fair from June 20th until July 18th. I will send out the lm once I have it ready for you. Gacha machines will be $ 150L each with a limit of 5 machines per store. If you’re like me and have more than one store obviously you can have 10 if you want (I only wish I had the time to make that many). Items will need to be new and exclusive to the event but once July 19th rolls around its up to you what you do with them. What you make is completely up to you. Sponsorship spots, limited to 13 sponsors, will be available for $ 250L and will be given machines closest to the landing point as well as a bio on the Insanity Hunts website and logo on the final poster. Sponsor machines will be discounted to $ 100L.

Theme: Dead, zombies, goth, dark, evil, ghosts, vampire
Set Up: June 13th – June 19th
Fair Opens: June 20th
Fair Closes: July 18th
All gachas must be priced under $ 100L.


* You or your representative will be required to be a member of Insanity Hunts for the duration of the event.

* You MUST rez the event sign in your store before the event.

* You will be expected to adhere to the timeline. Yes RL happens but please let us know if you are running behind.

* The items must be exclusive to the event. Once its over feel free to do with the items what you wish.



This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

Welcome To Summer
June 1st – June 30tH
$ OL
Everything Summer
Freyablake Resident & Amethyst02 Resident


Day At The Beach
June 1st – June 30th
Everything Beach
Freyablake Resident & Amethyst02 Resident


Hunter’s Guide: the Fae Hunt

This post originated @ ZAHM Hunts.

The Fae Hunt

Hello and welcome to the Fae Hunt by ZAHM Hunts.  This is a L$ 0 hunt and is themed around all that is magical.  Elves, magic, wizards and spells!

See below for the list of stores joining us for this fantastic hunt!



Suicide Gurls

“Every revolution begins with a spark.”

My Dream Tattoo - Fae Hunt Ad









Black Hole Sun

“I snuggle in a Corner with Candle Light.”

BHS Zanzaa Stone Fae Hunt Gift


Nomiki’s Creations

“Face down in the noms is the best.”

NC Tropical Fairy Wings Orange Ad



“Have you been Trolled recently?”

__DSO__ Fae Hunt - Spider Silks Ad









Feyline Fashions

“Blinking flowers.”

The Fae Hunt Prize - Feyline Fashions



“Kick your Elven Feet up and discover something new! ”

Doggmata Elven Dark 4 Potted Fountain


AVRO Wings

“Wispy wings!”

AVRO Pari Wings PIC


Nail It Good!

Prize #1: “I sure like a good bargain!”

Prize #2: “Thirsty Thursday is my favorite day of the week!”

NIG Fae Hunt SB Ad NIG FaeFantasy Ad


Adorably Strange Wares

“Cup of wine and a crown? I’m hiding among royalty!

ASW woodlandnymphasetting


{ Acios }

“Oh Fortuna, please help me.”

{Acios} SE Leaf Fairy ~pink~ AD


Imagine Flowers & Garden

“I do believe in fairies.”

Imagine logo


C&N Designs

“Under it, I feel secure.”

C&N Medieval outfit Bosko pic C&N Medieval dress Deyanira blue&browm



“Is it a fairy jail?”



Gothic Desires

“Where the three lights shine.”

GD RedLeafElfEars


Kittycat’s Creations

“I love Middle Eastern stuff and I think that’s really exotic!”

KC Dragon's Table photo


Budget Friendly Designs

“Only between the Purple and Grey.”




“Overhead but under cover.”

Spyralle Pearl Antennae - Gold&Orchid


Sweet Revolutions

Follow the Blossoms,
Down to the sea.
Watch at the petals,
How lovely they can be.

~_SR_~ Little Hobbiton Hut BoxPIC



“Just laying around, being lazy in the bean bag…”










Fairey Angel Creations

“Life is a bowl of cherries.”

FAC Ad Fae At The Bird Bath 1L

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Application: The Aria Hunt

This post originated @ ZAHM Hunts.

TAH PNGWelcome to The Aria Hunt by ZAHM Hunts, a La Jolie Designs company.  Here’s some information for store owners interested in joining this hunt.

  • Music has been one of the greatest influences on civilization.  The Aria Hunt celebrates this triumph and is themed around rhythm, movements, feelings, freedom.  Come and join us as we sing the song of the Second Life together (and get a nice boost to your store)!
  • Joining a hunt has proven to increase traffic to your in-world store dramatically!  The more often you join a hunt, the more people will come and visit you.
  • This is a L$ 0 hunt, so the prize is free to the hunter if they can find it.
  • ZAHM Hunts does not accept sponsors for our hunts, so there is no cost to you to join!
  • There are no “stops” with ZAHM Hunts – hunters will choose what prizes they want from a gallery.
  • The application deadline is 6/1/2015.  Any apps sent after this will be added as my personal time allows.
  • The hunt prize form deadline is 6/13/2015.  Any forms sent after this will be added as my personal time allows.
  • Absolutely no forms or apps will be accepted after 6/16/2015.  There are no exceptions.

Interested in joining?  Fill out the form below and you will be contacted with the merchant kit if you are accepted.

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Contact me!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs CEO

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Body Art Hunt 2015

This post originated @ Body Art Hunt.

The Body Art Hunt
1st – 31st July 2015

The hunt will feature 40 of the best body art merchants in SL, some well known brands and some new ones that you may not know about. 

All items in the hunt will be related to body enhancements –  tattoos, skins, eyes, piercings, body paint, make-up, implants etc. The Body Art Hunt will be a SIM Wide hunt offering hunters a wide range of items designed exclusively for the hunt. 



Images of the gifts and hints will all be published just before the hunt starts.

Hunt organiser is Evelyn Hartshon and Blogger Manager is Isabelli Anatine. 

SCH Online Applications

This post originated @ SCHunts & Pixel Treats Events.

Note: Sponsor Fee: 250L$ as of April 5th 2015

✦1- You must join {either on your main or an alt} and remain in the hunt group for the duration of the hunt. Sponsors may send a maximum of {3} non hunt related notices a day {Requires an additional group join or Sponsors may choose to send a detailed NC to Ezmerelda Optera or Lyrieal Xevion to send out in the additional group to hunters {we understand group space is valuable!} . Stores that abuse this or send notices when they aren’t partaking in a hunt will have this right revoked. If you fail to stay in the group or do not inform one of the organizers that you need to/have switch to an alt or manager for the group will prevent and/or delay you from receiving valuable information. {Sponsorship fee is 250L$ } 
*Top spot in the hunt line up. {First come first serve.}
*Your Logo & Direct TP will be posted on the blog for the duration of the hunt.
*Your Logo will be displayed in our Hunt HQ along with your LM given out on touch by visitors {for the duration of the hunt you’re sponsoring.}
*Sponsors can send notices in our alternate Hunt group if you do not want to join we can send them for you. Max 3 a Day.

✦2- Original creations only, no bib or freebie items. Please make something that represents the standard of the items in your store.
Your gift should be a new item fitting the hunt theme. NO adult items at this time.

✦3- Your store must be avatar friendly, be it kid, furry or other.  If your sim or store is set up to discriminate against any species, age or account age then Sisters Choice Hunts are not for you. We do allow and encourage all types of players to do our hunts if they wish to.

✦4- Applying does not guarantee you a place, We have store limits, deadlines and other things to take into account. If for any reason your store is not accepted we will notify you about why that decision was made.

✦5- If you have to move sim or close your store PLEASE let us know as soon as possible, you will find a changes NC included in your welcome pack and vendor pack. You will be at risk of being dropped if you do not let us know.

✦6- In your welcome pack you will have a hunt poster please place it in your store as soon as you receive it, hunt items should be in place for the walk through – the date for this will be included in the welcome pack and vendor pack. Prizes should be loaded/set for sale {contents}/ & in their hiding place the night before the hunt starts{A.K.A by the 2nd walk through!}. You may not change the price of your hunt item to anything but what the hunt poster indicates! {Absolutely NO Decoys! We do not want frustrated hunters} If you are not ready at any stage of the walk through you will be sent a NC or IM asking you to make the required changes, if you are still not ready by the 2nd walk through your store will be dropped and you will NOT be notified. Please DO NOT under any circumstances use the Hunt Image in the welcome packages to make your own signs! You must use the sign given to you. The image is for your blogs, store groups & NC’s only

✦7- ALL {and we can’t stress this enough} hint cards, changes cards, or any message needs to be made into a NC named with the hunt initials and your SL name AND it -HAS- to be dropped off inworld at the mailbox. Both Ezmerelda and Lyrieal’s messages cap daily & NCs can get lost or not received if we crash. The safest way to ensure we get the message and can address any issues* or messages is to drop it in the mailbox where it is guaranteed that we will get it.

Lyrieal’s Mailbox: Teleport
Ezmerelda’s Mailbox: Teleport

Each Hunt is ran by one of us Mailboxes are marked with the corresponding hunt please drop your NC’s in the appropriate mailbox. We Thank You in advance!

* If you are having issues and are not sure if you can be ready on time, come talk to either of us {Ezmerelda Optera or Lyrieal Xevion} and hopefully we can work something out together. If you have to drop out please let us know sooner rather then later. This allows for us to make the needed arrangements sooner so that its less work having to track down stores & their owners. {If you drop out of the hunt without notice, it could result in not being accepted to future SC Hunts}{Furthermore if you are dropped from SC Hunts due to not following rules & timelines it could result in not being accepted to future hunts.}

✦8-  If you are not already and wish to become a sponsor, you may upgrade at anytime before the deadline. Details are enclosed inside your welcome package and spots are on a first come first serve basis. {10 Sponsor Spots Max}

✦9- Hints are mandatory for the blog, as of 2015 SC Hunts are all blog based. Hints, Ads, & SURLS are posted to the blog for hunters. While Hunt Ad Images used to be Mandatory we have now decided to make this an optional step. You may send it in your hint card if you like but it is no longer required!
*Please Note: In our experience as both the Hunter & The Organizer, hunters prefer an ad image to see what they will be buying and it encourages them to stop at your store. If you do not send an ad image you run the risk of not being stopped by at all {Especially in 5L$ hunts}. The choice is now yours to make.

✦Please Note: These Rules can be changed at any time we see fit. Of course you will be notified of changes in writing. Please contact us if you require further information


This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

WELCOME, to the “How You Like My Whimsy?” mini Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $ 1L gifts for grabs. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the Whimsy hunt sign at any location. Only one word hints are provided but all items can be found on the main floor of each store within a 10 m radius of landing. Can you find all the white”W”? Happy Hunting!


Whimsical Happenings
Hint: Green

Artic Storm
Hint: Pink

Harambee Gwassi
Hint: Turquoise

Hint: Teal

Hint: Silver

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Black

Hearth & Home
Hint: White

RJB Jewelry
Hint: Gold

Fascino Couture
Hint: Orange

Hint: Red

OddWorld Clothing Etc.
Hint: Grey

Coull Creations
Hint: Purple

Carnal Cabal
Hint: Yellow

Cake Fox
Hint: Brown

————-Not Ready————-

Perfect Seduction
Hint: Black

Ayva’s Attic
Hint: Blue

Fairey Angel Creations
Hint: Red

Hint: Brown

MadCatCreations Boutique
Hint: Purple

Hint: Yellow

Gor-jus Animations
Hint: Pink

Hint: Blue