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Shape Me Shapes Closed

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

Unfortuately, Shape Me Shapes are no longer in business. Thanks to the land owner. We are looking for a new #4. And will have one as soon as possible. It may take me some time since I have taken a break from secondlife to enjoy my time with my sl husband in RL. I will be coming on soon to try to find a new store. If anyone is interested in joining the hunt this time please leave me a note card to Julya Lykin. Thank you.

The Day Has Come…

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

Well the day has come for the hunt to end. I want to thank all the wonderful designers that have participated and was patient through all the madness. We will be back in about 6 months with many more fantastic designers and some of the ones from this hunt. The next hunt will be a hunt where couples can go together. That’s right we are going to get the men involved next time. Thanks to all the guys that hung out and helped the ladies. So I hope that you all join us next time and enjoy your gifties.

Dare2Bare Crew

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Dare2Bare is Hunting for a Blogger

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

Love to blog? Dare2Bare is looking for one male and one female blogger. To blog hunt gifts, freebies, & dollarbies throughout the hunt. Contact Julya Lykin for application =).

There is no pay at this time, but to get a kick out of blogging for a kick ass hunt =P.


It’s Backkkk…. Dare2Bare2 Coming 2 U May 1st

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

Dare2Bare is coming back May 1st. It will be running until May 31st. Got some fantastic new shops coming your way & brought back some goodies from the last hunt. There is still time to get your applications in to be included into the hunt. Get a hold of Julya Lykin if you would like your store to be included.

Dare2Bare Crew

It’s Here…Dare2Bare 2

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

Dare2Bare2 is here. Unfortunately, I was unable to dedicate as much time as I would have like to. With the heart attack in Feburary I have not been on even close to the amount of time that I normally am. Hopefully the hunt will grow throughout the hunt. Thank you for all the people that have come back from the last hunt. Also thank you to the patient designers that have stuck with me through the mess.

So here it is so far……

Dare2Bare Crew

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This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

Kara Foxdale Presents…..

Ostara/Easter Hunt

The Goddess Ester has a special gift from our sim Sacred Cauldron Hermes Marketplace and other supporting Vendors and Stores. While looking for a Rabbit marked at 1 Linden each. Touch the sign at our location or other stores for a notecard with information.

Happy Hunting

Starts: Mar. 1
Ends: Apr. 5
Hunt: ($ 1L)

20/30 Stores
Look for me: White Rabbit

Start Location


Hunt Links

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

1. SHAPE ME Shapes
2. Decadent
3. Nik-kos
4. Tori’s Style
5. B is for B!asta
6. Butterfly Effectz
7. Ginger’s Shapes & Skins
8. Custom Inkz
9. Camilla’s
10. Cero Style
11. Ms. B’s Design
12. M.O.A.R.
13. Fuk’N’Hawt
14. GM&LB Designs
15. Factorie
16. Gaea Designs
17. Cheeky Baby Designs
18. Lucky XIII Clothing
19. Vextra Fashion
20. Klassy Kitty Designs
21. Pulchritude
22. Indyra Originals
23. GoodVibez
24. Catch It!
25. Graffitiwear
26. Sassy!
27. Sub Rosa
28. United Freedom
29. Fantasy Restrains
30. Devilish Designs
31. Jaded Threads
32. Visualz Sassy Fashions
33. Sweet Design
34. Just BECAUSE
35. Red Devil Inc.
36. .Thump
37. Herberry
38. Alter Ego
39. Babele Fashion
40. LaCourte
41. Hybridz
42. Death Becomes Nerd
43. Edge of Sanity
44. Condemned Designs
45. Dementions
46. (Coming Soon)
47. (Coming Soon)
48. (Coming Soon)
49. Scratch Skins & Shapes
50. (Coming Soon)
51. P.A. Designe

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This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

Fiona Scorfield Presents…..

Eggshell Hunt

About the Eggshell Hunt :

Did you know, the easter bunny got a bad cold this year. So he asked his bunny daughter to replace him to hide all the lovely easter eggs around, so all humans can enjoy the funny easter egg huntings in their gardens.

But his bunny daughter is a brat with all kind of craziness in her head. Instead of hiding the eggs carefully in the gardens, she just threw them over the fences. What a mess !!

Yeah, not a nice thing to do. Now there are many many many eggshells lying around in the grass. We are going to ignore that smell now for a moment and enjoy the wonderful eggshell colors instead, that will inspire our designers to create something lovely, something so much better than broken eggs !

This hunt is going to be all about eggshell colors. A sample color chart will be given, feel free to use those colors. Optionally you can use your own eggshell color chart, but keep in mind – no other colors are allowed ;)

5.April is Easter ! Your gift can be easter related but it does not need to be (since the hunt ends 19.April) !

All type of creators, that are able to create lovely hunt gifts in eggshell colors are welcome to join and show us their talent !

Starts: Apr. 1
Ends: Apr. 19
Hunt: ($ 0L)

Application Deadline: Mar. 8

Type of Hunt: Grid-Wide
Look for me: Eggs
Start Location: Beach Flowers

Apply Online

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Hunt Hints

This post originated @ Dare2Bare.

1. SHAPE ME Shapes- Delivered after midnight.
2. Decadent- It’s an evening affair.
3. Nik-ko’s- This gift will last forever.
4. Tori’s Style- The tiger within.
5. B is for B!asta- Oh you certainly don’t want to go out stark-naked…at least put on some make-up.
6. Butterfly Effectz- While your on the hunt why don’t you sit & draw me a pretty picture.
7. Ginger’s Shapes- Feed Me.
8. Custom Inkz- MMMM Candy Apple- even yummy when you wear it.
9. Camilla’s- I must be a twoabee.
10. Cero Style- I am hiding in a bowl.
11. Ms. B Designs- You’ll be baring it all on the wall RIGHT NOW when you find this prize!
12. M.O.A.R- It’s a bit of an ANIMAL
13. Fuk’N’Hawt- Don’t sit so close, you’ll hurt your eyes.
14. GM&LB Designs- Avatars like to hunt.
15. Factorie- Just slap it, slap it good.
16. Gaea Designs- If you Dare 2 Bare, 2 are 2 seconds north of midnight.
17. Cheeky Baby Designs- Being naked gives my tummy butterflies.
18. Lucky XIII Clothing- Sometimes it’s best to create your own luck.
19. Vextra Fashion- Lingerie Department is going through the roof.
20. Klassy Kitty Designs A. Guess where it is & you might just win! B. Look high & low, but don’t shelve it just yet!
21. Pulchritude- There is something sensual about going bare.
22. Indyra Originals- You’re under arrest. Again.
23. Goodvibez- Hitting 3 Wheel.
24. Catch It- It’s not a blue catsuit in the box.
25. Graffitiwear- Dare to look on the bottom shelf. The gift is new so where else could it be but with the new stuff.
26. Sassy!- Look in the corner if you dare. You’ll find the best things there.
27. Sub Rosa- I see you.
28. United Freedom- Dare to be beautiful.
29. Fantasty Restraints- When she walked the catwalk she owned it.
30. Devilish Designs- Sometimes it’s fun to be a little flirt.
31. Jaded Threads- Not only angels wear HALO’s
32. Visualz Sassy Fashions-Expect an untimate Eargasm.
33. Sweet Design- Put it on display.
34. Just BECAUSE- Dare 2 Bare with the skin.
35. Red Devil- Dare to fall at her feet & the reward will be greater then you think!
36. .Thump- Don’t eat me!
37. Herberry- Dare to bare in this Askew outfit… and you will find your prize.
38. Alter Ego- Two sexy girls in Zebra are better then 1.
39. Babele- The open road. Leathers check, motorcycle check, the only thing missing is my girl. Oh she’s in the basement.
40. LaCourte- The numbers today was way over Kelly’s head.
41. Hybridz- Call 911, but this is no medical emergency, it’s an emergency of love.
42. Death Becomes Nerd- How many slaps will it take for you to get bare?
43. Edge of Sanity- Don’t pet the pussy…or you’ll get bitten.
44. Condemned Design-They’re gonna walk all over you.
45. Dementions- You may score big in the Lucky Chair, but don’t forget to grab the prize that’s near
46. (Coming Soon)
47. (Coming Soon)
48. (Coming Soon)
49. Scratch Skin & Shapes- A triple S welcomes you, hides your prize.
50. (Coming Soon)
51. P.A. Designe- Look for a silver girl.

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