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Counting Down the Days…

This post originated @ Cubby Hole Hunts.

Only one week left for the Marketplace Hunt.
Don’t miss your chance to try out a brand new format for hunting in Second Life.

marketplace hunt poster  drop shadowedAll of the links are at Cubby Hole Hunts.


This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

Welcome to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boobie Full Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $ 2L gifts with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. This is a blind hunt so no pictures are provided. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the MSABC hunt sign at the starting location. Follow the clues and reap the rewards.


*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting

Whimsical Happenings – “Make a JOYFUL noise”
Feyline Fashions – “Tic toc Ladies! time is running out!”
La Boheme – “No one here but me and these pumpkin heads!”
Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop – “Searching the Ydea Nerd & Silvye gifts :)”
Perfect Seduction – “What’s better Boobies or Sales?”
Holli Pocket – “It’s all about yOu!”
Stone’s Work – “A great place to warm your hands!”
Carries’s Lingerie – “Who framed Carrie’s photos?”
Moonstar – “A tiny place for Hallowe’en …”
Paramour Studios – “Stop calling me a MANnequin; I’m a Lady!”
[HC] Hope Creations – “I Dare You”
M&M Incorporated – “Going to the chapel”
Pomposity – “Below a tumbler”
Sweet Tea Couture – “One of Us …… One of us….”
Artic Storm – “Between the French and the Fantasy!”
Toxic Candy – “IZZY WIZZY LETS GET BUSY” (not ready)
Star*Crossed Weddings(TM) – “Have a cup of coffee or some ice cream while you hunt!” (not ready)
VIPs Creations – “Wwoowow! What a Halloween group gift is this! Halloween everywhere!!” (not ready)

Hints & SLURLS

This post originated @ Stuff My Inventory Hunts.

Click on the store name for the SLURL

!bang poses: Look towards the heavens

*~*HopScotch*~*: I’m a rocket woman, burning out her fuse up here alon

22769 ~ [bauwerk]Slap the orange Hint giver for actual hint

[Black Tulip]: Well, I think this is a little extreme for dancing naked inside that fountain, Sir…

[Tillie]Stairway to heaven

Bounce This Poses: Don’t Be Modest

Duh!: I didn’t even register that it was there.

Dreamscapes Art GalleryPlease click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign

Grafica Poses: This needs your full attention!

Little Llama: Please have a cookie

oOo Studio: Play like the paparazzi at that big event and you’re sure to find the dropped canister

ReposeIt’s like looking for a needle in a haystack

RM Art of poses: SKIP

Something New: Everyone enjoys a “Selfie” so why not as a “couple”

Spyralle: Above our heads they waved, opal and rose pink..

The Vintage Touch: You won’t need a MAP to find me!. (Check all buildings!)

Uncertain Smile: Do you know that Pumpkins are awesome to use as a decoration for Halloween, but even better to eat?
Directions: Walk towards League, turn left then walk forwards. It’s a set landing point at Depraved Nation)

Variposa: When a woman is scared, she needs strong arms to hold her.

{Rook} Poses: Checkmate

{xoxo} PosesYou know your heart is telling you to play just one gacha.


Please visit for the original post date.

enMESHed Into Fall and Octoberville Prizes

This post originated @ enMESHed Hunts.

I dont know about you but there are some BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING gifts this go around. I feel like I say that every time though LOL.


The Marketplace Hunt

This post originated @ Cubby Hole Hunts.

Welcome to the Marketplace Hunt.
marketplace hunt poster drop shadowed

The links below will take you to stores in the Marketplace. Look through them to find the hunt object on an item for sale. Most are free but some may be priced as high as 10$ L

Marketplace treasure on black

Stores which include some Adult content:
1)  marketplace store 130671

2)  marketplace store – 34459

3) marketplace store – 6540

4)  marketplace store – 89804

5)  marketplace store – 64287

6)  marketplace store – 31780

Store with Moderate content:

7)  marketplace store – 144074

8)  marketplace store – 41631

9)   marketplace store – 121134

10) marketplace store – 122604

11)  marketplace store – 151159

12)  marketplace store – 61834

13)  marketplace store – 23631

14)  marketplace store – 135339

15)  marketplace stores – 20916

Stores with General content:

16)􀀍   marketplace stores – 41842

17)  marketplace store 148869

18)  marketplace store – 65194

19)   marketplace store – 137338

20)  marketplace store – 133277

21)  marketplace store – 144074

22)  marketplace store – 5977

23)  marketplace store – 42484

24) 􀀚   marketplace store – 61834

25)   marketplace store – 6310

26)  marketplace store – 39198

27) 􀀗  marketplace store – 126937

28)  marketplace store – 37394

Contact Cory Quinzet in-world with any questions or problems.


This post originated @ Nirvana Projects.

WELCOME, to the “Best Foot Forward pt #2” Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $ 4L gifts for grabs. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the BFF pt #2 hunt sign at the starting location.  All icons can be found on the main floor of each store. Follow the clues and reap the rewards. Be sure to take a moment and vote for your best gift. Poll is found on the right hand side of the blog.


*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting


1 - Nora Reddish (c)
1.Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Kiss me, KATIE!

2 - Noms
2.Nomiki’s Creations
Hint: “Love to flip and flop!”

La Boheme Prizes for Best Foot Forward2
3.La Boheme
Hint: “You might have to be a superhero to jump high enough to touch the sun!”

mans prize womens prize Toxic Candy
4.Toxic Candy (M/F)
Hint: “

BFF#2 - _plowwies _Weevil Biscuit slippers vendor
5. Plowwies
Hint: “I think we all have the urge to be a clown, whether we know it or not”

6.Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: In ‘African, East Asia, Fantasy Shop’

7.Whimsical Happenings
Hint: “You don’t want to walk by this delicious Holiday spread”

8.Feyline Fashions
Hint: Beware of elf-holding trees

Hint: Hint: put your best foot on the right path
and find me behind a sign!

10.Un-Needed Things
Hint: Imagine if you walked upside down how the perspective of the world would change

11.Amazing Creations (M/F)
Hint: “Skins”

12.The Outlet Lab
Hint: So come on to find your G point…. “Girls”! ^^

13.Firelight Creations & MAN Stuff
Hint: “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!”

Hint: “Rest your feet over here”

Hint: “Family Jewels”

Hint: “Put a little zebra on it”

17.The Happy Hat
Hint: “The Hunt Hints will say of how to walk my way”

18.Stone’s Works
Hint: “Footprints  in the sand!”

Hint: “You might as well hit the subscribo while you are standing there”

20.Rad Designz
Hint: “Nooooo Please don’t step on me!”

21.Artic Storm
Hint: “On the stairs, ’bout mid height, is the foot that makes it right”

22.Perfect Seduction
Hint: “Put those feet in some new heels!”

23.ArmaDus Building Designs
Hint: “Dwarfins Need Shoes”

24.Store Name

25.Store Name

enMESHed Hunts Headquarters Down?

This post originated @ enMESHed Hunts.

Did the grand opening of enMESHed into Octoberville and Fall crash the sim? No…its just a normal Tuesday morning in second life. Please note if you try to tp to the sim and you cannot get in this fine Tuesday morning…second life is doing maintenance and it should be back up shortly. But no there is nothing wrong we are still going full force and strong with this hunt…just gotta bare with the second life glitches and hiccups 😀

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