Fabulous Virtual Jewelry for Ladies & Gents!

Blacklace teases us at MW Fashion-5!

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.

Lexa Zifer wearing Dark Delight

Lexa Zifer wearing Dark Delight

What a great show at Model’s Workshop on August 17th. We were all treated to the sultry, sexy designs of Mariska Simons of Blacklace Lingerie. Five gorgeous models showcased designs ranging from bra and panties, lingerie sets and negligé to elegant wedding gowns and burlesque costumes. Hosted by Sofia Diage (voice host and DJ) and Madeleine Paxson (text host), the show oozed sex and sophistication with some kinkiness thrown in, animals, mesh body parts and a beautiful, mesmarizing bridal dance performance…READ MORE

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Blacklace Fashion Show at MW Fashion-5

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.


MW Fashion-5 - Blacklace Invite

Join us for the second fashion show by Model’s Workshop FASHION-5!
featuring the fabulous designs of

Blacklace Lingerie

by Mariska Simons

————————————– • ————————————–

Sunday, August 17 at 3PM SLT

Model’s Workshop Runway

Hosted by Sofia Diage & Madeleine Paxson (Mallairian), Co-produced by Jena Adder & Kathleen Sierota Xevion (katiemichelle)
Show will be on voice. Please enable sound and music stream upon arrival.
Listen live here

————————————– • ————————————–

Each month, for 5 months, a guest designer will be featured in a runway show hosted by Model’s Workshop and consist of volunteer models and production staff. This is a fast-paced production that gives exposure to models and designers alike, presented in a fun, educational and fresh approach to modelling. Read more details.

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ghee Sparkles at Model’s Workshop

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.

The first show of the Model’s Workshop Fashion-5! series of shows happened on Sunday, July 20 and featured ghee fashion by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity. The show was produced by Jena Adder and MC’ed by Sofia Diage and text hosted by Madeleine Paxson (malarian)READ MORE

Makena wearing ghee's 'Spring Pastel Gown' AbbyJean wearing ghee's 'Sandwashed Gown' Amity Sorbet wearing ghee's 'Ombre Silk Pants Set'

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MW FASHION-5! ghee fashion show

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.

MW FASHION-5 ghee Invite

Join us for the inaugural show of Model’s Workshop FASHION-5!
featuring the fabulous designs of

ghee Sparkling Couture

by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity

Sunday, July 20th at 3PM SLT

Model’s Workshop Runway

Hosted by Sofia Diage, Produced by Jena Adder
(show will be on voice)

————————————– • ————————————–

Each month, for 5 months, a guest designer will be featured in a runway show hosted by Model’s Workshop and consist of volunteer models and production staff. This is a fast-paced production that gives exposure to models and designers alike, presented in a fun, educational and fresh approach to modelling. Read more details.

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Blogging Expectations & Protecting Your Image – Workshop Highlights

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.

Lybra and NatzukaTo quote a famous pop star “Oops! ((We)) did it again!” Yet another workshop that ticked all the boxes on the educational spectrum and brought some fun and excitement along with it.

Lybra Rage, owner and designer of Lybra fashion, and SL partner Natzuka Miliandrovic, Miss Virtual World 2013, shared some very helpful tips and insight regarding blogging expectations and protecting your image on the Internet…READ MORE

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Garden Party Chic Styling Challenge Highlights

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MW Styling Challenge - May14-14 Garden Party Chic Winner Lady Kitten Katze-Elmer (falinakatze)

What a fabulous time we had on Wednesday, May 14th, as Model’s Workshop celebrated spring with a Garden Party Chic Styling Challenge. The models looked AMAZING! The garden decor was truly spectacular, and it was a packed room with guests and supporters who also dressed in the Garden Party theme. Two main criteria for this theme was to wear a hat and flowers must be part of the outfit or the accessories.

Our WINNER was Lady Kitten Katze-Elmer (falinakatze), who captivated the audience and the judges in a super chic spring pantsuit in hues of peach, green and yellow by SLC. Perfect for an afternoon Garden Party, the suit was set off with a green and yellow stylish hat with feather and flowers by Boudoir, sexy heart-shaped gold, green and diamond jewelry by Chop Zuey, and simple daytime makeup that included rosy cheeks and lips…READ MORE

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Frolic Mills at MW (June 5th)

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Frolic Mills at MW

Thursday, June 5th at 4pm Juan Delgado (aka Frolic Mills) came to speak at Model’s Workshop. He spoke about how he got started modeling, where his career took him, and what he was able to accomplish along the way. Topic was based on this year’s SLB11 theme “Looking into the future” where do you see SL heading, where do you see your virtual self heading?…READ MORE

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Basic Photography for SL Models

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Over the course of 3 separate workshops, I plan to go over all the basics for how to do your own SL photography. The course assumes no prior knowledge of SL photography. It will take you from the basics and get you to the point of taking decent snapshots using all the features SL has to offer. If you are new to SL photography or just want a solid review, these workshops are for you. The course is open to everyone. Each week I will give the same workshop twice, once on Thursday at 5 PM and again on Saturday at 12:30 PM.

Workshop #1: Intro

Thursday, June 19 @ 5 PM and Saturday, June 21 @ 12:30 PM

  • Using the snapshot window – all the options
  • Importance of aspect ratio
  • Uploading
  • Global graphic settings for high quality snapshots
  • Lighting and Shadows
  • Depth of field
  • Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering

Workshop #2: Composition and lighting

Thursday, June 26 @ 5PM and Saturday, June 28 @ 12:30 PM 

  • Using the environment editor
  • Using the presets
  • Making your own preset
  • Studio lights & backdrops – making your own
  • Gazers
  • Poses
  • Quick overview of photo editing

(Note we will skip around the week of July 4th, an American holiday weekend.)

Workshop #3: How to use the PhotoLife Studio

Thursday, July 10 @ 5 PM and Saturday, July 12 @ 12:30 PM

This is the studio that is set up on the second floor of Model’s Workshop and which is free to use for all members.

All of these workshops will be given in text chat, not voice.

Hope to see you there.

Monica Balut

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under construction

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Model’s Workshop celebrates SL11B

Original post @ Model’s Workshop.

MW at SL1188 - June 23

In celebration of Second Life’s 11th Birthday, Model’s Workshop will be putting on a fashion show featuring the beautiful designs of AbbyRose Abbot of Belladonna Couture, Monday, June 23rd at 12 Noon SLT at the SL11B Community Celebration sim. The show is produced and directed by katiemichelle and hosted by MW CEO, Suki Rexen.

Guests are invited to stay for a Q&A session after the show to learn more about modelling and fashion on SL. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered on how to get started in modelling on SL, what you need to do to stand out as a model, and more.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jena Adder

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