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SL’s Got Talent Contest 2014 – Auditions Start Soon

Auditions start on September 4, 2014. You can still pick up an application at the Speakeasy on the TriBeCa City sim in Second Life. But just in case you have not been able to get in world, you can submit the application via email as well. Or, you may be a virtual performer who is currently performing in another Virtual World. Either way, you are welcome to come participate in this first class Contest.

Download the application and return it today!–f_RRmKQpKA7BaaZNQ/edit?usp=sharing

You may be a seasoned SL perform who wants to expand his or her reach, a new comer who wants to jump start an SL or Virtual music career or you just may need some Lindens. We all have our personal reasons.  A description of the Contest is indicated below.  If you are interested in participating, complete the application portion of this document, include your name and return it as instructed at the bottom of the page..

You may review the 2013 SGT Contest Information here:

The 2014 SLGT Contest website will be published soon!


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!APHORISM! ‘Loaded’ Slim Jeans  (Women’s) Vintage NEW @ !APHORISM!
!APHORISM! Loaded T-Shirt (female) – White NEW @ !APHORISM!
Foresight – Bionic Eyes (Forest) NEW GACHA @ The Co-Op (opens July 7th @ 3PM)
“”D!va”” Hair “Naomi” @ D!va
Foresight – Bionic Eyes NEW Gacha @ The Co-Op
Opening July 7th @3pm SL Time
XoXo Glo

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Welcome Home!

Original post @ Gacha Junky.

You can make friends with anything in Second Life. There is an endless supply of huggable, wearable, attachable, lovable characters. This Friday Mishmish releases a Broccoli companion for Fifty Linden Fridays that will be right at home next to all of your other goofball friends. You can grab those now at the Mishmish Mainstore. If you have not had a chance to get to the Arcade you will be happy to know it is a little easier now to enter. Featured here are Remarkable Oblivion – SugarRush – ChocoHorns RARE, Half Deer Jelly Eyes and Yummy Cocktail Rings.

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I’ve been framed

Original post @ Gacha Goodies.

 *T&T* Freeze Frame! Step Thru SOON @ Oh My Gacha
[LDP] -Coral- SummerTop SOON @ Summer of Love Fair
:: Miss Canning ::[ Morgana Pants ] Black NEW @ Miss Canning
Eaters Coma – HAIR 51 / SANDY BLONDE NEW @ Creation.JP
Oh My Gacha Opening July 1st
XoXo Glo

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Into the Swing of It

Original post @ Her and Him.
This swing set rocks.  That is all.

Kidding!  I do have more to say.  I got this preview copy of the Adventure Playground Swingset from {what next} that will be available at the Zodiac event on the 21st of March and I had to get it out and have a play straight away.  It is so much fun and has poses for singles and couples.  Awwwww!  Whatever you do though, do NOT say to your significant other, “Wanna swing?” cos this could be taken the wrong way…

Anyhooo….this one is Rustic Naturals.  NICE!

In this swinging pic I am wearing the Spring Outfit from even.flow that is currently a hunt prize in the Spring is Near Hunt.  You get the cool red jacket and fancy blue pants which is awesome.  I teamed it with this Mock Neck Longsleeve from Shine (SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair).

The hat and hair are from Wasabi Pills and are called Lumi, and the shoes are from HOC Industries(Inventory Items). The skin is Elyse from Tuli and is in the Skin Fair (also in pic below), and the Sunny shape is from Oceane and is in the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.

This next funky outfit is made up of items from the current Acid Lily round. The tank and pants from Bitch Tail, and the fabu jacket is from Spearsong and is called Wolffang Women’s Smokers Jacket. Not that I will be smoking anytime soon.  Swinging is way healthier!

The hair is from Maitreya and is called Sasha and the boots are the Leather Army Boots from [SAKIDE].  The shape in this pic is my usual and is Anaise from Skin Within which has sadly now closed. (Inventory Items).

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Celebrating Creativity

Original post @ Her and Him.
Today’s post is a celebration of creativity.  It is to showcase some amazing items from some very talented SL home and garden designers, who I am proud to count as friends!  I had so much fun taking the photos and I know you are going to enjoy viewing and then buying!

Note:  My clothing is from 1 Hundred and Kaithleen’s at Acid Lily, Hair is from Truth (Sale on NOW!) and shoes are from NuDoLu at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Heavenly Villa – L’aize Dayz –  Bedroom Suite Country (Window and curtains not included) and Kitchen Bench – available in different colours (New Releases)

Paco Pooley – 22769 [bauwerk] – “Hideout” (Royal Living Magazine – Birds and Bees Hunt Gift) and Garden Party for Two Gardenswing (The Liason Collaborative)

Cleom Bailey – Cleo Design – Welcome Spring (RLM – Birds and Bees Hunt Gift)

Lilly Juno – Immerse - Maple Greens Pergola, Maple Greens Bridge (New Releases) and Maple Greens Picnic Table (VIP Group Gift)

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Original post @ Gacha Junky.

Here is the reality. If you want the ultimate headgear there is only one place in Second Life to find it, Remarkable Oblivion. They have done it again with this latest release for the Level Up! Racing Games event that runs from June 19th – July 5th. Don’t get freaked out and think this event isn’t for you because it is about racing. Level Up! is a video game themed event with the focus on a different game type each round. This first racing round has everything from hand bags to heels to old time arcade games and themed furniture.
The Speed Demon helmet from Remarkable Oblivion is all grit and polish with fine details front to back. You get open and closed helmets in each, both with materials and no materials options. My racing gear is from a fantastic garage known as 19MC. You can find the suit and mini racer at their Mainstore on the Edo Japan sim along with a fantastic garage theme gacha.

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Castles Made of Sand

Original post @ Gacha Goodies.

“And so castles made of sand slips into the sea…
[ bubble ] Pink Rainbow Tunic -Sheer NEW @ Summer of Love Fair
R(S)W  Sandcastle – Castle Pinwheel RARE –  SOON @ OMGacha
R(S)W Sandcastle – The Fortress of Bottle Caps – SOON @ OMGacha
R(S)W Bukkit – Wear to Carry – SOON @ OMGacha
Hair: +Spellbound+ Bubsy // NEW @ Spellbound

Oh My Gacha Opens July 1st

XoXo Glo

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Original post @ Her and Him.
I have a bit of a reputation amongst my SL friends of being a bit crazy when it comes to piloting boats.  Just ask my friend, Kav, about the infamous Gondola incident…

So, it would come as no surprise to many of them, and especially Kav, that I am doing these pictures on an upturned boat.  I would like to point out, however, that in this case the boat is supposed to be this way as it is a new pose prop from from L’aize Dayz.  It works in the water or on the beach and is fun for bloggers and picture takers alike.
The swimsuit is from {PopTart} and is the Frilly Swimsuit and Glasses.  It is currently the gift in the Hide and Seek Hunt, so get ya hunting gears on and check it out.
The hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Selene.

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Alone in Kyoto

Original post @ Infinite Pixels » Events + Fairs.

Lost in Kyoto

Alone in Kyoto
Lost in Kyoto ~ closer

Location: Nagare.


The Arcade is in less than two days!  I hope you are excited because I am so excited however my wallet isn’t!  Another adorably sweet must have in the upcoming June round of The Arcade is MishMish’s Traveler Kitty gacha.  MishMish always puts so much energy, thought, time & effort into the Arcade gachas and it shows.  Every piece is unique and special and in this gacha each one represents a city around the world.  One thing I want to point out that is a detail I absolutely love is that the kitties can be removed from their stands should you so desire.  You can select the stand in edit, edit linked and set to transparent so you don’t unlink them and lose the stand.  Even with the stands the kitties are only one land impact!  I think my absolute favorite is Kyoto but then the Sydney one with the kitty in the kangaroo suit and baby kitten in the pouch melts my heart.  It’s so hard to choose cause I love them all!  This is how gachas get us playing over & over again ><!  This gacha will be retired after June so it is one you will need to collect while you can.  Each city kitty is a common and there are two rares.  One of the rares is the Traveler Shelf shown and it is scripted with four options of inside wallpaper patterns.  The other rare is a Traveler Kitty animated pet wearing a camera that when attached to your avatar will stand and walk with you.  It mews and talks when you click it & ah-ma-gah the idle animations are adorable (little tail wag, blinking and swaying).

All good things must come to an end and Kustom9‘s May round is over soon.  If you didn’t get the Rozuhime kimono by Violent Seduction you need to go there now.  The kimono comes in two versions, a fitted mesh one and one that will fit the wowmeh mesh body.  You also get the option of wearing it with or without the fur collar addition.  If you don’t make it to Kustom9 before the new round don’t fret as it will be available in Violent Seduction’s main store in June.  Also released this month at The Sugar Garden‘s main store are beautiful Japanese inspired hair accessories ~ different variations & colors of peony clips, butterflies & butterfly chopsticks, flowers & hanging decorations, bira-bira’s in silver or gold.  These are timeless hair accessories and I’m sure this will not be the last time I wear them plus they all look great paired with Violent Seduction’s kimono!

////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Traveler Kitties: MishMish – Traveler Kitty Gacha – The Arcade June 2014
  • Butterfly ~ three variations included plus two variations of butterfly chopsticks: The Sugar Garden – Hair Ornament Butterfly Set
  • Flowers ~ includes small version shown and bigger version with hanging decorative beads: The Sugar Garden – Kanzashi Tsumami
  • Peonies ~ includes small version shown and bigger version with hanging mini peonies & pearls: The Sugar Garden – Hair Ornament Peony Clip
  • Earrings: The Sugar Garden –  PrismPower Earrings
  • Necklace ~ included with purchase of decor fish: +Half-Deer+ – Flowerhead Golfish – Fancy
  • Kimono ~detachable rigged mesh fur collar, fitted mesh & wowmeh version included: Violent Seduction – Rozuhime – Kustom9
  • Shoes ~ fits Slink Flat Feet: Le Primitif – Geta Sandals

////// Body /////

  • Hair ~ color packs also include options to change left or right side: LCKY – Morgan
  • Eyelashes ~ pack includes 5 lash variations: Candy Mountain – Moody Falsies
  • Eyes: Chus! – Etheral Touch Lenses
  • Skin ~ includes beauty marks & light freckles tattoos, neutral brows & browless, teeth showing optional, toned or soft tummy shadings, appliers for cute/phat azz, lolas tango, slink, loud mouth & lush breasts: – The Sugar Garden – Baby – Vampy
  • Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli – Open Mouth appliers included with The Sugar Garden Vampy skin tones
  • Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Gapped Teeth
  • Mesh Hands & Flat Feet: SLink appliers included with The Sugar Garden Vampy skin tones
  • Slink Fingernail & Toenail Applier: Adore&Abhor – Assorted Nailpolish Appliers
  • Standing Pose: MishMish included with all MishMish boxed purchases
  • Sitting Pose ~ includes giraffe plushies: .::Kirin Poses::. – Kirin Poses Anniversary Gift – 1st Bday Gift Pose 3 – Subscriber Gift!

MishMish - Traveler Kitty Gacha Key

Adore & Abhor - Assorted Nailpolish Swatch

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