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Coming soon Love & Hate full perms hunt gift for creators :)

Original post @ Les Sucreries de Fairy Full perm Freebies Hunts on SL.

Hello :)

Here are all information about the next “Les sucreries de Fairy “  full perms hunt :)

I’m french so please excuse me if my English is not really perfect and feel free to ask if you can’t understand me or need help

And now let’s go for this “Love & Hate full permissions hunt”

  • Theme : Love & Hate full permissions hunt for creators : The hunt gift can be about Love or Hate , can be nice and cute or not lol… but must be FULL PERMS  …
    Prizes can be textures,sculpties, meshes, scripts, poses, templates… but have to be full perms except for the sculpt map that can be no mod
  • When : Jan 12 th – Feb 10 th
  •  Applications : Before Dec. 30 th
  • Where : Starting location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sunfield/160/74/21
  • 2 l$ hunt
  • Fun needed :)
  • Group : Les Sucreries de Fairy SL hunts : secondlife:///app/group/9e454ca8-1fa7-2c91-4a50-f2019ff66060/about

Have fun, take care and happy hunting

Fairyzette Sahara

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Visit http://lessucreriesdefairyslhunts.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/coming-soon-love-hate-full-perms-hunt-gift-for-creators/ for actual post date.

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