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Enchantment’s Official Bloggers

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With the recent changes to Enchantment’s structure, we opened up applications for 20 bloggers to join the Enchantment team. We had an overwhelming response, making it very difficult to choose. We were very humbled and surprised at how many believe in this event and want to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone who applied, if we could, we would invite all of you but unfortunately at this time, it’s not possible.

Without further ado here are our 21 bloggers!

Cora Pomilio
Harper Beresford
Katya Valeska
Willow Zander
Gidge Uriza
Payne Sciarri
Freyja Nemeth
Arica Storaro
Eleri Catlyn
Charisma Jonesford
monoton resident
Harvest Dezno
Achariya Maktoum
Audra Graves
DevinVaughn resident
Adora Whitesong
Foxx Pawpad
Duchess Flux

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