The Coalition Football League is in its 2nd season!

CFL: Jets vs. Pythons

August 17, 2014 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
CFL Stadium
Veronica Gearz
CFL: Jets vs. Pythons @ CFL Stadium

Welcome to the Coalition Football League. We are an innovative American Football based Second life league that makes real life football come to life in our Second Lives. We have 16 teams this season, which bring SL Football come to life with fans, cheerleaders, players and commentators. Come check out one of our games tonight at 5 pm slt. We have Jets vs. Pythons. Will be the clash of the Titans. Who will win? Come find out tonight. For Tickets please come to the CFL Fan Sim. All the Team Stores are located here. Once you come to the team stores look for the team you would like to buy a ticket from and there is a kiosk inside the store to buy the ticket.

Please click link to get your tickets:

Let the Games begin…


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