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Shakespeare at the Manor Starring Caliban Jigsaw

January 15, 2014 @ 2:00 pm
KG Shine Productions - LEA Performing Arts Courtyard
Caliban Jigsaw

KG Shine Productions Shakespeare at the Manor

This week at KG Shine Productions we will be celebrating the talents of two of my favorite performers who performed in past productions, Caliban Jigsaw and Mommaluv Skytower. They will be bringing their own shows to the stage.

Caliban as Inner Wisdom

On Wednesday the 15th of January 2014 at 2 PM, KG Shine Productions will be presenting to you the wonderful dynamic Actor, Caliban Jigsaw, who will be presenting his One Man show of the famous Renaissance writer, none other than Shakespeare. Caliban is a gifted performer and will delight you with his variety of presentation in both his ability to bring you a different character in both voice and costume. He always shows an attention to detail which is one reason why I love this actor. He is a true professional. He looks for not only the costume but the animation to express the emotions of his characters which makes for a much more interesting production over “reading” . lag permitting.


Caliban as Hamlet
I am proud to say Caliban has been with my company since its start in 2009. He performed in both the Wizard of the North Act I and Act II and toured with me in Autumn Moon, An 18th Century Dracula’s Tale in 2011 as the loving father of Princess Grace and the avenger of Dracula. He also participated in my weekly scene and monologue reading workshops and can been seen in numerous machinima films over the years.

Here are just a few monologues he could present on the day:

Claudius’ prayer from Hamlet
Anthony’s funeral speech from Julius Caesar,
Richard III and Glouster from H VI part iii
Richard III
Richard II
Henry V
and possibly Titus Andronicus

Caliban added, “If you have a few more bodies…perhaps a scene from Henry IV part 1 with
Falstaff, Hal, Quckley, and others? “

So come dressed in Medieval clothes, who knows, he may have you join him on stage for an impromtu performance!

I look forward to an afternoon of Shakespeare with Caliban Jigsaw.
Hope you can make it!
Stay tuned for information on Mommaluv Skytowers concert for Friday the 17th of January at 2 PM.

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