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Fantasy Gacha 2014

Original post @ SL-Paparazzi.com » Events.

Can you hear the wind whispering, calling and luring you to come to Fantasy Gacha event? Time has come for all fantastic creatures to spend a little fortune and get those wonderful things all these creative designers provided.

Put on your least lag outfit or even go invisible. Don’t bother to wear any attachment – they won’t rez properly to the others anyhow and only cause horrible lag. Fantasy Gacha will be available til June 3rd.

To get an overview on item available: Gacha Previews
Teleport: Fantasy Gacha

Gacha goodies worn in photo:
Hair: little bones. Moon Child
Necklaces: Zibska ~ Loviisa Necklace [long] and [short] in Rose
Headpiece: [LF] Romantic Flower Headband Pink


Visit http://www.sl-paparazzi.com/2014/05/05/fantasy-gacha-2014/ for actual post date.

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