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Favorites from Lions & Butterflies and RaynZone

Original post @ FAR Hunt Group.

Every designer has created items that they absolutely love.  Myself included.  The “Our Favorite Things” event gives designers an opportunity to offer their favs to all of you for less than L$ 50 each.  You’ll have to take a ride over to the sale tomorrow morning to see it all in one place.  For now though, a tasty tease.

Hair / Hat Combo: Embla ~ Amacci New Years 2013 Gift

Tank: Naughty Camisk Gold ~ Lions & Butterflies

Jeans: Jesse Glamour Fatpack – Purple ~ RaynZone

The skin is another version of the PartyGirl Skins offered by Curio as a gift.  The slurl can be found in the post below this one :)

Visit for actual post date.

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