HuntingSL Events & Media Feed for Second Life® 2015-10-08T19:11:03Z Windlight Magazine <![CDATA[BURN2 2015 in Second Life, 17th-25th October]]> 2015-10-08T19:11:03Z 2015-10-08T19:11:03Z 0 Windlight Magazine <![CDATA[Valhalla: CEF comes to Second Life]]> 2015-10-08T17:11:03Z 2015-10-08T17:11:03Z 0 Windlight Magazine <![CDATA[Linden Endowment for the Arts: OCTOBERVILLE 2015 : Opening Oct. 1st at 2 PM SLT on LEA 9]]> 2015-10-08T16:11:03Z 2015-10-08T16:11:03Z 0 Hunt SL <![CDATA[Dia De Los Muertos Hunt]]> 2015-10-08T15:33:03Z 2015-10-08T15:33:03Z 0 Windlight Magazine <![CDATA[Linden Lab releases new Valhalla project viewer 4.0.0]]> 2015-10-08T14:11:02Z 2015-10-08T14:11:02Z 0