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Happy Birthday 7Seas – Celebrating Fishaversary

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
I was feeling restless and bored at the Shady Lady HQ as I’m wont to do when I am between events.  I filled two garbage cans with crumpled pieces of paper.  I played whatever electronic devices I had until the batteries went dead.

Ami was off doing Shady stuff, Petal was off doing Petal stuff.  I spun my phone, glaring at it.  SOMETHING HAPPEN.

It was then when Ami zipped in holding her fishing pole.  I looked at her, happy for something!  “Is it????”


And across the office, the boredom was lifted with the traditional fishing song:

Redd’s Fishing song!

Fishaversary for those not in the know is a massive fishing extravaganza that usually lasts for a weekend.  It has a specific theme (this time it was Iron), as well as custom items and islands built by some of the coolest fishing rod developers! 

What fun constructs were made this year?

There were two sims set up Iridium and Osmium.

Take a look:

Here’s what Iridium had out:

Behold!  The Ferrous (as in Iron) Wheel!  This build was crafted by Jen Shikami and if you look behind the wheel, you’ll see a nurse shark – complete with tetanus shots!  So thoughtful!
Here is a bar called the Breakers – provided by…..well I didn’t get a chance to see who provided it – it derezzed while I was photographing it!
This castle build was provided by Migizi North.
This is the spring themed island was provided by one of Ami’s favorite designers – CC’s Custom Rods.

And the second sim (Osmium) had some fun builds as well:

This mesh build provided by Kabalyero Kidd gave us an Egyptian feel as well as a ominous premonition…..will that black hole swallow us all????
This is a Green Lantern themed island provided by Heinrich Muircastle, created by Jeff Beckenbauer.
Petal Ami and I fishing.

After a lot of bait going into fishies’ tummies, it was time for Ami and I to go on home.  There are still 4 hours left of Fishaversary so be sure you get your fish on!

Visit http://shadyladysadventures.blogspot.com/2014/04/happy-birthday-7seas-celebrating.html for actual post date.

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