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Hunt Hints!

Original post @ The Dirty Pillows Hunt.
Here are the hunt hints for The Dirty Pillows Hunt.  Start location is Que Bella!  Hunt Starts Nov 1st.

1. Que Bella! – He loves his cushion for his tushie!
2. It Figures – So glad you came! To find your hunt giftie just look around the Monopoly game.
3. Bubble [Electric] –  Underneath I rest
4. Holli Pocket – Relax and catch up on the gossip!
5. Stacked! – Was the last shipment unloaded yet?
6. ~RI~Clothing – TIME TO CHECK OUT ^.^
7. Mountain Tops – Hint for gift 1: This probably isn’t a good hiding place.  If you can think of a better one, please tell us.  Hint for gift 2: Look high for what you seek.  Above the mountian tops is the peak.
8. Fameless – Sometimes, a spider isnt scary!
9. Muah! – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
10.  Patchwork Heart – here Kitty Kitty Kitty!
11. Tiny Things – The dance of the vampires.
12. Milk – No Peeking
13. Thirteen Industries – Hidden under the cupboard is the safest place to hide.
14. A4A –   Just where arrows meet steps!
15. Gatherings – 1) This should be FAIRY easy!
2) You will be pretty as a POSEY 
16. Renee India Plus+ – No Hint
17. {Boobielicious} – Under the Stars.
18.No longer in Hunt.  
19. Ellette – SOON! :D
20. Beach Bunns – Looking up at the Butt you may get Lucky
21. ellemeno – Under the sea…
22. Amazon Designs – Up, down, left and right, stay on course till you find your prize.
23. [QE] Designs – You gotta be worn out after lugging those massive jugs around all day.. have a seat and enjoy some tea ;)
24. J’adore – pillows grow when you nom cupcakes
25. [trs] – Slip into a Cozy Dress after a hard day of hunting ♥
26. Overcast – Climb Them…
27. Blah – No Hint
28. The Sugar Garden – MMmmm those fries smell good!
29. Bubble Gum Treasure Trove – No Hint

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