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Hunt Review: Fist Pump with the Best Hunt

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
ot It is always bad when I have to verify a fact before writing a post.  For months a black poster has been haunting me.  With its edgy white letters, and chalkboardish center, the Fist Pump with the Best Hunt was something I was looking forward to. 

There are several reasons why.  First – there’s the referral to metal music.  Ami and I were going  back and forth wondering how many different metal tees we were going to get.  Then there’s the sheer enjoyment of the fact that we were going to get something metal related that makes us both smile!

Second, a reference to a cartoon.  One of my newer favorite shows +Regular Show featured a band called Fist Pump as the main characters’ favorite bands.

What I had to check before this post was the definition of fist pump.  Ami and I received only 2 or 3 prizes that were related to music. 

To support my growing addiction of shoe collecting, I had to get a job selling bananas.  Speaking of which, would you like a banana?
Behold!  Sugar Rush! This cutesy store had a lot of cutey patootie stuff….but nothing hard core fist pumping fun…It didn’t stop Ami from sampling the goods outside though…
…the poor thing had to lay down mid hunt because she didn’t have any antacids with her.  Poor baby!!!

We didn’t pick any favorites from this hunt, because sadly none of them really spoke to  us.  There were some broken items from vendors, some incomplete items and it just seemed really thrown together.  There were 4 stores that opted out of this hunt, which may be a blessing or a curse. 

One thing we did notice was that there were a lot of appliers in our hunt items.  While we don’t mind this practice, it seems that the it makes it more expensive than it needs to be.  There are some people who don’t like mesh body parts, and there are some people still new to the game where throwing around lindens is not an option.  So why not join a hunt that specializes in body parts?  A lot of the pieces were Slink appliers, which go with the Slink hands and Feet.  The appliers are great to use, but it would make more sense if you had a hunt that was for Slink Only, similarly to what the Tango Train has been doing. 

Anyhow, this hunt was a great hunt for us to practice on, and hopefully the next one will be better.

If you are interested in doing this hunt, here’s their blog: Fist Pump Blog.

If you would like us to review one of your hunts, please pop us a note card.  I’m Blanchefleur Reynaud in SL and Ami is Ami Deceit in world.

That’s all for now kids!

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