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Hunt Review: The Autumn Effect

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
Ami and I had been scouring the grid for an awesome autumnal themed hunt to do.  When we saw that Depraved Nation had their Autumn Effect hunt out, we were excited.

Although I am not quite sure what the Autumn Effect is, I will admit that the designers did a great job of helping me figure it out!  I wasn’t sure if I should be scared, or if it was something metaphorical.  Whatever the case you are on the prowl for stuffs that are priced at 0L, a rarity in the hunt ring these days.
There were a few issues I had with this hunt, but compared to the previous hunts we had been on recently, they are TINY.  
The first issue I had was the amount of browns in this hunt.  While yes, brown is a staple of the autumn palette, there are also vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and a hint of green in there too.  I am not a huge fan of brown (most times, I call it Diet Black), but the shades of brown represented in this hunt were pretty.  It also is a neutral shade, which can suit almost any skin type.  
The other problem I had was that the quality of these items were on really elevated level.  I did keep a lot of these items, and I was glad to have the time to do this hunt.  I did only choose 2 favorites, but, I really liked a whole bunch of the items.   Ok, this wasn’t really an issue in a bad way.  :)
Whoo!!! Come to the Zombie Rodeo!!!

What did Ami and I choose as our picks?  Here’s what we got for you!

Ami’s Picks:

1hundred – Smexy Sweater –  1hundred SLURL

Ami is rocking this cropped tank top sweater offering from 1hundred.  This was a favorite of mine as well – because it had the robust reds and other autumn colors that some of the other designers missed.  It suits both Ami’s and my looks, which is just fine with us.  This is a great sweater to cozy up in!

 Cute Poison – Fallen Chest Piercing – Cute Poison SLURL

This is a fun chest piercing that is mesh and comes with a really nice HUD.  Every piece of this piercing is texture change so with a quick modification, it will sit prominently on the wearer’s collarbone and match whatever you want.  Ami has been waiting for some mesh jewelers to start using mesh with their designs, so when she saw this piece it really made her excited.  And it looks absolutely stunning on her, making it worth the wait.

Redd’s Pick:

:MV: – Deadwood Jacket – :MV: SLURL

Sometimes a simple coat will go a long way.  Here, MV has created a mesh belted coat with classic lines and that perfect drape that you can either wear with or without a shirt.  This is my “I woke up and needed to cast my spell” witchy look.  This coat has been my go to top as of late, so look forward to seeing more of it!!!

Honorable Mention:

[PM] Poses –  Damit 2.0 – PM Poses SLURL

What happened as a simple leaf fight became a huge quarrel!  Ami and I were discussing which witch was cuter and she was like, “Me…duh!”  The next thing I  know, I am eating a maple leaf salad!

So here’s how we would grade this hunt:
Theme: C –  The theme was pretty ambiguous – I am still curious what the Autumn Effect is.

Content: C – NA

Difficulty: B – Even though the hunt item was a hockey puck with a leaf on it, there were times the item was super tiny or hidden so well that Ami and I were scratching our heads.

Prizes: B+ – Like we mentioned above, it is hard to find a favorite when you have so many great choices to choose from.

Endgame: NA
To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure when this hunt ends, there is no end date on the poster (or my silly face can’t seem to find it), so this could be a super long hunt.  
I’m going to go and pull some leaves out of my hair.  
Happy Hunting!!!

Visit http://shadyladysadventures.blogspot.com/2013/10/hunt-review-autumn-effect.html for actual post date.

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