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Hunt Review: The Crying Peacock Hunt

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
What is the best part of an Oreo cookie? Is it the pair of crunchy chocolate cookies?  Is it the gooey middle?  Is it the fact that they work wonderfully together when you sink your teeth into it?  How about their sustainability in milk?

Yes, it’s breakfast time here at the SL headquarters, and all I have are dust bunnies, a couple of saltines and my token bottle of fruity vodka.  
In all seriousness, why did I bring up the Oreo comparison?  Aside from ravenous hunger, it is the perfect way to describe The Crying Peacock Hunt.  
Why?  The MadPeas have made a dark sandwich cookie of a hunt; with 2 different hunts to do in order to get to the end of it.  It is like screwing off the top of the Oreo and eating it.  After you finish the first piece of cookie you’re delighted to see that it isn’t over yet!  What is the creamy filling holding it together?  The Mad City Sim. Set in the sprawling Mad City sim, this hunt has a lot of pros and very few cons. In comparison to the Room 326 Hunt, this hunt will keep you in the noir mood even after you finish.  The entire hunt is contained on this situated on the Mad City Sim, so you don’t have to worry about bouncing from sim to sim and being thrown out of the mood.  
I am going to try to sum up the hunt without giving too much away.  So I suppose if you want to leave the element of surprise open for your hunting pleasure, you may want to go look at some other (and less worthy) blog.
Just like the Incan Warrior, the MadPea Crew took the best from a different video game genre (this time it was hidden object games) and proceeded to implement it into this game!  
Keep in mind that there is a little bit of storytelling that needs to be done before you dive into the hunt.  Once the police report is found you are off to the races!  We were on the prowl for items from the victims of a serial killer!  Muhahaha!  We moved from one part of the sim to another, finding all the items that were listed.

There were several pros and cons that were in this hunt.  While most of them are pros, the cons should be mentioned as well.

The Cons:

The HUD:  The HUD for this hunt is exceedingly large.  If you took a large Post It Note and stuck it on the left side of your screen, that would equate the size of this HUD.  For some odd reason, my HUD didn’t close until after the hunt was over.  I’m wondering if this is part of the lag of the Sim or if everyone had this problem as well.  Usually the closing feature works really well.

The Lack of Direction:  Remember when I said you have to go through a little bit of storytelling before we start? This is a pro and a con.  They weren’t kidding when they said, THIS HUNT IS HARD.  Once Ami and I got the police report, I had to ask in the group what to do next.  

The Ending:  Just like the Incan Warrior, this hunt seemed to end too fast.

Just like every adventure, Ami and I spent some time in the clink.

 The Pros:

The Sim:  The whole sim is one beautiful tribute to 1940s noir.  I love this sim for its grit!  On top of which, the entire hunt is done on one Sim, so there is no need to hop from sim to sim, like the traditional hunt. 

The MadPea Group:  I should have mentioned this group before, but every time I’m stuck, I hit this group up for help.  They are totally helpful and are more than willing to keep me up to date on all things pea.

The Lack of Direction:  Sure, I bitched about this, but I also applaud the MadPeas Crew for making me scratch my noggin on this hunt.  

The Reading:  I’m a reader, I’ll read everything I can get my hands on.  By making us read, the Hunt has a pace set to it.  It even gives us more information that we may or may not need.

Dead Ends:  Just like every crime, there are tons of dead ends and  possibly poor leads that lead you astray from your original purpose.  

Spiderman keeps vigil over the Silent Peacock Hotel.

Ami and I rushed the stage while a band was performing.  Somehow we ended up in jail. 

Enough of my babbling!  Let’s get on with our favorites!

Petal’s Pick!

+Oceania Breedables  - Fortune Teller Collectible Plushie

Petal cuddles her favorite fortune teller.

+Oceania Breedables has never disappointed us with their plushies (I was one of the few who enjoyed the inundation of hopeful penguins), but I was more than pleased when Petal chose this Charlatan Shark to feature.  It is a mesh plushie and aside from being so cute you want to gobble it up, it has a glowing crystal ball for it to gaze in.  In looking at the ball, you’ll see that it has mystical swirling smoke and it’s just awesome!  Go Team Oceania!!!

Ami & Redd’s Pick:

[Fleur] – Female Skully Skin 

This plum shaded skin is so very mysterious!  I love the fact that this skin has such a smoky feel to it.  The smoke ends up becoming a sexy skull on the face.  Ami and I both fell in love with this skin without knowing the other one picked it!  I loved Ami’s closeup – look at how full her lips are.  And feel free to perv her cleavage – the texturing and shading on this skin is so pretty that I was trying to capture it, but Ami did a better job on it.  

 Here’s how we would grade this hunt:

Theme: A- – The theme of the hunt was pretty fun and with the entire sim providing the atmosphere, it was a hard thing to beat.
Content: A – There was a lot of content to this hunt.  Excellent back story, fun environment, my friends playing gumshoe with me, what else could I ask for?
Difficulty: B+ – With its twists and turns, and dead ends, this hunt was a definite melon scratcher.
Prizes: C – Even though the peas stepped up their game and released some epicness, the prizes were probably overshadowed by this.  I was disappointed in one of the stores who actually used another prize from another hunt in this hunt as well!
Endgame: D – Just like the Incan warrior, this hunt seemed to come to a really quick end.

Overall, we’d recommend this hunt, so get your magnifying glasses and get on down to Mad City!

For further information, here is their blog as well – MadPea Blog.

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