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Introducing Builder’s Warehouse!

Original post @ The Cookie Jar!.


Builder's Warehouse - Logo

The Builder’s Warehouse is the sister event to the Designer Warehouse – both of which are hosted at The Cookie Jar.

This event features full permission items for home and garden. This is a two week event running once per month that are specially created at a reduced price with varying themes per month.

8 Creators will be taking part each time bringing you Items connected to the theme!

All items will be full perms!

All items will be exclusively available at the Builder’s Warehouse!

All items will be priced at 50% or less of the normal selling price!

Sounds good? Yeps, we know! The Builders warehouse is yet to have it’s first round, so if you are a shopper who can’t wait to check out this amazing event you can do three things to keep informed,

If on the other hand you are a full perms item creator and want to join in the fun whilst getting your items in the warehouse then Please contact either  nashari hynes or laurie7983 gothly in-world for more information and an application.


Keep watching this space for breaking news!


Visit http://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/introducing-builders-warehouse/ for actual post date.

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