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It’s Second Life’s 11th Birthday Party

Original post @ Happy Hunting!.

SL11BIG HUNT 512In honor of the 11th year there are 11 sims to explore and Happy Hunting has an oasis in the middle of all the outrageous, inventive, enormous, charming, intimate, fun, challenging…oh and so much more.

For hunters there is a BIG Hunt so big that it has 4 Trails: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western. Check out the map at HUNT SLSL11BIG Hunt Trails Map v2.2

Be sure to take time to do the little hunt at the Happy Hunting resort and the Nano Hunt in the HUNT SL building.

HH little hunt posterHUNT SL SL11B Nano Hunt

Visit http://happyhuntingtv.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/its-second-lifes-11th-birthday-party/ for actual post date.

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