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Hello and welcome to HuntingSL!

This site is meant to serve as a valuable resource to the Second Life® community for residents seeking information about hunts, events, performances of all kinds, fashion shows, and media announcements.  There is also a picture-based calendar on this site that can be used for one-time or recurring events.  Though we will occasionally place hunts on our calendar here, we would prefer that you go through HuntSL or SL Hunts to list your hunts and then submit a blog for syndication here as both sites are very comprehensive listing hunts on calendar and the start of your hunt will go across the feed here because they are both syndicated with us.

Where we can assist is that your posts about hints or stores involved, any sort of news regarding your hunt that you would post to your own blog, would go across the feed here for more exposure of your news.

HuntingSL Syndicates the Blogs of:

The above list is not all inclusive of blogs that may be accepted here but it gives a good idea of what we’re looking for.  There is often overlap, but we are not looking for normal looks of the day found on fashion feeds like BloggingSL, or vendor ads and new release information from creators like what is found on DesigningSL.


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