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MadPea Gacha Art Festival-Starts today with an Opening Party!

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We have another Art preview for you.
 These are the final previews of the art creations, that will be featured today.
You will be able to collect and own them from today until the 31st.
Yes today!!! and to kick-off this special event we are opening it up with
rockin’ tunes by DJ Rain Williamson at NOON SLT, in Mad City.

Artist: Thea Maiman

Artist:  Harter Fall
Art Set: Characters from LEA
The Order Of Perception
Artist:  Alia Baroque
Art Set: Illustrations
Artist: paramparamm papp
Art Set:  junk from param’s attic
Artist:  Fuschia Nightfire
Art Set:  Animated Art
Don’t miss out on these collectable and inspirational pieces of Art, 
which will be available in the

Visit for actual post date.

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