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Magical Mystical Tour

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Spring 2014 | March 1 – 31.

Some of the hunters and staff were talking in chat during the wee hours last night and it occurred to me that there are some aspects of the Twisted Hunt that not everyone knows about and which might be fun to share.  For instance…after you find the hidden cube at MV, be sure to take a peek under the floor.  Lokii  frequently leaves messages spelled out in cubes for the hunters who try derendering or wireframing in an attempt to find the prize.  The messages vary, but are always good for a laugh.  Also, have you heard about rage quits? Those people who get so frustrated/angry/bitchy about the hunt that they throw a fit and quit the whole thing? Curiously enough, the first reported rage quits for this round of the hunt also happened to occur at Lokii’s store, MV.  Coincidence?

Another tradition on the hunt are the kobolds at The Dark Fae.  Each hunt has a differently themed little guy as a hunt extra and they are all adorable.  Avatar Bizarre is another traditional hunt stop for cute shoulder pet type critters – this time around, Sredni has some absolutely stunning dragons.

The End Game is another spot for an oft-indulged, but not often mentioned hunt tradition – getting your photo taken in front of the Survivor sign.  Those lovely survivor tags are only good until the next hunt, but that picture will last you forever.

We forget sometimes in the rush to make it through each store’s particular brand of torture, that this hunt is FUN.  There are more things to do, places to explore and chances to socialize and make new friends on the Twisted Hunt path than in any other hunt in SL.   And, you will not find any other hunt out there quite as aggravating, teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling, bloody tears, and oh-so-warped-soul-fulfilling as Twisted.

Here’s a look at a few more of the great prizes waiting to be found.

Happy Hunting!



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