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March Arcade Review

Original post @ Gacha Junky.

This March Arcade is all about spring and for those of us suffering in some harsh real life winter climates, it has been a welcome escape. Machines like 8f8, Lark and Pixel Mode will have you playing for complete sets. The great news is, the machines this round, over all, play wonderfully. The rate to which rares come out is not that frustrating. Everyone involved in gacha knows by now that people play a machine for what they want out of it. It looks like many of the Arcade creators have realized a reasonable rare setting is good for everyone. Getting those extra thousand plus linden out of a player by making the rare rate too low just makes people fee ripped off. Setting a machine right can be the difference between rabidly loyal fans and luke warm fans who dread wanting anything from a machine that a particular creator has made. That being said, this March Arcade has been totally pleasurable. I walked away very happy from most machines with out too much excess plus rares to barter with. 
I was not keen on the “coupon” rares that some creators adopted this round. It caused a lot of confusion and in the end you were left with a no trans item. Losing the freedom to try something on, or use it for a picture or for some length of time, then not have the option to trade it was lost on me. Especially for machines that are also set very difficult in the first place. In the end, trans coupon or not, the final product was a no trans item and that I felt skirted the rules a bit. Trust me, you dont need any gimmicks to get gacha junkies to spend linden or keep them from reselling something. If the item is fantastic, they will shell out more than they should and wont be giving it up.

Arcade Gacha Shown Here
Surf Co. – Stuff for the Beach + Home
8f8 – My Imaginary Garden
Lark – Farmers Market
Pixel Mode – The Happy Gardener
Silent Sparrow – Snugglewarmers
Tres Blah – Spring Living
Ingenue – Pandora Flats

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