Mommaluv Skytower & Nahileh @ LEA2 – 2pm SLT Today!

Mommaluv and Nahileh

From Gish Guardian (Kit Guardian) of KG Shine Productions:

Friday the 17th of January 2014 at 2:00 PM
KG Shine Productions welcomes Mommaluv Skytower and Nahileh to the stage for a live music concert

Mausolée ConsortiuM is an EDM project created by MommaLuv SkytoweR and NahileH Resident. Together they create lyrical and instrumental beds melting organic and virtual reality into one entity.

Mausolée ConsortiuM is

made in France
made in America
made with Love
made for you

I cannot remember how I discovered Mommaluv Skytower but I do know that she blew me away so I asked her to write and perform music for a two hour live theater production we were doing called Wizard of the North Act II at KG Shine Productions. You can see two of her songs recreated for the film version on my AviewTV channel called Gish.

MommaLuv has been a Second Life Resident since 2008 and began performing in 2010. Pop Art Lab being her debut. Since then she has performed for  many charity and art events. Some of which include LEA, KG Shine Productions, BurningMan, SL Birthdays, UWA, Moolto, Erato Caerleon, Hope Charities, Relay for Life, Museum of Identity. She has also been featured in SL publications such as Moolto, Treet Tv, Live Musicians SL, CIsum Webzine.

Nahileh’s background is a dub artist and has studied jazz composition in France and very new to Secondlife.

Their upcoming album:

+++TRANSMUTATION of the GENii+++

is due for release early 2014

Our music is found on the following sites:


questions can be directed to MommaLuv at [email protected]

X’z & O’z from NahileH and MommaLuv

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