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Morbid’s Salon of Beauty

Original post @ Gacha Junky.

Very early on during the planning of Gachatopia we had a salon and a barber shop for the sim. It was a way to add a little more fifties flair, in the way that Luke’s other builds had, like the Diner. As usual we were sidetracked and went off in some other wayward direction, which is our habit. Gachatopia will always be in a constant state of creation for us. We do what makes us happy and if people also enjoy it that is a huge bonus for us. This salon is my new joy and it could not have happened without the Floorplan Salon Gacha. Filling up a salon in the past would be really hard on any prim budget but this set, out at the March Arcade, can make your beauty dreams come true with hardly a dent in your land impact. Other rezzable gacha included here, What Next Spring Clean Gacha , OMEN Dear John Gacha, treh blah Spring Living Gacha and Anc Butterfly Dream Gacha. Also new here is the MudHoney Benson Mirrors from Mens Department.
About the outfit, YES this is the controversial UFO Tea Party with Alice Naughty Bunny jumper but the NEW version. If you didn’t like the “shading” on the old one you will be very pleased to know you can exchange yours for this “clean” version by bringing your coupon in to the shop and retrieving another. Other wearables include Truth Maiko hair Gacha. Also new on my avatar are the Blah. (My Elevated Getas) from the Whore Couture Fair

Visit http://gachajunky.blogspot.com/2014/03/morbids-salon-of-beauty.html for actual post date.

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