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THEME: Fill In the Blank

Upon acceptance, each merchant will receive a “fill in the blank” & will be required to make an item w/ respect to their “blanks” For example “Your favorite music artist is_____.” The merchant’s item should fill in the blank. Let’s say this answer is COLD PLAY, the merchant’s item could be a tee shirt with a picture of Cold Play.  Are you with me? Lets try another fill in for good measure; “If you were a nail polish you would be ________ & _______.” Say the “blanks” are Green & Shimmery, then the merchant is to make an item that is Green & shimmery. Got it? Good!!

Each merchant will receive his or her own “fill in the blank” if the merchant list is extensive, some “fill ins” will be doubled. “Fill in the blanks” will NOT tell a merchant what to make or what color/texture/patterns a merchant should use. Merchants will have full rights to choose what he or she makes. All items are welcomed from home goods to poses!

Hunt items should…
- be BRAND NEW!! (there is more than enough time to create)
- NOT be items in other hunts, freebies or give-a-way events
- fit the fill in answers you, the merchant will provide me!
- be creative & stretch the imagination, people enjoy different
– reflect the quality of your work & store

This is about you! Put some thought & time into your creations. 


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