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Oh the Horror…fest?

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
So Ami and I were at Deathrocker Bettie Crocker sometime in midSeptember when we saw an orange and black poster yelling at us.  I ran over to it and said, “Ami….”

Somehow she knew where I was going with this, “yeah we’re so there.”
So we drooled in our collective buckets until around October 1, when the first taste of what we were going to look forward to came from Death Row Designs.  I literally screamed and then passed Ami the notecard.  A beautiful mesh head was grinning at me with tons of teeth and a tongue Gene Simmons would envy.  I needed that head!!!
Would you like to lick mein Flavorpop?  Here I am in DRBC leggings and corset with a DRD head, Schadenfreude shoes and a Freakdesign lolly.

A lot of the other designers keep their surprises under wraps until October 18, the opening day of the fair.  Ami and I had some Lindens to burn so off we went!
We hit a lag wall the millisecond we landed on sim.  This was not the rubber band lag that we knew from our derby days, but the kind of lag that makes you murderous.  I am not exactly sure what was going on, but it took us 4 hours to get through the event.  This may have been because we went on the first day, but it also could just be a derpy sim.  I know that during some of the other times I went the lag wasn’t so bad…but it still was there. :(
As you all know, Ami and I are total softies for causes.  In this case, the cause du jour was The Epilepsy Therapy Project.  Being an epileptic myself, as I strolled through the event, I was happy that the event had such a great turnout of vendors we liked, but angry because it seemed that there was very little organization to it.  
There were several things that made me growly about the event that should be noted.  The lag put icing on the proverbial cake really.  
- Some of the gatchas were no transfer.  Really?  There should be a law saying that you should never make no transfer items into a gatcha item.
- Some of the gatchas weren’t set to the correct group.  Why is this a problem?  Perhaps it is because if you have your land set a certain way, only items in a specific group will be able to run scripts.  Which means – no gatcha prize spit out.  Couple this with lag and it’s a nightmare.
- Somehow the sim surround interfered with getting my gatcha goodness.  There were many times when I clicked on a gatcha and was told I couldn’t interact with the enchanted forest.  
- The Blogger Wall – As you climbed into the shop of additional goodies (it took me like 5 minutes to do), you saw pictures of all the “Official” Bloggers on the wall.  On top of which, the pictures were the first things you saw and it just seemed unnecessary to publicize their work instead of the cause they are supposedly supporting.  Maybe if they were looking for images to put up on the walls they could have chosen some further information about the actual cause. Or perhaps photos of people suffering from the disease.  There is a small bit of information towards the bottom of the wall – showing how much the group has raised, but in looking at the webpage, it really doesn’t explain what our money is going to.  This is no fault theirs, but why support an ambiguous cause?
- Attention to the cause:  As you shopped, there were a couple posters with Epilepsy factoids on them.  There could have been more, but some events don’t even commit to that so I’ll give them that.
-The vendors!!! Most of the vendors had items that were for sale at 50% and 100% proceeds going to the cause!
-Dizzy Kit – No, this isn’t a new Halloween game, this is the owner of Deathrocker Bettie Crocker.  When I sent her a notecard with my transaction history, she was more than happy to give me the corsets that I played for in the gatcha.  I even got one of the rares!
- The HUNT!!! – A hunt accompanies this event and runs for the duration of the event.  I can’t wait to see what we get!!!

This creepy crawly event runs until November 8 if you are into the creepy crawly stuff – this is worth a checkout!

Here’s your ride: Horrorfest SLURL

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