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Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.

It was New Year’s at Shady Ladies HQ, and amid the winter storm, sat three very bored ladies.  Nothing but football was on TV, and I know I heard myself fall asleep while what appeared to be a slow SL news day crept by.  That was until Petal asked, “Today’s the 1st right?”
Ami did her best Big Mack impression with a monosyllabic,  “YUP.”
Petal calmly got her coat, almost too calm, if you asked me.  She was halfway down the hall when she called over her shoulder, “Meet you at OMGatcha!”
Ami and I were running for our coats (a feat for me in my crazy stilettos) and as we made it to the elevators, Ami threw an elbow.  We were off to the races as soon as we could be.  
If you are going to omgatcha,  you will need 3 things:  first – boots.  This time around Omgatcha is set in a snowy forest, not a place for the untrained heel wearer to go.  The second item you’ll need is patience.  For a good portion of the time yesterday,  the sim was full.  The final thing you’ll need are lindens.  A lot of mine vacated my pockets yesterday. 
As far as items go, this year was the year of the plushie.  Out of the 125 vendors at the site, 13 are offering plushies – almost 10 percent.   And did I get one of everything?  No.   But I got darn close. 
Ami is having the typical problem – which plushie to snuggle up with?  She has one of the Cuddly Octopi from Forever Young in one hand and a cat from the Aviary’s offering from the event.  I on the other hand decided to sleep with all three of my plushies – the Forever Young Octopus, a narwhal from Pretty Liar, and a Meow Head Warmer from Mango Cheeks.
Ami and I are huge cartoon heads.  If it has been animated there is a chance that either one of us if not both of of us have heard of or seen it.  Enter The Sugar Garden with their Sailor Moon lingerie sets.  I think I lost Ami for a few minutes between singing the theme to Sailor moon and the sounds of the gatchas. 
Watch out intergalactic baddies, Sailor Redd and Sailor Shady are on the case!
There were other standouts for us as well, but none of them as cute as the offering from Alchemy,  a colorful mesh weasel with clothing (sold separately).  There is a secret mint colored weasel that is in the gatchas who is not featured on the poster (but featured in our photo).  The cool thing about this avatar is that you can use your own AO and the avatar will not break up like so many of the older avatars.
OMGatcha runs until the end of the month and it is located here.
Have fun and don’t OD on the cuteness!

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