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Feel your boobs!

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Hello darlings!
Today I have a nice one that also carries a very important message.
Please remember girls, it’s never to soon to start checking your boobs.
Know your body, it always pays out. Here’s a great guide for just how to do it.
This baseball tee with Tango appliers is from Laney’s 
and it’s free at their cart at The Wash biannual cart sale.
If you haven’t visited the Wash cart sale, you should definitely go. 
Nothing is over 10$ L and there are a lot of really great designers represented.
The cart sale lasts until Oct 8th, so you have plenty of time to see it all.

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-got em…….all mine-

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Outfit: Ruca Tease –  RT- GUS MESH CASUAL PACKAGE complet with Shade and Sneakers

Cigarette:  [NikotiN] –  Cigarette_ Premium    (v.4)

Bag: [BUC] –  [BUC] “Greed” Dillinger Duffle Bag RARE  @ The Gacha Mania


POSE:    IMAGE ESSENTIALS   – subtle male 7

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Dazzlers perform at Rock Your Rack!

Original post @ DAZZLERS INC..

Rock Your Rack is an event spearheaded by Models Giving Back’s Jamee Sandalwood.  With all money going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, this event will be featuring 5 fashion shows, 6 Live Musical Artists, 5 DJ’s, Dazzler’s Dancers, Silent Auctions, a venue wide hunt and fashions from 34 designers!  The Dazzlers will be dancing 7 songs at 1pm SLT.

Rock your Rack Logo

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One week down.

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Timeless, by Duchess Flux


Well, ACS is sort of limited time, but this photo by Duchess Flux isn’t.  Lovely, isn’t it?

So we’re now a week into this year’s ACS, and people are still putting stuff in their booths to keep people coming back. I know Fission and Aftershok and Greymoon have put more stuff in recently (I think I’ve forgotten someone. If it was you, remind me.) Lyssa Sapeur of Greymoon was kind enough to make her donation outfit in black as well so all you goths? Now is the time. (yes I already got mine.)

We had a very, very busy weekend, particularly Sunday, where we had several truly enormous tip jar donations.  I don’t want to out the person who did it (but I can see the tip jar cash go through because it passes through my account on the way to the alt.) I just want to say thank you.

We are blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm and generosity, and we can only encourage people to keep coming back to see what’s new and to take more photos as well, as this year’s build has a lot of wonderful photo opportunities as our flickr group shows.

A number of people have stopped me to tell me how much this event means to them personally due to the charity.  As much as I’d like to take credit, the person to really credit with this is Lokii. The NKF is very important to her.  So if you’re one of those people and you see Pottamus, you might want to drop her a message.

I got an IM this morning asking me a very important question about how the money gets to the charity. I’ve got this information in the FAQ but at this stage that’s easy to miss, so I want to make sure I go over it again.

Linden Lab changed how cashouts were handled about a year ago.  You can no longer cash out to a paypal account you personally do not control.  This is a security measure, but the downside is that it kind of makes it a pain in the ass to do a large scale charity event.  It means that for large events, the way to do it is to have the charity itself create an inworld account of their own and *THEY* cash the money out directly to their own paypal account.

The National Kidney Foundation has its own SL account- NationalKidneyFoundation Resident.  We confirmed with the NKF that the account is legit and belongs to them. (you can read about this here).  We collect all the charity money on our designated alt for this event, and once the event is over we will hand over that amount in lindens to the NKF’s account. As always I will post screencaps of every step of the paper trail to assure everyone the money went to them and nowhere else (I always do this for every charity event we do.).  We collect it on our charity alt first because if we were to send the money to the NKF account without using an alt as a middleman we would have no way to know how much was actually raised, and no way to tell you what the total was. This is why our charity alt is used as a middleman- so we KNOW how much was raised for the event, and can pass that information along to you as we go along. However, and I am always careful to be clear about this, once the money is turned over to the NKF’s representative, we no longer control it. We cannot tell you how long it will take to cash it out. At that point, we too are at the mercy of the charity to tell us what’s going on.  But up until the cash is handed to them we will make sure everyone sees exactly where that money goes and how much it is.

If anyone has any questions about how this process works, please feel free to ask.

And speaking of money… At 6pm Pacific Time on Monday (the end of day 7) the total raised for the National Kidney Foundation was 465,737L, or $ 1812.26.  That’s thanks to all of you and we can only tell you how grateful we are that you are so willing to help us support the NKF.

Not Picking Daisies, by Sonya Marmurek


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Dazzlers Bloggers 2014

I would like to welcome the 5 people that will be working hard to get information out on Dazzlers as well as dance happenings around SL.  We would like to take the time to give back to all the amazing designers that work with us to make us look amazing in each of our shows.  Without them we would not be able to dazzle or make the vision of the piece.  Also, thanks to the animators that make us move. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  We will share with you info on each of our dancers that make up the DAZZLERS Family.  We will be blogging about all of these groups, in hopes that it is a fraction of thanks we can give to those that make us who we are.

These DAZZLERS will do blog posts, take pics of the designs that we are wearing in each show and also do interviews and articles on anything and everything to do with dance.

Thank you for an amazing 5 years and without you, the fans, we wouldn’t be able to shine!

From left to right:

Veronicalynn Parx is wearing:
Alicia in Turquoise by -AZUL-

Dax Dover is wearing:
Burlesque Beauty Princess by Dirty Princess

Pyper Dollinger is wearing:
Chicago by Champagne! Sparkling Couture

Ladylouiscapone Carmona is wearing: Miss Darcy “Seasons of Beauty Red”

Eliza Mint is wearing:
Von Tease Princess Mesh Gown  by Dirty Princess
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots – Black Leather

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The turning of the seasons- Summer into Autumn (CIRCA and Kaerri)

Original post @ Homestuff.

So the Autumnal Equinox is here again, and our thoughts turn to— did I get enough sun? Are there mai tais sitting on the beach that I have not yet consumed? Circa has a lovely set of patio furniture available for those of us who need to soak up just a few more rays.


This is the ‘Amazon Retreat’ set all in one place- a bird of paradise plant, a mixed bag of tropical plants, a red bromeliad, a lounger and an umbrella.  There’s about 10 poses in the lounger for you: I stuck with two of the guys’ poses.


But there’s more to this set than just the poses in the chaise, or the lovely potted plants. There’s also the fabric and wood tone changes. By clicking on the pillow on the lounger, or the canopy of the umbrella, you can change the fabric. Both pillow and umbrella have the same fabrics, so I chose a couple different ones to show you what they look like, here:


and here:


There’s eight fabric colors, and five colors for the lounger’s wood. If you think you’ve had enough of the sun, then, time to move on to the next offering, from Kaerri: the ‘Garden Piano’.  This is a RFL item; proceeds of the sale go to help benefit cancer research and patients. And it’s just such a beautifully surreal piece of work!

garden piano0

Perhaps not totally autumnal, with the bright green fronds of grass around it, but… it seemed to fit in perfectly well where I rezzed it up. Let’s take it inside, though, so the difference between setting and piece is a little more stark.

garden piano2

Kaerri was telling me that doing this piece was a lot of fun: she doesn’t often do something whimsical and unusual. I have to say, she’s certainly got a good hand at it!
There’s several animations in the piano; one or two that face you with your back to the keys, one where you’re playing…

garden piano3

and others I’ll leave as a surprise. And buying it, you can know you’re donating to a good cause.

garden piano

Doesn’t every home need a concert grand with a garden planted in it? Fun stuff. ;)

The CIRCA set is available at the store: click here to visit. Kaerri’s is at an RFL event: I will tack in a SLURL shortly!

Visit http://homestuff.stuff-sl.com/2014/09/23/the-turning-of-the-seasons-summer-into-autumn-circa-and-kaerri/ for actual post date.

Dazzlers Perform at Sweet Somethings

Original post @ DAZZLERS INC..

~Ghee~, Paisley Daisy, Beautiful Deluxe combine beautiful forces and designs to bring a Fashion Show inspired by romance!

Dance entertainment provided by the Dazzlers and music by DJ Phemie Allcott

Begins at 1:30pm SLT

Landmark- Sweet Somethings Show


The Dazzlers will be performing in this sparkling design by Warm Clarity of ~Ghee~

Dress: ~ghee~ Peach Melba Tutu

Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet: Chop Zuey Candy Kisses

Shoes: Isis Bellic Ballet Shoes- pink

Hair: D!va Manon (Type A) – Citrine

Nails: Jamman Deluxe Fingernails HUD

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Original post @ Nirvana Projects.

To add a fun, competitive spin to the event, each merchant will be tested on his or her ability to raise funds for the cause. At the conclusion of the hunt, the top 3 earners will receive a gift package by sponsors.

 American Cancer Society
 Deluxe Body Factory
Wishing Well Industries
VG Shoes
 Dee’s Designs
 Stitches Creations
 Dragon Pavilion
 Dressed by Lexi
Shadow Dreams
 USC Textures
 Digital Dezines
 Lightening Video
 Winsome Twins
 Minx Designs
 Artic Storm
 L’Amour Model Productions
 Nefeli’s Gestures
 Cake Fox
Coffee Whore
 Gemstone Breedables
 Phat Bottom Girls
 Gor-jus Animations
 Iron Tiger
 La Boheme
 Isis Boutique
 Lyrieal’s Boutique
 HC Creations
 Fairey Angel Creations
 Feyline Fashions
 Just Posing
 Nightmare Design

Visit http://4stores2behunted.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/i-feel-you-feel-competition-totals/ for actual post date.

Hunt Review: Twisted: Time Warp

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
Ami and I were chilling in the Shady Lady HQ, going through our Arcade items when a case of the duldrums hit us.  We had been going through the inventory of doom for the past few days and our eyes were starting to blur.

“Let’s do something fun!”  This is usually an Ami proclamation, and I’m usually swept off to an event losing way too many Linden.  Since my L’s were insanely low, we hit the Hunt Resource Center.

And there it was, shining in its rainbow timepiece glory – Twisted Time Warp.

The minute I saw the theme, I didn’t know what to expect, but I did break out into song:

With that being said and done, I thought that I’d be inundated with Dr. Frankenfurter items.

I was completely surprised.  Out of the 110 stores, there was not a single Rocky Horror Picture Show item.  One clue, yes, but no items.

The theme of this hunt was really neat.  Out of the 10 Twisted hunts that were offered thus far, designers were given an opportunity to go back in time and choose one of the previous hunt themes to make a prize.  This included doing a time theme as well.

And of course there was fun to be had!  We brought along our friend Felicity, who had never done a Twisted before.  She was tickled to come along and found quite a few rainbow cubes!

It looks like Mr. Vajuggy has expanded!  When he’s not working on the MadPea Hunts, he is now featured in Twisted!
When we do Twisted, we search high and low for cubes.  I was in charge of high this time…
Ami, myself and Felicity found a carnival while hunting.  I begged for a moment’s reprieve where we rode a merry-go-round! 

 There were a lot of highlights from the hunt, but there are a few favorites we’d like to show off.  So without further adieu, here’s what we got!

Ami’s Favorites:

 Mishmash Fusion – Carnival Doll Outfit – MishMash Fusion

 Look at the legs on Ami!  She’s wearing the cute Mishmash Fusion Carnival Doll Outfit.  This outfit is a great Halloween outfit and it also includes a pair of Slink Shoes for the High Feet.  One of the great things about this outfit is that the designer went with one of the more daring colors of the past Twisted Hunts:  The ivory and orange striped cube.  Ami was very impressed with this fact and chose it as her favorite for her reasons.

Anachron – Twisted Retro Headphones – Anachron SLURL

 After a screaming match with our photographic director over wardrobe, Ami stormed into her dressing room and put on her new favorite accessory, the Retro headphones that we got from Anachron.  She was glaring pointedly at our photographic director (now former) and we caught this shot.  She luckily didn’t hear the yelling – noise reduction is a blessing at times.  These headphones are really nice, not only do they have a HUD that changes the color to all the colors in the twisted rainbow, they also feature an animation to look like sound waves or music notes coming out of them.  Just look at the scowl, I know I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that!

Felicity’s Favorites:

Goth1c0 – Trapezist Dress – Goth1c0 SLURL

When Felicity first saw Ami wearing this dress she was like, “I NEED THAT DRESS.”  And Ami showed her where to find it.  Fifteen minutes later, Felicity was said, “I really like that dress.  Where did you get it?”  Ami was polite and responded, “I got it on the hunt.”  An hour later, “Was I there for that dress?  I really like it.”  Ami at this point said, “I took you to it 2 hours ago!”  Regardless to say, we’ve decided that Felicity loved this dress so much, she ran off with it to Vegas and married it. 

Ambient Fashion – Twisted Lulu Bathing Suit – Ambient Fashion SLURL 

Felicity chose this cute pink retro themed swimsuit for her second photo.  Even though it is out of theme with the hunt, it was cute enough for us to mention.  Also – look at the legs on Felicity!  I’m starting to wonder if I’m losing my title as the leggy Shady Lady.

Redd’s Favorites:

  +Cyrious+  – Aeternus Pose Prop – +Cyrious+ SLURL

One thing I would like to point out about this round of Twisted was that there were some amazing photo props.  In this case the props were so large that it necessitated a few shots:

Whims & Wishes – Timeless Corset – W&W SLURL 

I chose this time themed corset for its steampunk feel.  I also love the delicate touches on the bodice and the boning.  The fun glowy ball is part of the +Cyrious+ set that I mention above.  This outfit did come with a flouncy flexi skirt, but it didn’t look good on me, so I put on boxers instead.

Kinzart Kreetures –  Darastryx Grey – Kinzart Kreetures SLURL

I wasn’t too sure what a Darastryx was when I opened this item, however, when I pulled on this avatar, I fell in love.  The AO with this bat is so lifelike!  It flies like a real bat, it walks like a real bat (no cartoony bipedal stance for this fella).  I’m really glad I got this prize. 

So here’s how we would rank this hunt:

Theme: B:  For this being the 11th hunt, it seemed appropriate to revisit the first 10 hunts.
Content:  NA.

Difficulty: C -This is a middle of the road Hunt.  It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t easy.

Prizes: C – There were several designers that stepped up to the plate, but there were others who just didn’t seem to get into the spirit of the hunt.

Endgame: B – This Endgame was a real melon scratcher!  It was the best endgame since new management took over.
It took us about 13 days to get through this hunt – We were leisurely about it this time too.  So no headaches occurred!  This hunt runs until September 30, so get your hunt on and bask in the insanity that is Twisted!  Here’s the Taxi to Twisted HQ!


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Warm Winter Wishes 2

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL warm winter wishes 2 PICHunt Dates: Dec 21 – Jan 20
Application Deadline
: Dec 1
Application Site
: sinoriginalhunts.blogspot.com

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: TBA
Hunt Object: TBA (L$ 0 or L$ 25 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Warm cozy fires, Snuggling with a loved one, winter baking, crisp snow on the ground, snow falling, icicles, sledding, and everything else winter!

You can get the gift for free by searching for the hidden gift or you can get the gift right off the hunt poster for L$ 25… the choice is yours.

Start: Scattered Dreams
Web Site: sinoriginalhunts.blogspot.com
Contact Person: Sinfullysaucy Spiritor

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

Hunt SL Banner Updated Daily Sign

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