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Last Call: Hunts Ending April 21st

HUNT SL The End Is NearA number of hunts will be calling it a wrap on Monday, April 21st. If you’d like to bag some hunt prizes from these you’ll need to break free of that entmoot (that’s an ent conference for you non-Tolkien fans) and get cracking!

Tap the hunt names here in this post for the skinny on each one. You can also find a comprehensive listing of hunts and events in the right-hand sidebar here at HUNT SL. Enjoy!

Faires & Events

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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Rotten Egg Hunt

HUNT SL Rotten Egg HuntHunt Dates: Apr 20 – Apr 21

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General
Stops: 25
Hunt Object: Rotten Egg (L$0 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Find ALL the Rotten Eggs to have a HUGE Collection of designer items from some of the best designers in SL. Come back and find more… Good Luck!

Start: VWE Studios
Contact Person: Teenamarie Bressig

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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Stuff in Stock, S&C, Elephante Poses, Pose Fair 2014, LIKE Sales Room, The Soho Market and More!

Let’s get right to it this time.  Lilliana’s post begins with Sugar & Cyanide’s Critical Acclaim Outfit. The Outfit includes the Cross Crop Top, Cut-off Shorts, and Stockings, you get all of your needed appliers, like Tango/Mirage, Azz, and SLink. Lilliana is wearing her SLink Feet, she was too lazy to put on her Lola Tangos, and she doesn’t have the Azz, Lilli feels that she has enough junk in her trunk for now! LOL! S&C’s Critical  Acclaim is currently Available at Stuff in StockSomething else by .S&C. can be seen on Lilli’s left foot, its the Cleopatra Slink Foot Jewels, Lilli is wearing Black & Silver.  You need the Mid SLink Feet to wear the Jewels.  There are many colors to win, this pretty is a GACHA Prize found at the Main Store!

A few more Sales Event, LIKE Sales Room, where [K's] Farcry Unisex Tattoo came from. Lil is wearing the 100% version, Farcy includes SLink ApplierLil’s Nail Polish can be found at The Soho Market, the SLink Applier Set is by .Figure. and is called Neon Strikes! The Applier Set comes with 8 Colors and Lil is wearing the pink color on both her fingernails and toenails!

Pose Fair 2014 started Yay! Pose Fair 2104 is like the Oscars for Pose Designers, okay maybe not the Oscars, but it’s a very big deal for Pose Creators.  All of the Poses used Today are by //elephante poses//! The Set is called  “For The First Time”, you get 6 beautifully done static Model Poses, it was exclusively made for Pose Fair 2014, so from now until May 3rd, this Set will only be sold at Pose Fair 2014! So if you want it, you gotta get your Booties to Pose Fair!

Izzie’s has this fantastic bargain at the main store.  There is a box called Clearout Package 2, the box is full of Clothing and Accessories and it’s only $10 Lindens! Lil is wearing the White Stone Jewelry Rings from this box, the Rings are part of a Set of Earrings, Necklaces and Rings, your get 4 other colors too! That $10 Lindens has already paid for itself with all of that!  There is another box called Clearout Package, that was from last year, also $10 Lindens and equally worth the little price. Lil decided to wear Izzie’s Asia Skin, this Skin is one of her all time favorites.  The Belt Bracelets, which are Unisex and have a color change HUD are also by Izzie’s!.  I want to be clear only the White Stone Jewelry can be found in the discounted Box, Asia and the Belt Bracelets are sold separately and are regular priced!

Okay sorry about this one Fans, LC’s Hair is Analog Dog’s The Arcade “Sagittarius”. It was a GACHA Prize at the Arcade’s March Round and it currently not available at he moment as the Arcade round is over. I am sure it will be brought to the Mainstore soon. Lastly, some regular items Lilli wears is Body Doubles Elle Shape, IKON’s Promise Eyes in Midnight, GA’s Mesh Utopia Eyelashes, SLINK’s AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant Hands and SLINK’s AvEnhance Mid Feet!

Photo Shoot took place at the serene and relaxing Beaches of OTIUM SIM:  .:HERE:.

S&C, SiS Test 1_001v2cropped

OUTFIT:  .S&C. Critical Acclaim, Includes Cross Top, Cut-off Shorts, Stockings
and Appliers for Tango/Mirage, Azz, SLink, Available at Stuff in Stock (NEW)
(Worn SLink Applier)

FOOT JEWEL:  .S&C. Cleopatra Slink Foot Jewels, worn Black & Silver,
Main Store GACHA Prize (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

S&C, SiS Test 2_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

S&C, SiS Test 4_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

S&C, SiS Test 5_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

S&C, SiS Test 3_Half_cropped

HAIR:  Analog Dog The Arcade “Sagittarius”,
March Arcade GACHA Prize (NEW)
(March Round at Arcade is Over, Not Available at the Moment)

SKIN:  Izzie’s Asia Skin Tanned Skin Tone


EYES:  IKON Promise Eyes – Midnight

EYELASHES:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Utopia

TAT:  [K] Farcry Tattoo unisex, worn 100%,
Available at LIKE Sales Room (NEW)

BRACELETS:  Izzie’s Unisex Belt Bracelets w.HUD, worn Silver Buckle

RINGS:  Izzie’s White Stone Jewelry Set, Also Includes,
but Not worn Necklace and Earrings, from Clearout Package 2 ($10L’s)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female, Elegant Hands

NAIL POLISH:  .Figure. Neon Strikes Nails SLink Applier Set,
on Fingers & Toes, Available at The Soho Market (NEW)

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

S&C, SiS Test 6_Half_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// For The First Time Pose Set, Pose #6,
Exclusive Set for Pose Fair 2014 (NEW)

The Fantasy Collective pins

Every two months we get a new visit from The Fantasy Collective This edition´s theme is Pirates and the doors will open at noon but i already went over and grab most of the pins for you guys in anticipation for a high sea adventure.

See you all again soon with more news and events.


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Lazy Sunday pins

And here it is your weekly edition of Lazy Sunday also a great Easter for those who celebrate, and for those who don´t a good day as any to feast on some chocolate, see you all in a bit with more news and events.


Stores in this Edition

Addiction Jewelry
Creations Kitchen
Pure Poison
Fraidy Cat Designs
Leri Miles Designs
Cannibelle (not out yet)

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On the trigger.

On the trigger.

Good morn(even)ing everyone & Happy Easter!  There are so many great things going on right now but guess what?  POSE FAIR is open and //elephante poses// made a whole slew of stuff you will love including a gacha with tons of fun poses you can use with your friends.  Pose Fair 2014 LM. Beware that it may be a little difficult to get into right now but keep on trying!  Trust me, it’s worth it!


////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Dog: +Half-Deer+ – Sleepy Italian Greyhound
  • Headband: VCO– Halloween Band Horn – Halloween Band Gacha
  • Wings modded by making the straps & backpack transparent & tinting::[ P I X E L S ]:: Doki-Packs – Group Gift: Currently FREE to Join!
  • Jumpsuit: *VinCue ~ – Sashinny+Jumpsuit – Kustom9
  • Necklace: [Love Soul] – Bat Skull Necklace – Free! Lucky Chair
  • Bracelet ~ pack includes eight colors for 88LO.M.E.N – Spiked Bracelets
  • Shoes ~ fits slink flat feet & includes wood or solid color heel, anklets with wings & hud to change the wings to 14 colors: The Sugar Garden– Ruffle Platforms – Kustom9

////// Body /////

Buttery Toast - Them Bones Nail Swatch

Poseology @ Pose Fair

Hi there gentle readers.

Pose Fair is now open and is filled to the brim with amazing creations.

Poseology is participating with 2 male, 2 female pose packs and three couples poses. I’m using the Say Something pose with my Malt cause im cool like that. Check the pose out below!.


On me

On him

  • Jacket-Entente(Nazaire)-Gaston Jacket & Hoodie
  • Jeans-ISPACHI(Diarmuid Miklos)-Casual Jeans
  • Shoes-Low Tops(Snow Bristol)-Low Tops in Black
  • Hair-Atro Patena(MechuL Actor)-Ezio in Black
  • Hair Base-Lanevo(Lantern Oyen)-MC-Buzzcut
  • Skin-KOOQLA(Rocketta Haven)-River 02 light brows


Pose-Poseology(Ritch Nicolls)-Say Something @ Pose Fair 

Raising CAIN

skin & shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – CAIN B2 T1 – comes with appliers L$600
bracelet & necklace: KOSH marketplace – L$1 each
hair: KMADD – Jason dark blonde – L$300

S for Savoir Faire @ Pose Fair

Just one of Savoir Faire’s designs for the Pose Fair. This dressing room has over 10 poses, just rez on spot and you’re back to basics, back to beauty base zero!

And yes I do have my undies on. Not one of these folks that say they go around underwear-less. Seattle’s weather at the moment is not good for bare hoohas if you catch my ‘drift’.

Does it makes us look fat? I tried doing that reflection image mirror thing in Photoshop. It uhm, didn’t turn out so well but this would be my 2nd favoritist pose from the dressing room.

Hope you all continue to have a nice weekend and if you have a chance to make it in to the Pose Fair, do check out Savoir Faire’s store as there are more exclusive poses for your picture taking needs.

Featured Items:
Prop|Pose: Savoir Faire’ Dressing Room by Hybie Mynx | Pose Fair 2014

Other Credits:
Glam Affair’s Thabita Lingerie by Aida Ewing
Glam Affair’s Brandi in europa by Aida Ewing (Season’s Story)
Action Nails (Slink Av/e) Brighton (Cosmetic Fair)
Tableau Vivant’ Gloster Hair

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